The dining room at Pembroke House is a lively, happy place and mealtimes are happy, social times for the children. A lot of effort is put into teaching good table manners and a general sense of polite good will. Teachers sit at the tables with the children for the lunchtime meal, giving a family feel. The Headmistress and other teachers sit at a Top Table, where they are joined on a weekly basis by the winners of the Good Manners Competition. Grace is said at the start and end of meals, led by the prefect on duty. The Latin version is used, lending a traditional and ceremonial feel.

The meals are delicious, well-balanced and healthy with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and we encourage healthy eating. Even visitors and teachers admit that this is an incomparable improvement to their own school days. There is a wide variety of daily menus and there is always a good breakfast, cooked lunch and cooked dinner, as well as break and afternoon tea with snacks.

Our cateress is always happy to assist with special dietary requirements.