At Pembroke House, we have a duty of care to each and every child. Safety and security are critical and for this reason, we constantly benchmark ourselves against other schools in the UK and Kenya, and run audits to check every element of the schools operations.

The school compound is entirely contained within an alarmed and electrified fence. This is patrolled by security guards twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The main gate has two guards on duty and all visitors are registered. All this is done in such a way as not to create a intrusive feel on the daily goings on at school.

The school itself was declared a ‘Safe Zone’ by the British High Commission for all those living in the area. Close to two major army camps and a police training centre, the area is recognised as one of stability and security.

We have also had a series of ‘Security Audits’ by the British High Commission and BATUK (the British Army in Kenya).  This has allowed us to ensure that systems, checks and policies are all as fully up to date and effective as possible.

Each year the school conducts a ‘Health & Safety Audit’ that ensures all aspects of school life are of an appropriate standard. We benchmark against the UK, whilst at the same time allowing children a degree of freedom that contributes to the independence and confidence we nurture in them.

All of our drivers have 5 or more years experience with the school and many more driving. They are trained on first aid annually, and there is always a similarly trained adult staff escort with the bus in addition.  Each bus is fitted with a satellite tracking system which includes an emergency button that notifies all senior staff by text message if there is a problem.  We can even listen in on buses when needed.  Each bus is serviced almost continuously.  Finally, our policy is that children and staff should never travel after dark.  Needless to say, we take security on the roads very seriously.