Pembroke House has a fully equipped San, including a Surgery where clinics are held three times daily, two four bedded dormitories with adjoining bathrooms for children who require to be admitted and a sitting / dining area where they can relax and enjoy their meals. There is also a private consultation room.

The San is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week by a team of 3 fully qualified nurses with a wealth of paediatric experience, aided by a nursing assistant and managed by Karen Coyne, who is UK trained. There is no doctor on site, however we liaise closely with Dr Nicklin, the School Doctor who is based in Naivasha and holds a weekly clinic at school as well as Dr Nesbitt, a well -respected Paediatrician in Nairobi. If children require to be seen by a doctor outside this time or require a consultation with a dentist, physiotherapist or other health professional, arrangements can be made to take them to Nairobi, escorted by one of the nurses.

As we are a remote school, all our children are covered by a local Flying Doctors Service which includes both air and road evacuation in emergencies.

Children are welcome to come to the San at any time whether it is for medical or pastoral issues and parents are always welcome to contact us. We aim to provide a high standard of care in a homely, relaxed and caring environment and do so in close liaison with parents and guardians.

The Headmistress and staff at Pembroke House regard the health and safety of all children, staff and visitors to be of paramount importance and strive to review and update our policies, practices and procedures on an on-going basis towards this end.