The fact that over 100 children at Pembroke House take music extras is a credit to our lively, busy, happy music department.

The philosophy of the music department is to provide a comprehensive educational opportunity to young musicians in the knowledge, practice and appreciation of music. We believe that Music can effectively change the way children feel, think and act. It affects emotion and moods, providing opportunity for personal expression and reflection. It develops thinking, increases perception, imagination, creativity intuition, sensitivity, perseverance, a sense of achievement and enjoyment, and physical co-ordination: all important life-skills.

The teaching of music throughout the school also extends everyday experiences, also introducing students to different forms of music-making and encouraging children to try out extra lessons for themselves! It is believed that as students develop, they become more able to cope with the physical demands of different instruments.

Timetable of lessons
Lessons are taught individually for a fixed number of weeks each term on a rotational timetable. Year 8 students and those on learning support will be taught either after school, during study periods or at break times. Students who have lessons during teaching time will miss only one part of one subject lesson per term. Those students who learn more than one instrument will have one lesson on a rotational basis and one in an extra-curricular time slot. Timetables will be issued to students prior to the start of term. They will also be put on the school web site, displayed outside teaching areas and sent to class teachers and tutors.

Concerts, Choirs and Bands
When the tutor feels that a student is of sufficient ability they are encouraged to join the school choirs, junior or senior jazz bands, ensembles or take part in the various musical concerts held at the school or in conjunction with other Preparatory schools in the region.

Ensemble playing has tremendous value, offering students opportunities to achieve their maximum potential whilst at the same time enriching the life of the school.

Selected students will every week join the Director of Music in playing during assembly, or to accompany the school choir for concerts.

Selection of instruments and ownership
Students are assessed to ascertain their aptitude and physical suitability for an instrument. Beginners will have the opportunity to try a variety of instruments and will be advised what instrument they might suit.

Once students have chosen their instrument, they will be assigned a tutor. Their progress is recorded each lesson and their progress cards kept by the Director of music. They are encouraged to practice, and once they are established it is recommended that parents buy them their own instrument so they can also practice at home.

Pembroke House School is a registered examination centre for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and exams are held around June and July every year, although these are not compulsory.