As an extension of the Preparatory School, in 2008 Pembroke House opened a Pre-Prep section for day pupils aged 2 – 6 years. The Pre-Prep at Pembroke House is situated in the heart of the school which allows the children to be at the centre of Pembroke life at all times. You will often find the older children here, reading to the younger ones or just enjoying what is on offer within the classroom.

Our main aim is that these younger children are happy so that they can develop in confidence and independence, and reach their full potential in all areas. We have a wide range of activities on offer throughout the school day, including swimming, painting, music, drama, musical movement and many more fun-filled activities.

The pre-prep curriculum balances the best of traditional and modern methods of teaching in numeracy and literacy. For the younger children this is achieved through song and play. For older ones it becomes more formal.

The pre prep at Pembroke House has doubled in size throughout its first year, and is now fourteen pupils. We look forward to its continued growth.