Pembroke House school is a Trust school. This means that it operates as a charity with all financial surplus reinvested into the school and into keeping fees as low as possible for the parents. The school is governed by volunteer ‘Council’ members who draw no financial remuneration for their work. The Council meet up to twice per term and review all aspects of the school on a continuous day to day basis.

Mr. Richard Vigne, Chairman
(Old Pembrokian, Past Parent)



Mr.Humphrey Nzeyi,
(Current Parent)


Gerard Beaton 2
Mr. Gerard Beaton
(Current Parent)


Mrs. Sue Brendon, Foundation
(Local Representative, Past Parent)


Mr. Billy Coulson
(Old Pembrokian, Past Parent)


Mrs. Anne Gatonye
(Current Parent)


Anthony Lefevre
Mr. Anthony Lefebvre
(Past Parent)

IS 2016

Mr. Ian Shaw
(Past Parent, Chair of Finance Sub-Committee)