Matches 7/5/2017


we played against Banda but we drew(9-9)

Player of the match: Tobina

Teams: U11B
Results: 17-4(won)

we played against Banda and won the match.

Player of the match:Tracie

Teams: 1st & 2nd xiii
Results: 3-1(lost)

we played against Turi but lost the match.

Teams: 2nd xii
Results: 57-0(won)

Despite the rain we managed to play the match and emerged the winners against Banda.

Teams: 1st
Results: 23-6(won)

we played against Banda in the 1st  half the scores were 14-2 tried our best and beat them 23-6 in the second half.

Player of the match:Whole team

Teams: U9A

we played with Peponi scoring 35-20 beating them. The match we played with  Turi and they lost.

Player  of the match: Locky and Mark

Matches 6/5/2017

Results: 15-15(draw)

During the first half Banda was leading. This gave us a challenge and after half time things changed and the final result we had a draw

Player of the match: Imani

Results: 10-6 (won)

we played against Banda and we won.

Player of the match:Izzie foxton

Team: 2nd(Girls)

we played against Banda the game was good though we lost to Banda

Player of the match: Cat and Kayleigh

Teams: U11D
Results: 11-2(won)

we played against Banda and won

Player of the match: Elizabeth and Leiberskind

Team:1st xiii

we played against Banda and emerged the winners.

Player of the match: Jack and Nureyn

Teams: U11A

we played against Banda and won the match

Player of the match: kyle and leo

Results:44-0 (won)

we played against Banda and won the match

Player of the match:

Matches at Pembroke -4/5/2017

Teams: U9A
Results: 8-1(Peponi),10-2(Turi)

Teams: U9B
Results: 6- 5(lost)

we played against Peponi the game was tough and lost to peponi.

Player of the match: Lali Clark

Team: U9B
Results: 25-25 (draw)

we played against Peponi a tough a game but finally we drew.

Player of the match: Quinn and Alex

Matches at Hillcrest -16/3/17

Teams: U9A Girls
Hillcrest Tournament

In our group we had Braeburn, Banda, Brook house and Turi. We won against Brookhouse and Turi, and draw against Braeburn and Banda.
At the end of group stages we drew 8 points all with Banda but lost on goals scored. Banda scored 3 goals while we scored 2. Therefore Banda proceeded to the finals

Teams: U9A Boys
Hillcrest Festival
Results: won 2- lost 2

we played against Kenton where we won. The next opponents was Banda and Brook house where we lost.
Player of the match: Aidan & Archie

Matches at Peponi –18/3/17
Teams U11A
Peponi tournament
Final results: draw 0-0

The first match we played against Brook house where we won 1-0. The second match we played against Kenton and there was a draw 1-1 proceeding to the semi-finals.
This was the best part of it as we won against Banda scoring 1-0 it was tough though but we did it! This gave us a go ahead to the finals.
In the final we played against Kenton but unfortunately no team won against the other we had a draw 0-0

Team U13 football
St Andrews tournament
Results: lost
We had great hope and expectations as we faced our opponents. Played our game with zeal but unfortunately we lost.
Best player: Fergus

Matches at Kenton – 19/3/17
Teams: 7-a side Girls
Peponi tournament
Results: 3rd in the group
Our first match we played against Braeburn Mombasa and won. The next match was against Braeburn then Hillcrest the score draw 0-0. The final match was against Banda we lost 1-0
Player of the match: Summer & Carolyn

Teams: Up-country(Boys)
Nairobi schools
Results: lost 3-4
We played against Nairobi schools(Banda) but we lost scoring 3-4
Player of the match: whole team

Team: up-country(Girls)
Nairobi schools
Result: win 1-0
The girls did well and won against their opponents scoring 1-0.Well done! kept  a record after a very long time(2009)
Player of the match: Poppy

Matches at Hillcrest – 12 November
U13 Rounders tournament

Over 200 girls were playing in the tournament. We were in a tough group with Banda, Braeburn and Braeburn Mombasa. We won 131/2 – 1 ½ against Braeburn Mombasa, a draw against Peponi and we lost to Banda 6-4. We were into the semifinals against Kenton. They were strong hitters. We batted first and only scored 4 so our fielding had to be accurate and fast. Lots of our players took great catches and we got them out with only 2 ½ rounders. The final was against Banda. We scored 6 rounders and our fielding was excellent. The best catch was by Poppy – a one-handed back dive to get their best hitter out.

U11a Rounders at Hillcrest
3rd in the group stages

We played Kenton first and lost 3-61/2 but it was a better game than our previous one. We then won the match against Brookhouse and Braeburn Mombasa gaining 11 rounders in the two matches. Our last match was against Peponi where we could not find our batting stride. Players of the tournament were Evie and Sophia

U11a 6s Cricket tournament
lost in semi-final

First match was against Kenton and they made 46 in 5 overs. We drew this match . We then played Braeburn and after a tense game we came out top. The next two matches were won and so we made it to the semi final. There was some great play from Julian and Kyle, however Banda were the stronger team. Players of the match: Kyle and Oliver


Matches v Braeburn – 14th October

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 5 wickets

Another hard fought win. Good fielding and tight bowling saw us remove the two excellent batsmen for 17 runs but their other batsman achieved an impressive 50. Our batting held up well and we got 92 runs in confident fashion. Yann was man of the match

2nd X1

We scored 160 runs with man of the match Oli who achieved 72 not out. Runs from Toby and Mathieu were also very valuable. Jack got 2 wickets off his first 2 balls to win the game.

1st Rounders
14 ½ to 4 win

We batted well and knowing the ground was hard, our fielding was on the ball. Players of the match: Shauna, Holly & Summer

2nd Rounders
Won 20 ½ to 11

We batted well and Ella bowled brilliantly. Our top scorers were Cat and Vallentina. Player of the match: Vallentina

U11a Cricket

We scored 82 runs but it wasn’t enough for a better side. Player of the match: Kyle

U11b Cricket
Won by 10 wickets

The perfect team performance. We dominated when bowling. Using 8 bowlers we restricted them to 46 all out. We opened the batting positively smashing 15 off the first over. We didn’t look back scoring the 47 needed in 4 overs

U11a Rounders
Won 16 – 7

In our first innings we scored 7 ½ rounders to Braeburn’s 5. In the 2nd innings we further extended our lead. Our fielding was tight too. Player of the match: Cora


Matches v Cavina – 8th October

U11b Cricket
Lost 75 to 98
Our bowling started well and Eddy and Sam opened the batting with 20 runs. Samora and Charlie kept us strong and in the last three overs we hit and run to try and beat their total – but we fell 20 runs short. Player of the match: Sam


Matches v Greensteds & St Andrew’s – 6th October

U9a Cricket
Won both games
We batted first against Turi and made a steady start. Mark hit two 4s and one big 6 as we finished on 50 runs. Our bowling was accurate as Turi struggled to find the boundary finishing on 22. We were much better against Greensteds and kept them to only 18 runsoff 8 overs. We then batted well scoring 75 runs. Players of the match: Mark & Miles

U9a Rounders
won both matches
Turi scored some good rounders in the first innings however in the 2nd innings we played well under pressure. Against Greensteds we batted well with Erin and Issy scoring great rounders. Our fielding was accurate. Players of the match: Alice & Erin



Matches v Kenton 5th October

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 10 runs
Rain interrupted our batting and on a wet wicket we scored 79 runs in 16 overs. When the hard hitting Kenton players started and scored a rapid 37 it looked like the game was in Kenton hands. However a brilliant stumping by Alistair turned the game. It was a great victory.

2nd Cricket
Some tight bowling from Kenton meant runs were hard to come by. Just as we were getting into our rhythm the rain came down. We finished on 71 and despite some good bowling we were unable to secure a win.

U11a Cricket
Lost by 1 wicket
Kenton fielded first and we scored 82 runs. We were strong in our fielding but it came down to the last ball and 2 runs needed to win, one to draw. Sadly it was a wide. . Players of the match: Oliver and Joss

U11b Cricket
lost by 30 runs
We fielded first and Raiyan got their opener out in the first over with a great throw. Unfortunately our bowling lacked quality. Chasing 127 we lost 3 wickets for no runs. Charlie did well but we were all out for 96. Player of the match: Charlie

1st Rounders
Won 11-8 ½
With rain looming we started play of 3 innings of 18 good balls. Play was then paused for the rain. 4 balls had been played. Summer and Marie out and the score was 0. After a regroup we scored 4 ½ rounders after 18 balls. Our fielding was good letting Kenton score only 2 ½. It was all to play for tin the 3rd innings. Holly & Summer got some great rounders. So Kenton had 4 to draw and 4 ½ to win. Sophie stopped some hard hits and Poppy & Marie took some flying catches. Shauna also bowled well under pressure. Players of the match: Marie & Holly

2nd Rounders
Lost 10 ½ – 11
After a stop for the rain we fielded well and the score was even. In the 2nd half our batting was still not good enough so we narrowly lost. Player of the match: Tobina

U11a Rounders
Despite a great catch by vie we did not match Kenton in terms of batting strength or decision making in the field.

U11b Rounders
Lost 13 ½ – 15 ½
We played well in the 1st innings scoring 7 rounders. Our fielding was not so good so we still need to work on the basics. Player of the match: Ciku


Matches v Banda 1st October

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 7 wickets
Banda put us into field first. Frank caught the main batsman in the 4th over. We continued a solid bowling performance so they were all out for 56. Our batting started well with Yann scoring 34 runs and Connor scoring 22.

2nd X1 Cricket
We won by 100 runs. Charlie and Joss got off to a great start with an opening partnership of 66. Then Ben got 35 including 7 4’s. Rowan got 23 not out as skipper. Fergus was pick of the bowlers and Jack had a great spell in his first ever match. Player of the match: Ben

U11a Cricket
Lost by 34 runs
We bowled well and they were all out for 98. However, our batting was less good. Max and Leo did well at the end.

U11b Cricket
Lost by 5 runs
A great start with Joe knocking out their openers middle stump first ball. We kept the momentum with accurate bowling from all 8 bowlers. We were set a target of 138 and our chase started badly when we lost the first 3 wickets without scoring. Sam came in and put in a fine performance but we ended 5 runs short. Players of the match: Gael and Sam

U9a Cricket
30 run win
We batted steadily with Archie scoring some boundaries and Lochy hitting the team’s first 6 of the season. We scored 97 for 3 wickets. Banda had some good batsmen but we bowled well. We took 10 wickets and won by 30 runs. Players of the match: Archie & Lochy

1st Rounders
14-12 ½ win
Holly caught their first batter out but our fielding became sloppy and we let them score 6 ½ in the first innings. We made up for our fielding when we scored 9 ½ and in the second half we pulled up our socks to win the match. Players of the match: Sophie & Holly

2nd Rounders
14-16 Lost
We made a poor start with our batting but our fielding was a little better. In the 2nd innings we worked harder and our fielding was tight. Player of the match: Shela

3rd Rounders
Lost 12 – 16 ½
We batted well scoring multiple rounders. Our fielding started well but we lost in the end as Banda had some good hitters. Player of the match: Erin

U11a Rounders
Lost 6-10 ½
We started well taking the Banda captain early on. We fielded well too and by half time we were only trailing by 2 ½ rounders. In the second half their batting was superb and we were unable to match their score. Players of the match: Jessie and Cora

U11b Rounders
Won 10-9
We got 5 players out quickly due to tight fielding. Our batting was decent and we were winning by 2 rounders at half time. We lost a lot of players due to unnecessary risks but we still managed to surpass their total with a few balls to spare.

U11c Rounders
Won 9 ½ – 7
We fielded well getting players out on the 2nd and 4th posts. Our batting was excellent. Player of the match: Anouk

U9 Rounders
Won 11-7
Our fielding was tight with most balls going to Sacha. Erin took some brilliant catches and put the batters under pressure on 2nd post. It was a close 1st half and there were some big hitters on both sides in the 2nd half. Player of the match: Erin


Matches v Greensteds & Cavina 28 September

1st X1 Cricket
We fielded first and we bowled them out for 12. We reversed the batting order and Alistair & Russell in free flowing style knocked off the runs comfortably.

1st Rounders
Won 19-2 ½
We scored 11 rounders in the first innings. Tino fielded brilliantly. In the 2nd innings we were a bit sleepy with our batting but Poppy made some great catches. Player of the match: Shauna

2nd Rounders
Won 11 – 4 ½
We made a slow start and we need to improve our batting.

3rd Rounders
Won 61/2 – 4
We fielded first and Sierra’s bowling was excellent. They could only make 4 rounders. Almost all of our batters scored ½ rounder or more. Player of the match: Isabella

U11a Cricket
Rained off
We scored 107 with 4 overs to spare. Kyle opened the bowling with a great catch from Ollie but then the rain came. Player of the match: Kyle

U11a Rounders
Won 14 ½ – 7
We fielded well and our batting was excellent. Taana scored 3 rounders and Evie & Imani batted well too. Player of the match: Taana

2nd X1 v Cavina 1st X1
Cavina’s batting was excellent but we fielded and bowled well. They scored 108. Fungai and Fergus had a strong partnership, however wickets continued to fall. A great team effort against a strong side. Player of the match: Fungai


U11B Cricket v Cavina 21st September
Lost by 14 runs

We started off with 2 great wickets from Digby & Milo and some outstanding bowling from Ed. Our fielding was good. Sam B ‘s batting was excellent too. Players of the match: Sam & Max


Matches v Turi & Greensteds  22nd September

U9a Cricket 
Won both matches

We batted first and made some quick runs v Turi. Miles & Alistair scored a few boundaries and we finished with 81 runs. Our bowling was tight. and Turi only scored 32 runs in response. Against Greensteds we batted first and completed our innings without losing a wicket. Archie & Miles took a couple of wickets and we won by 36 runs. Players of the match: Archie & Alistair

U9a Rounders v Turi
Won 16-4 ½
It was a slow first half but we played better in the 2nd. Player of the match: Siena

U9 Rounders v Greensteds
Won 16-1 ½
We played well with Izzy scoring lots of rounders. We fielded well too. Player of the match: Izzy


U13 Peponi tournament – Saturday 17th September

1st X1 Cricket
Runners up

We were drawn against the favourite Kenton. In a thrilling first game we scored 68 runs with Oliver & Frank hitting the ball majestically to all corners of the field, building on the solid partnership of Connor & Yann. Our bowling was excellent so Kenton crumbled. We were in the finals but after a batting collapse gave our bowlers too much to do. Player of the match: Oliver

1st Rounders
Winners overall

We played Peponi 2nds and it was a nervous start. But in our next game v Kenton and Banda we won both matches confidently. We went to the semi final against Peponi 1sts. Most of us were out quickly but not Kayleigh who kept scoring. We eventually won that and played Kenton 1st in the final. It was a tense match but we were lucky to win. Player of the match: Marie for scoring the most rounders

2nd Rounders
We lost every match

We played Peponi 1sts and this was a tough start. Imogen and Ella played well. Next we played Kenton 2nds Martina was strong but it wasn’t enough to win. Then we played Banda. Imogen caught well and so was awarded player of the match


Matches v Banda 18 June

U11a Netball

narrowly lost in pool matches

U11b Netball

Lost v Kenton, Turi lost, Braeburn Mombasa drew

U11 Rugby

3 wins, 1 draw & 1 lost


 Matches v Banda 16 June

U9a Netball


U9 Rugby

2 wins, 1 draw & 1 lost


Matches v Greensteds 15 June

1st Rugby

Team A won 41-7

Team B Lost 10-14

U11B  Rugby

Won 31-12

U11a Netball

Won 20-5

U11b Netball

Won 15-1


Matches v Turi & Greensteds 9 June

U9a Rugby
30-15 win

We got off to a good start but it was hard to win the ball off the Turi team. Even though we led at half time, Turi hit back with two tries and gave us a scare. However, we scored two more and we ended with a solid score at the final whistle. Tries from Casimir, Raiyan, Milo and Joe.

U9B Rugby
0-0 draw v Greensteds
20-15 win v Turi As

After an exciting draw v Greensteds in the touch game we then started to warm up for our contact match v Turi. Despite letting some of their big boys score we hit back and scored three of our own. Well done to Dan Dan & Archie. Player of the match: Dan Dan

U9A Netball
10-0 win v Greensteds
9-2 win v Turi

After a slow start we won… Player of the match: Ru

U9B netball
9-0 win & 3-3 draw
We had the upper hand in the match v Turi making quick passes around their players. Well done Izzy for a high rate of accuracy with her shooting. Greensteds really challenged us with tight defence and quick passes. We managed to hold on and a mistake in the last minute by Greensteds helped us to equalise. Player of the match: Leila

U9C Netball
Won 6-1

This was our lucky day! In the first half Turi were stronger and scored a goal. We made some changes at half time and by full time we had scored 6 goals. Player of the match: Samantha E and Jola

Matches v St Andrew’s 25 May

1st X111 Rugby
Lost 14-48

Turi dominated and used their speed to run around us. We scored 2 in the second half and both were converted. Player of the match: Zack R

2nd XV Rugby
Lost 7-29

With a change to the normal team we took time to settle down. And this gave Turi the opportunity to score. A good try from Zack with a conversion by Connor followed. The second half was much closer with both teams playing attacking rugby.

1st Netball
Lost 8-2

In the first half we struggled to get the ball and when we did we didn’t convert the shots. We played better in the second half and made some good interceptions. Player of the match: Emma

2nd Netball
Won 16-9

After a poor start we pulled up our socks and played much better. Player of the match: Cassie

3rd Netball
Lost 3-10

After a poor start we fought hard and got the ball to our shooters.

4th Netball
Lost 10-16

Tabitha & Maia scored good goals in the first half but then Turi widened the score and we got tired. Players of the match: Tabitha & Nyambura

U11a Rugby
Won 42-28

Joss scored early on followed by tries from Jason, Fergus & Will. A good performance but we need to work on our defence.

U11b Rugby

After a good start we relaxed and they scored. Player of the match: Ishaq

U11a Netball
Lost 5-7

This was a competitive match but we were more aggressive and fought hard for the ball. Player of the match: Cat

U11b Netball
Won 10-5

We finally got the win that we deserved. We were a solid team, running on the ball, finding spaces and feeding well into the D. Player of the match: Cora



Matches v St Christopher’s – 21st May

2nd XV Rugby
Won 39-5

This was a good game. The first half was evenly balanced – we had to play hard and make all our tackles to stop their big runners. In the 2nd half we were able to dominate the scrums and rucks much more and ran in another 5 excellent tries.

1st Netball
Won 25-12

We were strong and quick from the start. Phoebe, Joey and Danique rarely missed and were scoring from all over the circle. We made many turnovers and took time tore-set therefore keeping possession.

2nd Netball
Lost 13-14

This was an even match. Player of the match: Shauna

3rd Netball
Won 13-6

Players of the match: Tassia and Rosa

U11a Rugby
Won 50-7

Jason scored early in the corner. Fergus followed after some scrappy play. Our defence was strong. Player of the match: Fergus

U11b Rugby
Won 19-5

Players of the match: Joe for great hands

U11a Netball
Won 24-0

We scored early and intercepted well. Our defence was strong and we made all our opportunities count. Player of the match: Tino



U9 matches v Greensteds & St Andrew’s – 19 May

U9a Netball
Won 21-9 v Turi

U9b Netball
4-2 v Greensteds
10-0 v Turi

U9a Rugby
Won 25-0 v Turi
Won 15-5 v Greensteds

U9b Rugby
Lost 25-15




Matches v Kenton 18 May

1st 13 Rugby
Won 25-19

This was an exciting game. In the first hgalf the back line struggled to keep their width and letting Kenton past. But some excellent tackles by Liam kept us in the game. In the second half Guy converted a penalty and Josh scored. Players of the match: Tatenda and Josh

2nd XV Rugby
Lost 29-36

This was a close match but we made a number of basic errors which cost us the victory. We fought back but also lost concentration so we ended one try behind. Player of the match: Ben for his tackling and Zac for his 3 tries

1st Netball
Lost 14-20

We lost possession too many times and Kenton were accurate. Player of the match: Danique

 2nd Netball
Lost 10-17

We strengthened our defence in the circle as they had a tall shooter. We converted most of the feeds in to the circle but we lacked speed and our shooting was poor. Players of the match: Cassie & Tiffani

 3rd Netball
Lost 6-19

Our netball was not impressive today and we gave away too many passes

 U11a Rugby
Won 28-0

Some excellent tries by Oli and Fergus in the first half. In the second half we used our width more combined with the speed of Jason. Their defence was good but Russell managed to break through to score.

 U11b Rugby
Won 54-0

Rex converted 6 out of 7. Try scorers were Rex, Alex, Oliver, Julian and Max. Player of the match: Rex

 U11a Netball
Lost 9-16

We played well as a team and we had chances of winning but we switched off in the last quarter. Jessie has improved her shooting and Shela was player of the match.

 U11b Netball
Lost 5-7

Special mention to Cora for excellent shots from the edge of the D.

 U11c Netball
Won 17-5

Tamara was strong at goal attack and our defence was strong. Player of the match : Tamara for scoring all 17 goals



Matches v Peponi 11 May

 1st XV Rugby
Won 54-12

Our line speed was excellent. Alistair and Tawanda scored brilliant tries. Peponi began to attack back but our defence was strong. Players of the match: Tawanda & Barney

 2nd XV Rugby
Won 49-0

This was a strong performance and convincing win. The whole squad played well creating and scoring our 9 tries. The best tackle was made by Donnell and the most tackles by Ben Moss.

 1st Netball
Won 19-6

A slow start and we got tired in this game giving away lots of balls. But we still kept them to 6 goals. Playes of the match: Joey & Emma

 2nd Netball
Won 23-3

Our passes were good but we bunched too much. Special mention to Marie for moving up a game and player of the match: Shauna

 3rd Netball
Won 12-2

We were not enthusiastic at the start and our heads were down. But we still managed to win after some strong advice by the coach. Payer of the match: Carolyn

 4th Netball
Won 10-3

Our passing up the winds was good. By half time our defence had been battered and bruised but continued to keep the goals away. Our shooters did well. So a good performance by the whole team. Player of the match: Nyambura

 U11a Rugby
Won 54-7

A good start with Joss chasing the ball then off loading it to Will who scored in the corner. Joss converted 7 out of 8. Good impressive rucking too. Player of the match: Joss

 U11b Rugby
Won 43-7

Jason started with a great try early on and Julian intercepted well. More tries from Jason and Rex made this a convincing win.

 U11c Rugby
Won 85-7

Ismail converted 10 out of 13 tries. Players of the match: Seba & Joe

U11d Rugby
Won 62-0

This was our first match ever! We passed well and we made this a convincing win. Try scores were Muhoti, Tom, Eddy & Arthur. Player of the match: Arthur

 U11a Netball
Lost 5-6

After a slow start when we didn’t communicate with each other and we didn’t catch the ball with enough effort, we managed to equaalise by half time. But they scored early in the 2nd half then we were rained off. Player of the match: Bella

 U11b Netball
Won 2-1

We worked hard and were winning when we were rained off early. Player of the match: Cora

 U11c Netball
Lost 1-4

We did not pass well and we kept losing the ball so Peponi managed to score. They had strong shooters. Then the rain came and we finished the game early. Player of the match: Siena


U9A Rugby
Lost 20-30

U9B Rugby
Won 60-30

U9a Netball
Won 11-6
Player of the match: Sarah

U9B Netball
Won 6-3
Player of the match: Liberty

U9C Netball
Lost 0-5
Player of the match: Yzeera



 Matches v Banda 7 May

 1st X111 Rugby
Won 53-0

Tries by Tawanda, Guy, Mathew, Zacc, Cody, Liam & Cliffie secured this game.Players of the match Tawanda & Guy

 2nd XV Rugby
Won 55-5

A splendid performance by the whole team. The forwards dominated the scrum and ruck and gave the ¾’s plenty of possession with which to get the ball to the wings. We score 8 excellent tries and Yann converted 5 of them.

 1st Netball
Won 20-6

Phoebe & Joey played well and by half time we had a solid 12-2 lead. Georgie & Danique took many interceptions in defence. Player of the match: Georgie

 2nd Netball
Won 21-16

This was a tense game but we kept our nerve and played well. Player of the match: Shauna

 3rd Netball
Won 19-7

After a sleepy start when we let them score 5 goals we upped our game. Our passing and intercepts improved and our defence stayed strong. Players of the match: Imogen & Kayleigh

4th Netball
Won 13-4

Many good interceptions by Martina and Nyambura and the defence was strong. Tabitha scored some excellent goals too.

 U11a Rugby
Won 35-19

We staretd with an early try from Joss chasing his own kick. Will then scored in the corner. More tries from Charlie, Ben & Fergus. Player of the match: Ben

 U11b Rugby
Won 33-7

Tries scored by Jason, Max, Rex & Samora secured the match. Player of the match: Max

 U11c Rugby
Won 82-0

Ismail converted 9 out of 11. Players of the match: All the team

U11a Netball
Lost 6-13

After a sleepy start Tino upped our game and Cat was aggressive at centre. But Banda was stronger and got the ball more and they had accurate shooters. Player of the match: Tino

U11b Netball
Lost 8-10

A disappointing game for us. We had good defence and some early chances at goal but we got tired and let our heads drop. Player of the match: Tobina

 U11c Netball
Lost 5-18

We started well and scored 2 early goals. But the rest of the match was tense and we couldn’t get through the Banda defence. Player of the match: Emma

 U9a Rugby
Lost 10-40

Banda were much stronger than us and they scored early giving them them advantage. We weren’t on our best form today. Player of the match: Mark

 U9b Rugby
Won 15-10

This was our first match of the season and we were expecting a strong challenge. After a good start when DanDan scored 2 tries Banda then subbed some A players onto their team. But Sam B ran in a third try to win the game. Players of the match: DanDan & Sam

 U9a Netball
Won 20-2

Our set passes worked well and Sophia and Ru got plenty of the goals. Players of the match: Sophia and Ru

 U9b Netball
Won 10-1

We outplayed Banda in confidence and skill. We created space and our footwork is starting to improve. Player of the match: Siena and Leila


U9 v Turi & Greensteds 5th May

 U9 Rugby
45-10 win & 25-5 win

We dominated both games scoring 9 tries v Turi and 5 v Greensteds. Player of the match: Raiyan

 U9 Netball
Won 11-1 v Turi
Won 13-0 v Greensteds

Our passing was good and we created space. Players of the match: Sophia v Turi and Ru & Ella v Greensteds




1st X111 at Hillcrest festival – 4th May 2016

Runners up

Beat Kenton, Braeside & Peponi. Lost v Turi
Player of the festival: Harry


Matches v Greensteds – 4th May 2016

 2nd XV Rugby
Lost 12-39

We played against a big & powerful Greensteds 1st team. Although we played well and won almost evetu ruck and scrum, we found it difficult to compete against their size and speed, but kept playing our best until the final whistle.

 2nd Netball
Won 18-6

We were over confident at the start but we settled down and played well as the game progressed. It was a tight score in the 3rd quarter but we pulled our socks up and worked hard to secure a good win. Players of the match: Poppy & Tiffani

U11a Rugby
Win 35-0

Lots of try scorers but we need to work on our handling and tackling.

U11b Rugby
Won 19-0

Some great tackling and good defence work made this a secure win. Player of the match: Mathew Goodwin

U11a Netball
Won 15-11

Our first quarter was excellent. We were accurate and aggressive, working the ball down towards the D.We finished this quarter 9-1 up. Greensteds caught up after that but we still managed to hold them off. Special mention to Tino for some great intercepts. Player of the match: Vallentina





Matches v St Andrew’s – 27th April 2016

1st X111 Rugby
Lost 26-33

After an early try we bounced back with Tawanda scoring followed by a roll over try by Alistair. We started the second half asleep and let three more tries in. Players of the match: Alistair & Tawanda

2nd X111 Rugby
Lost 10-17

This was a tough match with which to start our rugby season; but it was a positive performance from the whole team. We had to dig deep in order to compete with a strong Turi team. One or two missed tackles allowed their powerful runner to score early on, but we responded well and there was no further score. After the break they scored again. This spurred us on to play even better and we scored two excellent tries to level the score. We continued to attack their line but unfortunately their fast runner scored again in the final minute. Player of the match: Nureyn

1st Netball
Lost 4-16

We couldn’t get many shots in and by half time the score was 2-12. In the next session we came back strongly and showed how well we could play. Sadly in the 4th quarter we were tired and yet again couldn’t get the shots in. Player of the match: Georgie

2nd Netball
Won 12-9

We got off to a great start scoring 4 and preventing Turi from scoring. But the next two quarters were dominated by Turi. It was now tense as Turi were recovering quickly. Luckily we did some great interceptions and kept them to 9 goals. Player of the match: Tiffani

3rd Netball
Drew 7-7

After a sleepy start this was an even game. Tassia was an outstanding goalkeeper. Player of the match: Marie

4th Netball
Won 7-6

Nyambura scored early on, however, Turi fought back and scored two goals. Our defence was strong and as a result we managed 7 goals.

U11a Rugby
Won 26-10

After a slow start we scored two tries in the first half. Another sleepy start in the second half allowed them to score but well done to Fergus & Joss for doing so well. Player of the match: Ben

U11a Netball
Lost 4-5

We did not pass well although we did get the ball down into the D a few times. Jessie was aggressive and did some excellent passing to Vallentina. Our interceptions were good but they managed to get the final score. Player of the match: Shela

U11b Netball
Lost 9-14

We played well and wowed our supporters with our quick, strong passes. The result was therefore unlucky but we will beat them next time. Player of the match: Amelia



Up-country v Nairobi schools – 13th March

1st X1 Hockey (Boys)
Lost 0-3

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)
Drew 1-1


Kenton tournament – 12th March

1st X1 Hockey (Girls) 

Following on from our unbeaten season, we got off to a great start with our toughest group game v Kenton. We won 1-0, with Poppy scoring. We then drew 0-0 v Hillcrest then beat Greensteds 3-0. Against Brookhouse we couldn’t get the crucial final touch on the ball so drew 0-0. This put us in the winners group so we played Peponi in the semi final. Joey did well to save a penalty flick, but Peponi then managed to score.

U11a Hockey (Girls)
did not make it out of the pool

We lost to Banda and Greensteds but held Braeburn Mombasa and Peoponi to 0-0 draws.

U9 Hillcrest festival – 10th March

U9 Hockey (Boys)
drew 2 and lost 2

U9 Hockey (Girls)
Won 1, drew 2 and lost 1

Player of the match: Sarah


Kenton tournament – 4th March

1st X1 Hockey (Boys) 

Our 1st match was v Braeburn. We started well and scored a well worked team goal through Guy from Harry’s cross on the right. Braeburn responded with a goal from a short corner. Then we won the game with a solo goal from Guy. Our next match was v Banda. We dominated possession but couldn’t score. Banda caught us on the break with a minute to go. We lost 0-1. We responded well v Braeburn Mombasa, scoring plenty of goals. We beat them 5-0. Our final group match was a decider between St Andrew’s and the winner would take their place in the semis. We played excellent hockey and dominated possession. But we failed to make this count and once again we were caught on the break with a minute to go. We lost 0-1. After the tournament the following were selected to play for the Up-Country side; Josh, Guy, Barney, Liam & Tawanda


Ull Hockey (Boys)

We knew the competition would be tough and we started slowly with a 0-0 draw against Greensteds but soon got into our stride beating Braeburn 3-0. Another 0-0 draw followed v Peponi. We were through to the semis but had one more game against Turi who had won all their group matches. They were on good form but we played well to win 1-0. Our semi final was v a confident home team but from the first whistle we played at our best and Kenton stood no chance. A hat trick from O M-T saw us to the final. Turi won the other semi final v Banda. This meant an all up-country final and our 5th game v Turi in 4 days! The Turi boys had had an excellent day and gave us a really stern test, despite one or two chances, neither side could score and so the match went to sudden death and then to the dreaded 1 to 1 shootout. After 3 attempts the score was still tied at 2-2 and so we went to sudden death. John & Russell held their nerve and finally Alister forced one of the Turi boys into a mistake and the tournament was ours. Player of the tournament: Alister


Matches v St Christopher’s – 3rd March

U9a Hockey (Boys) 
Drew 3, Lost 2

Player of the match: Dan Dan

U9a Hockey (Girls) 
4th out of 6

Our toughest match was v Nairobi Academy. We put up a good fight but couldn’t score. We finished 2nd in the group and met St Christopher’s in the semi-final. We put up a good effort but they had the upper hand


Matches v St Andrew’s – 2nd March

1st X1 Hockey (Boys) 

We failed to take our chances. Guy equalised in the 2nd half scoring from a short corner. Player of the match: Robbie

2nd X1 Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-1

This was an excellent performance with which to finish our season. The whole team played well. Our goal scorers were Mathieu and Connor. In the 2nd half we defended bravely with the Turi big hitters making good use of playing down hill. They scored one but Cameron saved many other shots at goal.

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 1-0

Our goal scorer was Georgie off a short corner. Player of the match: Danique

2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 2-1

We defended well on a sloping pitch. Malaika and Giselle scored our goals. Well done girls – an unbeaten season! Players of the match: Marie, Malaika, Katiya & Rosa

U11a Hockey (Boys)

Turi were strong and quick and pushed us hard but our defence stayed focused and Alister made some excellent saves. We attacked well and scored one goal in each game, so an unbeaten season. Player of the match: Alister

U11b Hockey (Boys)
Won 1-0

We started brightly and made a few early chances. Toby came close to scoring before Oliver smashed in from the top of the D. We were scrappy in the 2nd half but we held it to 1-0. Player of the match: Oliver S

U11a Hockey (Girls)
Game 1: Lost 1-0, Game 2: Won 1-0

Our goal came from a short corner – Aqua to Cora. Player of the match: Jessie

U11b Hockey (Girls)
lost both games 0-1

We played really well, we kept pace, tackled and even managed to have some shots at goal. Players of the match: Ella M & Ciku



Matches v Greensteds – 24 February

1st X1 Hockey (Boys) 
Won 3-0

Liam scored early and we followed with two more in the 2nd half. Player of the match: Barney

1st & 2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 8-0

The 1st played in the first half with great determination. Tiva scored a hat trick. In the 2nd half they got more possession and we did not pass well until Cassie did an amazing ball to Holly. Players of the match: Tiva and Danique

U11a Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-0

The U11’s dominated this game so much that Alister in goal didn’t touch the ball once. Greensteds did defend well but Rex and Ben scored the two goals. Players of the match: Oli S & Fungai

U11 Hockey (Girls)
0-0 draw

This was a hard fought match. Our passing and hitting was excellent and we defended very well.


Matches v Braeburn – 12 February

1st X1 Hockey (Boys) 
Won 2-1

A tense match. We were moving into space, passing the ball around having lots of chances at goal. Braeburn scored late in the first half. It wasn’t until the last few minutes that we scored our first and then with just seconds to go, Yann tapped a goal into the top corner. Player of the match: Guy

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 3-1

A poor start allowed Braeburn to score their goal. We picked up the game and were more aggressive in the D. Emma made a great strike into the corner of the goal. After half time we scored two more. Player of the match: Danique

U11a Hockey (Boys)
Drew 0-0

We played our game on the astro at City Park in Nairobi. It was a great experience and a good Braeburn side pushed us hard. On such a big pitch there were not many chances for either side but we did finish strongly and might have won the game near the end.

U11a Hockey (Girls)
0-0 draw

We fought hard to keep Braeburn from scoring. They had at least 8 shots at goal but due to good defence they didn’t score. Player of the match: Shela


Tennis v St Andrew’s – 11 February

Played 8 and won 5


Matches v Greensteds & Turi – 11 February

U9 Hockey (Boys) 
Drew with Greensteds 0-0
Won v Turi 2-0

Player of the match: Maxx

U9 Hockey (Girls)
Won v Greensteds 5-0
Won v Turi 3-0

Players of the match: Taana & Ella


Matches v St Christopher’s – 6th February

 2nd X1 Hockey (Boys) v St Christopher’s
Won 2-0

This was a tough match, but our Pembroke spirit and courage helped us to focus on playing skilful hockey. Yann scored an excellent goal in the first half and Mathew showed a lot of determination in the second half. But it was our solid defenders – the back four – who were outstanding; so Ben, Frank, Nureyn & Tatenda were players of the match

2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 3-0

We were playing their firsts so we had to work hard. After a great goal from Cassie we continued to play well. Our defence was strong. Imogen scored two more and in the second half the y pulled their socks up so we had to work hard in the burning sun. Players of the match: Cassie & Imogen

U11a Hockey (Boys)
Won 6-1

We played a 7-a-side match and produced a very good performance to secure a convincing win. Three goals in each half included some impressive strikes. Player of the match: Matthew

U11b Hockey (Boys)
Won 8-0

U11a Hockey (Girls)
Drew 1-1

We played some effective hockey. Jessie scored a super goal but well done the whole team. Everyone was much more aggressive throughout the game. Player of the match: Amani

 U11b Hockey (Girls)
Lost 1-2

With good passing out to the wings we got into their D in the first 5 minutes. However, we sadly didn’t manage to score. Vallentina scored our first goal of the season. Player of the match: Vallentina & Sierra

Pembroke Golf v Banda & Turi
Won by 13 points


U9 Boys v Turi & Greensteds – 4 Feb 2016
Won 5-0 & 2-0

In a classic display of bouncing back the U9 boys played their socks off. Both Turi & Greensteds failed to get in the Pembroke D. Player of the match: Max Moss

U9 Girls v Greensteds
Won 6-0

We spread out and made clever passes. Every forward scored a goal and the team spirit was excellent. Player of the match: Taana and Ella



Matches v Turi – 3rd February 2016

1st X1 Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-1

This was an exciting match with both teams playing well. We dominated possession in the first half but we couldn’t find the goal. In the second half we let in an early goal but we picked up and created more chances in the D. We levelled and then 2 minutes before the end we scored our 2nd. Player of the match: Guy

 2nd X1 Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-1

We started well and moved the ball around creating some good opportunities. Yann scored two very good goals before half time. In the second half Turi cam e back strongly and scored one goal but we kept working hard and enjoyed a well earned victory. Player of the match: Yann & Cameron & Nureyn

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)

After a sleepy start we picked up out game, making some good tackles and passes out to the wing. We had lots of shots at goal but we couldn’t quite convert them into goals. Player of the match: Poppy

 2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 1-0

Turi started well but we came back strong with Malaika scoring a fantastic goal. Turi had a few chances at goal but our goalkeeper and defence were strong. Player of the match: Cassie

U11a Hockey (Boys)
Won 1-0

After a great first 10 minutes where we spread the ball wide creating lots of chances, we didn’t managad to score. The second half was the same until the last moment of the match when O M-T scored. Player of the match: Russell

U11a Hockey (Girls)
Lost 0-1

Some good positioning around the pitch and some improved defence raised hopes for a possible draw, but Turi managed to score in the 2nd half. Our attack still needs to be more aggressive. Well played to Tino at the back and some hard work by Shela and Aqua.


Matches v Kenton – 27th January 16

1st X1 Hockey (Boys)
Lost 0-1

In the first half Kenton had most of the possession. We fought back and it was no score by half time. They then scored early in the 2nd half and we failed to come back. Player of the match: Robbie

2nd X1 Hockey (Boys)
Lost 2-3

This was a good game in which we dominated the first 20 minutes scoring two very good golas. We then made a few mistakes and let them score three goals before half time. In thew 2nd half we battles hard to score creating a few chances but their goalkeeper made some excellent saves. Players of the match: Arran, Yann & Matthew

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)

Kenton were strong at the start with most of the possession in our D. A great run by Danique with a cross to Imogen who then back sticked it in. They scored a goal in the 2nd half. Player of the match: Joey

2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 1-0

Giselle scored the winning goal. Our defence was strong and player of the match was Phoebe for some superb saves.

U11a Hockey (Boys)
Won 1-0

It was a close fought and entertaining game. The score was 0-0 at half time but we stepped up in the 2nd half and Rex scored a good goal to give us the lead. Player of the match: Fergus

U11b Hockey (Boys)
Lost 2-3

After a slow start Kenton managed to score 2 goals. We were better in the 2nd half and scored two goals through John & Joss, but some slack defending allowed Kenton to score a third. The Kenton goalie was excellent and denied John a few more chances.

U11a Hockey (Girls)
Lost 0-4

Our positioning around the pitch was better and we were hitting the ball with more power, we lacked aggression. When defending we need to tackle more. We need to look up and pass and we need to get in to the opposition D and take quick shots at goal. Players of the match: Aqua & Michelle

U11b Hockey (Girls)
Lost 0-4

The team are playing better and we managed to clear to the wing and defend well. We need to get more shots at goal. Player of the match: Ella


Matches v Banda 24 January

1st X1 Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-0

We were the dominant team in the first half scoring 2 goals. In the 2nd half Banda improved their game and had more chances, but our defence held on. Player of the match: Guy

2nd X1 Hockey (Boys)
Won 7-0

This was a good game and an excellent performance from the whole team. The goalkeeper dominated the D and bossed the defenders into playing well. The midfield linked strongly and gave the forwards plenty of good balls from which to score. Players of the match: Arran & Yann

3rd Hockey (Mixed)
Won 1-0

The first half was sloppy passing the ball to the opposition and wasting chances. Things improved in the 2nd half. We passed in to space and took advantage of our possession. Rowan scored our goal. Player of the match: Oliver

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 2-0

After a slow start Shauna upped the pace by scoring 2 goals. In the 2nd half Banda came back hard, but our defence held firm. Player of the match: Georgie

2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 1-0

Malaika did well dribbling the ball up the wing. Her push pass to Imogen was followed by an amazing goal by Krissy. An exciting match. Players of the match: Katiya, Malaika & Imogen and a special mention to Carolyn

U11a Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-0

Rex scored an early goal followed shortly by another from Oli. We were dominant in the first half but Banda came back at us in the 2nd half with some strong strikes. Alister made some terrific saves.

U11b Hockey (Boys)
Won 2-1

Our midfield felt restricted on a small pitch so it was a slow start. Banda scored before half time but we picked up the pace in the 2nd half. Kyle forced in a rebound with 10 minutes to go and then John scored a lucky goal. Players of the match: Oscar & John

U11c Hockey (Boys)
Won 1-0

In the first few minutes Nziza scored and we dominated the rest of the game. Banda struggled to get into our D. Player of the match: Nziza

U11a Hockey (Girls)
Lost 1-4

The first half was chaotic with our defence allowing Banda to take many shots at goal. The half time score was 0-3. The 2nd half was much better. Shela, Aqua + Amani were ferocious in defence. A brilliant pass up to Cora and then across to Tino meant we finished with a great goal. Player of the match: Amelia

U11b Hockey (Girls)
Lost 0-7

Although the score suggests we were soundly beaten, we actually played quite well. Player of the match: Vallentina

U9 Hockey (Boys)
Lost 0-6

The Banda had a strong team. The whole Pembroke side played well but we were no match for Banda this time.

U9 Hockey (Girls)

A great game. A few more minutes on the cock and we might have scored!

Senior Squash (Boys)
draw 3-3

Senior Squash (Girls)
draw 2-2

U11 Squash (Boys)
Lost 1-5


Matches v Peponi 20 January 2016

1st X1 Hockey (Boys)

The first 10 minutes were scrappy and they scored quickly. When we got in to the game we began to play well. We scored in the second half with a brilliant goal by Liam. Robbie made some outstanding saves keeping us in the game. Player of the match: Cliffie

2nd X1 Hockey (Boys)

This was a good game from the whole team. We settled down and played some exciting hockey, but were playing against a strong Peponi side. Both teams had good chances to score but two good goalkeepers kept the score even. Player of the match: Nureyn

1st X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 3-1

We started well and all our goals were a team effort. Special mention to Joey for excellent goalkeeping. Player of the match: Daniella

2nd X1 Hockey (Girls)
Won 2-0

We kept the ball in their half and Imogen scored an excellent first goal. Two more from Krissy and Malaika made it a comfortable win. Player of the match: Imogen

U11a Hockey (Girls)
Lost 0-3

Our positioning was generally good but we struggled to put together many constructive passes, so we struggled to make it out of our own half. We need to work on the power of our hits and to pass the ball into space and out to the wings. Well played Shela, Aqua and Camerone who were under a lot of pressure at the back.

U11b Hockey (Girls)

It was a scrappy match with a lot of bunching around the ball. Lots to work on before the next match.

U11b Hockey (Boys)

The game was tight and there were only a couple of chances as a result of the lush outfield. The ball found its way into the net in the second half but there were too many feet involved in the build up. In the end a draw was a fair result. Player of the match: Oscar

U11c Hockey (Boys)
Lost 1-2

Peponi got the first goal and another in the second half. Nziza scored our goal near the end. Player of the match: Seba for excellent defence

U9a Hockey (Boys)
Lost 1-5

It was a slow start and we were 3 down by half time. We played better in the 2nd half and Max scored a great goal

U9b Hockey (Boys)
Lost 0-5

We started well spacing the ball wide but we lost concentration in minute 7 and conceded our first goal, followed shortly after by 3 more. We showed improvement in the 2nd half with Dan Dan making lots of saves and William showing his attacking skills. Player of the match: William

U9a Hockey (Girls)
Lost 1-4

We made a good start but Peponi had some great hits in the D. Player of the match: Siena


1st X1 6-a-side cricket tournament – 30th November

made the semi finals

We won our group by beating Peponi, Greensteds and Braeburn. In the semi-final we bowled very well and had the Banda on 25 off three overs. But, then some good batting and one or two loose deliveries, allowed Banda to finish on 57. We batted well but no-one was able to dominate the bowling and, unfortunately, Guy was very well caught on the boundary. Cody and Harry kept the score going but we were 8 runs short at the end. A great tournament. Well done to the whole team for an excellent season.


U9 Matches at Kenton festival – 19 November

U9a Cricket

We had a good day on the cricket field, beating Braeburn and just losing to Kenton who won in the final. Player of the match: Raiyan

U9a Rounders

Our first match was against Kenton. We were fielding first and got their best batter out on the first ball.Our fielding was good but not so our batting. Final score was 3-1. We then went on to win against Peponi and Braeburn. Hillcrest were a good team and we drew against them. Our last match was against Banda. We batted first and scored 1/2… Banda went into bat and by ball 9 had not scored, but in the end they won 3 – 1 1/2. Player of the tournament was Ru.


U9 Matches v Turi & Greensteds – 16 November

U9a Cricket
Won both matches

Even though Henry & Mark were out quite quickly the match against Turi, Raiyan & Archie took wickets and we won by 20 runs. In our next game against Greensteds the wet pitch made it difficult for us to score runs. We made 41 runs and then took 3 wickets, helping us to win by 15. Player of the match: Raiyan

U9b Cricket
Won by 29 runs

We fielded first and bowled well. Will and Dan Dan bowled nicely. We all did well with the bat and passed the Greensteds score easily. Player of the match: Will

U9a Rounders

We got every Turi player out on ball 13

U9b Rounders
1 ½ draw

Players of the match: Izzy for great throws and Samantha for good catching.


Golf v Banda – 16 November
Won 3 ½ to 2 ½


Pembroke 6-a-side tournament 8 November

U11 Cricket  – semi finals

We were looking to make it three wins in three years. We got under way against a weak Brookhouse team and won comfortably. A tricky Braeburn side were easily overcome, before our match against Turi. We struggled to make runs but a catch from Ben on the boundary enabled us to win by 20 runs. The group decider was against Kenton and it took us until the penultimate ball to win the game. We had made it to the semi finals and a skilful Peponi side restricted us to 48 runs. However, their opening batsman made a solid start and were able to chase our score down in the final over. Player of the match: Ben


Matches v Turi & Greensteds 6 November

U9a Cricket
Won both matches

We batted and bowled well in both matches. Archie, Raiyan & Joe performed well with the bat and Henry, Alastair & Max bowled nicely. We beat Turi by 46 runs and Greensteds by 58 runs.

U9a Rounders
Won both matches

4 ½ – 2 ½ v Turi
5 ½ – 3 ½ v Greensteds


Matches v Greensteds 4th November

1st Cricket
Won by 118 runs

A confident display and a good win. We scored 140 for 3 with Cody top scorer with 51 not out. Our bowling was accurate and aggressive and the wickets were shared amongst all the bowlers.

U11a Cricket v Turi & Greensteds
won both games

In our last warm-up match before the sixes, we won the toss and chose to bat on a fast concrete wicket. Oli made 20 in a total of 46, before we bowled out Greensteds for 12. A similar match followed against Turi, but we struggled to score much off the bat – finishing on 41. However, we bowled the opposition out for 20.


Matches v Braeburn on 31st October

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 56 runs

It was exciting playing in a proper timed game, where we were asked to bat first and lost a few early wickets. But Cody, Tawanda, Liam and Yann fought back and we were able to declare on 112 for 9. We all bowled well. Guy took 4 wickets for 6 runs, Harry 3 wickets for 10 runs and Yann 3 wickets for 14 runs, and our fielding was excellent. With two overs to go we had to take three wickets to win the match, while Braeburn needed to stay in to draw. Yann bowled their top batsman with his 2nd ball and we caught their number 10. Their last two batsmen had to survive the final over, Guy bowled their last batsman with the fourth ball. A splendid game & exciting win.

2nd X1 Cricket
Won by 86 runs

After a poor start with the bat, we recovered well with the middle order playing superbly. We were good with the ball in hand and everybody bowled well. After Jack bowled the ball of the match and Frank took a fabulous catch, the visitors were all out for 39. Player of the match: Arran

1st Rounders
Lost 6 ½ – 11 ½

In the first innings the batting was not good and our fielding sloppy. Georgie was the only player to score a full rounder. Well done Poppy for backing up on 2nd. Well done too to Tiva and Phoebe for some excellent catches. Player of the match: Phoebe & Georgie

2nd Rounders
Won 15 – 12

One or two moments of poor fielding let Braeburn narrow the score, but we were the better side overall. There were some great hits and all but one scored at least a half to contribute to the score line. Nyambura scored a full rounder and well done Summer for some great catches. Player of the match: Summer

3rd Rounders
11 ½ – 10 win

We fielded first and only let them score 4 ½ rounders. When we batted we scored 6 ½ rounders. In the second half we fielded well, catching three out.

U11a Cricket
65 run win

Despite turning up with nine players, Oscar & Ishaq willingly defected to the opposition as we were put in to bat. Oliver played some big shots before running himself out and a middle order collapse had us worried. Alister & Charlie steadied the ship and we finished on 110. We bowled well in the 2nd innings and they were all out for 45, with Kyle taking 4 wickets. Players of the match: Kyle & Alister

U11b Rounders
14-13 win

We batted well in the first innings scoring 10 rounders. This meant we only had to score three rounders in our 2nd innings which we only just managed to do with 6 balls to go. It was a close thing. Player of the match: Aqua


Matches v St Andrew’s 28th October

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 8 wickets

This was a good win and gave us the opportunity to get back into form. St Andrew’s decided to bat first and scored 48 runs. We all bowled well, with Harry taking 3 wickets for only 1 run. We scored the necessary runs, losing only 2 wickets and Guy not out on 28. Player of the match: Yann

2nd X1 Cricket
Won by 127

Jolyon & Will got us off to a good start and everyone chipped in to get us to 147. The pick of the bowlers were Tristan & Mathieu with 3 wickets each. We bowled Turi out for 20.

1st Rounders
Drew 9-9

Our hitting improved after a slow start. We got them all out on the 13th ball and they only managed to score 2 rounders. Our fielding was ok but the odd ball got through. We kept them to a draw. Player of the match: Phoebe

2nd Rounders
17 ½ – 8 ½ win

We fielded first and only let them score 2 ½ rounders. By half time it was 10 – 2 ½. Well done to Malaika for a great catch and Katleigh for scoring three rounders. Player of the match: Carolyn

3rd Rounders
13 -10 win

Player of the match: Marie


U11a Cricket
39 run win

We batted first with a reversed batting order and made a slow but steady start. Charlie played some nice shots. However, we gave away too many cheap wickets. Everyone had a bowl and Rex took a wicket with the very first ball of the innings. The others quickly followed as Turi were all out for 55. Players of the match: Rex & Oli S


U11a Rounders
11 ½ – 5 win

Player of the match: Tino

U11b Rounders
13 – 9 win

In the first innings we kept Turi’s score down with some tight fielding, particularly between backstop, 2nd post and the bowler. However, our batting was not so good. In the 2nd innings we continued our super fielding and our batting improved. Player of the match: Ilham



Matches v Cavina – Saturday 10th October

2nd X1 match report to follow

U11b Cricket
Won by 5 wickets

We took 3 early wickets, however, our fielding slipped a bit and one of their batsmen hit the ball well to take their score to 136. We batted well and took risks which paid off. Ishaq & Toby had a partnership of 80 and we managed to win with one ball left. Player of the match: Ishaq

U9 v Turi & Greensteds

Beat Turi by 46
Beat Greensteds bt 78

We won both games by bowling well. Max did very well and Raiyan & Archie smashed the ball all around the park

Lost v Turi 2 – 1 ½
Won v Greensteds 8 – 3 ½

We batted and fielded well against Greensteds. We were unfortunate against Turi. They only scored 1 rounder, but we just couldn’t make contact with the ball.


Matches v Banda on Saturday 3rd October

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 134 runs

Cody won the toss and decided to bat first. After losing an early wicket, Cody & Robbie got their heads down and put on a 50 partnership; with Cody going on to score 63 not out. Robbie made 28. We declared at lunch on 158 for 4. Harry bowled superbly in his four overs, taking 4 wickets for only 4 runs. Our fielding was top drawer – Connor & Harry holding on to two difficult catches and Cody 2 catches. Players of the match: Cody & Harry

2ndX1 Cricket
Won by 107

We batted well and Jolyon and Frank got us off to a great start. With 2 overs to go before lunch we put Banda in to bat, hoping for an early wicket. It was not to be. However, we came back after the break with food in our bellies and fire in our hearts and skittled Banda for 88. Player of the match: Frank for getting 67 not out

1st Rounders
Lost 8 ½ – 10

We batted first, hitting the ball but with hesitant running. We only scored 4 in our first innings. With some good moments of fielding and Joey taking 2 catches, we kept Banda’s total to 6. In the second batting innings, 4 of our players were caught out on the first 9 balls, leaving Emma & Georgie who managed to keep adding to our score. Georgie was our top scorer getting 3 1/2 . Player of the match: Georgie

2nd Rounders
Won 11 ½ – 8 ½

Our batting in the first quarter was not good as we either missed the ball or hit to the danger zone. Our fielding on the other hand was very good and we stopped or caught most balls. The half time score was 5 all. The 2nd half was excellenty and we managed to score more rounders. Player of the match: Tiffani

3rd Rounders
Won 11-10

In the first innings our fielding was poor. Our batting was not so good either and we scored only 4 rounders. In the 2nd innings we fielded better.

U11a Cricket
Won by 3 runs

In what was always going to be a tight game, we were fortunate to win the toss and bat first. Ali & Oli were steady at the start before Oli was well caught for 15. Ali top scored with 26 and the remaining batsmen ensured that we finished on 129. Despite a filthy first over, Oli hit back with 2 absolute beauties, sending Banda into lunch at 30-3. Some good batting followed until Rex & Oli removed the 2 danger men with the score on 102. Tension steadily grew as the remaining batsmen lost their wickets with Banda needing 6 off the final over with one wicket remaining. Russell bowled straight and castled the no 11 with the very last ball of the match

U11b Cricket
Match drawn

Banda won the toss and put us in to bat first. We made a positive start and some good hitting from Toby helped us build a good score of 137 for 6. We then needed to bowl Banda out to win the game. At one stage it looked like we might do it – some good catches and 3 excellent run outs from John reduced Banda to 32 for 5 – but their batsmen recovered and held on for the draw. Player of the match: John

U11a Rounders
Lost 7-10

We batted first but didn’t score many rounders, although Evie & Tino hit well. As we fielded we made some sloppy throws to 4th and 2nd . Cora caught an amazing backward hit. In the 2nd innings we improved our batting and Amani scored a brilliant rounder. Our fielding progressed but sadly it wasn’t enough to win. Player of the match: Bella

U11b Rounders
Lost 7-15 ½

Banda quickly proved that they would be tough opposition and we were losing by 2 rounders at half time. Despite improving our fielding in the 2nd half, our batting was disappointing and we weren’t able to bridge the gap. Player of the match: Tamara & Imani

U11c Rounders
14 ½ – 8

This was a game of 2 halves. In the first we ran each other out, fielded as if we were asleep and apart from Eva, lost focus when batting. The half time score was 10-14 ½ to them. In the second half we fielded much better getting many out on the 2nd. Our batting was also slicker. Player of the match: Shela

U9a Cricket
Lost by 75 runs

We batted first with Lochy & Archie opening the batting. They made a good start scoring 27. At the end of the innings we were on 67 but lost 40 runs after giving 4 sloppy wickets away. Banda batted well and scored 102 runs without losing a wicket. So we lost by 75 runs. Player of the match: Archie

U9 Rounders
Lost 5- 61/2

We played really well and worked as a team and used our brains when running. Sarah threw a great ball to 2nd and Ella was amazing. Both were players of the match.


Matches v Peponi week 29th September 2015

1st X1 Cricket
Won by 56 runs

This was another excellent performance by the whole team. We batted well with Guy scoring a splendid 79 not out and Harry 48 not out, reaching a total of 148 for 1. We all bowled on a good length and line, sharing the wickets, but Tawanda taking 3 for 17 runs. Our fielding was also sharp. Player of the match: Guy

2nd X1 Cricket
Lost by 6 runs

Peoponi scored 132 in their 20 overs. After the top order collapse, our tail wagged but it was not enough. Tristan, Will & Oliver batted well but we fell short by 6 in the final over. Player of the match: Tristan

1st Rounders
17 to 13 ½

Our fielding was not good and we lost 5 rounders due to poor throws. We went in to bat, cold & wet after the storm. We only scored 4 rounders in the first innings. In the second half we came back and our fielding was much better. Player of the match: Phoebe

2nd Rounders
20-10 win

We scored 14 rounders in the first innings before we were interrupted by a huge rain storm. In the 2nd innings we batted poorly only scoring 6. Our fielding was good but we still made some silly mistakes and decisions. Great catches from Tiffani, Imogen, and Summer. A special mention to Carolyn for committed fielding. Player of the match: Tiva

3rd Rounders
15 ½ – 12 win

We scored 11 ½ in the first innings and in the 2nd innings we fielded quite well, although we gave away some rounders due to sloppy passing. In the second half we scored 4 ½ rounders leaving the end score a comfortable win. Player of the match: Marie

4th Rounders
12 to 15 ½ to Peponi

After a slow start Tabitha got us going with a full rounder in her first run. We fielded well and our bowling was good. Player of the match: the whole team

U11a Cricket
Won by 46 runs

As the storm clouds gathered we were put into bat and made a few early runs. Oli hit his 3rd six before being caught for 35, whilst ben and Fungai scored over 50 runs together – helping us finish on 158. Despite some wayward bowling and suspect fielding, Oli S came to the party and conceded only 9 runs off 4 overs, taking two wickets. Peponi ended 46 runs short. Players of the match: Ben & Oli S

U11b Cricket
Won by 7 wickets

Peponi batted first and although we still bowled too many wides, we did field well and kept their scoring down. They finished their innings on 102.Ish & Ish started our innings positively, running well between the wickets and a quick scoring knock from Toby put us ahead. Ishaq & Joss then saw us to victory with four overs to spare. Player of the match: Toby

U11a Rounders
Lost 12 – 7 ½

It was a slow start to both our fielding and batting. By the second half things improved, and our throwing was good. Our batted was also much better getting lots of rounders and half rounders.

U11b Rounders
Win 18 ½ – 17

We batted well with some fabulous hits, hitting out of the danger zone. Aqua did some superb bowling, not giving away any half rounders. In the field we were a bit sloppy letting past a few rounders. After half time we didn’t bat well and a few people got stumped out. Players of the match: Emma, Amani & Ilham

U11c Rounders
14 ½ to 8 Lost

Our fielding was sloppy. They scored 11 rounders in the first half and some of our players made some silly mistakes. Player of the match: Eva

U9a Cricket
lost to Peponi
beat Turi

Player of the match: Henry & Alistair

U9b Cricket
Lost by 26 runs

Player of the match: Max

U9a Rounders
Won 1, lost 1

Player of the match: Erin

U9b Rounders

8 1/2-4 1/2 to Turi
15 – 10 1/2 to Peponi

Players of the match: Leila & Jenn


Matches v St Andrew’s on 23rd September

1st X1 Cricket
won by 120 runs

This was an excellent and confident performance by the whole team. We batted first and Cody got 23, Harry 15 and Guy went on to score 100 off 546 balls: an excellent innings. All the bowlers bowled well. Guy 3 wickets for no runs, Yann 3 for 3, & Tawanda 2 for 2. Harry, Josh & Cody all took catches. Player of the match: Guy for the first century of the season.

2nd X1 Cricket
Won by 135 runs

We batted first and lost several players quickly. However, Arran and Alistait batted well and put on 94 together. We set a target of 155 and bowled out a floundering Turi for 20. Player of the match: Arran

U11a Cricket
Won by 1158 runs

We made a strong start. Ali & Oli made a 100 partnership before Ali was bowled. Oli made hay and needed 10 off the final 4 balls. Sadly he fell just short but still scored 95 not out. The bowlers then took the lead in the field and had little trouble bundling Turi out for 45. Oli took 4, Kyle & Russell 2 and William 1. Player of the match: Oli

1st Rounders
Won 11-9 ½

Fielding was slick with catches being taken all over. Phoebe caught a hat trick. Our batting has also improved. Player of the match: Phoebe

2nd Rounders
Won 18 ½ – 8

A slow match without too much excitement. Our fielding was much improved but the batting was very slow. Some full rounders were scored by Shauna, Kayleigh,Summer & Tiffani. Player of the match: Summer

U11a Rounders
Won 11 – 8 ½

Our fielding was good and after a slow start our batting improved. Players of the match: Bella & Ella

U11b Rounders
Won 13 ½ – 9 ½

We fielded fairly well and kept them to 4 ½ in their first innings. Our batting was ok and we led by ½ a rounder at half time. In the second half our fielding improved and they made some silly mistakes. The highlight of the match was our second innings, where many of our players batted well, especially Tamara & Aqua. Player of the match: Aqua for accurate bowling and massive hitting.


Matches v Peponi on Saturday 19th September

1st X1 Cricket
4th overall

In our semi-final against Peponi our batting was again a little slow, but Cody & Harry batted well and we scored a total of 64. Peponi were also slow, but they passed our total on the second last ball of the match.

We batted well against The Banda with Guy scoring 32, Robbie 26 and Josh 12. Unfortunately a few loose deliveries allowed The Banda to reach our total of 81 in the last over. A better performance but still more work to be done. Player of the match: Liam for his excellent catch on the boundary

1st Rounders
3rd overall

We beat Peponi 13-8 1/2,. Then we played Kenton having just lost to them earlier in the week. Our batting was not so good and Phoebe was the only one to score a full rounder. We restored our momentum for our final game against Banda which we won 9-6 ½ It went to count back of rounders scored – we achieved 26, Kenton 28 ½ and Peponi 29. It couldn’t get much closer! Player of the match: Phoebe, Danique & Emma


Matches v Kenton Wednesday 16th September 2015

1st X1 Cricket

Lost by 8 wickets
We were beaten by a good Kenton team; but we did not score enough runs. Having lost our opening batsman on the first ball of the match, we recovered well, with Cody, Harry & Robbie taking the score to 60 for 2. In the last 5 overs when we should have scored quickly and set a winning total, we lost too many wickets. Kenton batted well and reached our total of 64.

2nd X1 Cricket

Won 92-4
Oskar won the toss and decided to bat first. Our batting was inconsistent but we achieved 92. Oskar opened the bowling with two quick wickets then Arran got one. Oskar finished the match with one more. Player of the match: Oskar

U11a Cricket

7 wicket win
We lost the toss and were put in to field. Oli and Rex opened the bowling and Russell took a sharp catch at slip to break the first partnership. More wickets followed and with three direct hits, Kenton were all out for 75. Oli and Ali started well, with Oli getting out for 37. Ben was unlucky to get out soon after but Ali and Rex saw the team home with 7 wickets in hand. Player of the match: Oliver

U11b Cricket

Lost by 4 runs
We fielded first. Alexander started off well bowling but others bowled too many wides which gave Kenton 96 runs. Luckily Fergus caught two and Toby & Ishaq got a wicket each. Oscar batted the whole innings. Kenton got 119 and Pembroke 115.

U13 1st Rounders

11 ½ – 12 ½ lost
We batted first making some excellent hits and scoring 7 rounders. Our fielding was good getting 5 people out but we let some silly balls through resulting in Kenton getting more rounders. We need to tighten up our game before Peponi.

U13 2nd Rounders

18 – 16 ½
Whilst the score was close, some moments of madness let us down. We need to keep calm when fielding and our batting needs plenty of practice. However, well done to Shauna for scoring 3 full rounders and super catches were taken by Carolyn, Tiva and Malaika.

U11a Rounders

10 – 18 ½ Lost
We started fielding poorly. Our throws were not accurate but things gor better through the game. Bella played well and got players out on the second post. Jessie bowled confidently. Well done too to Tino as captain.

U11b Rounders

8 ½ – 13 win
We batted first and scored 7 ½ rounders leaving Kenton on 3. Our fielding was consistently good with Tobina catching 2 Kenton players on second post. Emma played well too. Player of the match: Ella




Peponi Football Tournament on 28th June 2015

U9 Football
Played 3, W1, L 2

This being our first football experience we started with butterflies and lost 0-2 to Kenton. After a lot of encouragement we then played a strong Brookhouse team. We gave it our best and won 2-0 with great goals from Joe and Sam.

Our last match was against Braeburn. Casimir made some fantastic saves but we lost 1-8. Our goal was scored by Oscar.

U11a Football
4th in Group

Our first game was against Brookhouse. We lost 3-0. Our next game was against Braeburn. We played well with Ismael scoring our only goal. We drew 1-1. Our last game was a must win against a strong Hillside team. We lost 0-2. Player of the tournament was Matthew for some great saves.

U13 Football
Lost in semi final

Our first match was against Banda which we drew 1-1. Our next match was against Brookhouse. We played like Barcelona’s future team earning a 0-0 draw. Our last match was against Braeburn. We knew we had to wind to go through. It was a nail biting match. After lunch we played Turi and lost 2-4.


Banda Tournament 20th June 

U11a Netball
Let’s just say we didn’t win any medals

Our first game was against Kenton B team. We won 14-0. The next game was against Banda A. We thought this would be an easy match after beating them before, but we were wrong. We only just won. Now we were to play Peponi who had some big players. They beat us so it meant we had to play the strong Kenton A team. we had many shots at goal but none went in and the final score was 3-6 loss. Player of the match: Poppy

1st Netball
v Banda win 18-3
v Braeburn win 18-2
v Cavina win 19-1
quarterfinal v Turi win 17-3
semifinal v Kenton Lost 7-8

2nd Netball
3rd in group

UK Rugby tour v Turi
Lost by 4 tries

Golf v Banda

U9 Rugby at Banda festival
Won 1, Lost 3

We played our final matches at Banda. It was a day that summed up our season. We played some brilliant rugby at times, but not all the time. In our first two matches we played really well. We were unlucky to lose against Peponi 10-0 but we beat Braeside comfortably. In the next two games we lost focus. We were beaten by Brookhouse and Braeburn. Player of the day: Michael Tait

U9 Netball at Banda
Won 2, Lost 2

Our first game was against Brookhouse. We fought hard and were drawing in the first half. We just couldn’t hold on and lost in the end 4-2.

Our next game was against Peponi. We were strong in defence, but they beat us 4-2

The third game was a better performance with Anoushka and Jessie shooring brilliantly. We won this game against Braeburn 5-3.

We wanted to play our closing game well and Bella, Cora & Jessie worked hard in the centre moving the ball up and down the court. A 4-2 win topped off a great day.


Ndume Rugby Matches 14 June 2015

1st 7
3rd overall

Our first match was against Braeside. We did well winning 33-0. The it was Hillcrest which despite some handling errors on our part, we still won 24-0. When we played Peponi they scored an early try. It woke us up and by the end the score was 10-7 to us.Our final group match was against Kenton and they beat us 12-0. This meant we played Turi in the semi final. We lost 33-0. Player of the match: Tom

U11 7
Won the Tournament

As defending champions we opened the tournament with a game against Braeburn Mombassa. We started well and ran 6 tries to win the game 42-0. Our next two matches went a similar way with a 36-0 win against Braeburn and then a 28-0 win against Peponi. Our final group match was against a strong Hillcrest side who we had beaten in the final last week. This match was to decide who won the group. We started well and got an early try. However, Hillcrest fought back and scored an equaliser. They had the momentum now. With a minutre to go they intercepted a pass and ran the winning try. This meant we would face Turi after lunch.

We started well and got an early try. In the second half we refused to let Turi into the match and we continued to dominate possession. Final score was 32-0. So in the final we were against Hillcrest again. But now we were a different team. Everyone raised their game. We ran in 5 tries and won the final 35-0. Player of the match: Yann


Matches v Greensteds and St Andrew’s 11 June 2015

U9a Netbal
Turi 10-0 lost
Greensteds 5-2 Win

We gave the ball away too much at the start but by half time we had woken up and we secured a win. Our next match v Turi started well with Emma playing out of her skin. Torrential rain delayed the second half and we just couldn’t get back into the game. Players of the match: Emma & Jessie

U9b Netball
Turi 6-4 loss
St Andrew’s 6-0 win

Despite the final score against Turi we dominated the majority of the match. Imani & Ru scored some wonderful goals. The Heavens opened just in time for our next match against Greensteds. It resulted in some interesting footwork and quite a few drops but we still managed a comfortable win. Players of the match: the whole team

U9 Touch Rugby v Greensteds
Draw 20-20

It was 10-10 at half time then the rain set in. 20-20 at the final whistle – a fine performance, a fair score. Player of the match: Raiyan

Tennis team v Turi 12 June 2015

U13 Girls
Won both matches

U13 Boys
Played one, won one
Rain stopped play


U11a Rugby Tournament at St Christopher’s 6th June 2015

Pembroke House winners. Player of the match: Jack Ker


Matches v Braeburn 6 June 2015

U11b Rugby v Braeburn

Win 47-0
Our players were out to win their final game of the season. Boosted by 3 A team players, Pembroke made a steady start and first half tries from Fungai & Ben saw us go into the lead. We substituted some strong players in the second half but we added a further 5 triesand conversions. Player of the match was Lem.
U11a Netball v Braeburn

Win 12-10
We started well with good team work and we were leading by half time. We lost concentration in the second half and Braeburn had most of the possession. Player of the match was Marie but a special mention also to Carolyn.

U11b Netball v Braeburn

Lost 13-14
Our passing was poor at the start and their players, who were tall, took advantage of our sloppy play. Players of the match: the whole team



Matches v Turi & Greensteds 4th June 2015

U9a Netball v Turi & Greensteds

9-2 Loss and 4-1 Win
In the first match we started well with some good interceptions. In the second match we scored 2 goals in the first half. In the second half we dropped a few balls and they scored, but we managed to score two more. Player of the match was Anoushka

U9b Netball v Turi

Their team was taller than us but we managed to dodge and get the ball and get the interceptions. Ru & Imani scored two each levelling the score to a draw. Players of the match were Taana & Ilham

U9 Rugby v Turi

Win 40-10
We played some terrific rugby over the course of the match. Our passing was brilliant and everyone was involved. With darting runs from Joss, to the bulldozing rampages from Max. Everyone chipped in to produce a great result. Players of the match: the whole team

U9 touch Rugby v Greensteds

We played well in the first half but found it too cramped to score. We passed well and ran good lines. We defended for most of the second half and got some good touches in.


Matches v Greensteds & Turi on 3rd June 2015

U11a Netball v Turi

Lost 7-14
Our passing was poor and their size gave them an advantage but they were the better side today. Player of the match was Marie but a special mention to Shauna too.

U11b Netball v Turi

Lost 11-20
We began well but as the game progressed we were throwing away too many balls. Player of the match; the whole team

U11c Netball v Turi

Lost 4-13
Vallentina and Tamara scored our goals. We improved with each quarter but Turi’s goal attack footwork was good. Players of the match: Tamara and Erin

U11b Rugby v Greensteds

Win 29-21
This was a much larger team but we knew we could win if we played disciplined rugby. Pembroke were stronger in the early stages and Donell and Rowan crossed over for two tries before half time. Greensteds hit back with a few tries of their own in the second half as we began to shy away from tackles. However, further tries from Rowan, Donell and Alister secured a win. Player of the match; Donell

Matches v Peponi 27th May 2015

1st XV Rugby v Peponi
Win 29-7

After a poor start we upped our game and after a try by Brian and another from Alistair we were playing decent rugby. More tries in the second half meant we had secured the game. Playes of the match: Harry & Pascal

2nd XV Rugby v Peponi

Win 31-5
A good all round performance from the whole team. Try scorers were Tristan, William & Laurence. Well done to the whole squad.

U11a Rugby v Peponi

Win 40-14
A solid team performance. Player of the match: Jack

U11b Rugby v Peponi

Win 26-5
The opening moments were tight but our discipline was strong. Alexander scored a try after Ben’s superb run. Peponi had us on the ropes for a few minutes and scored a try before Rowan’s bone-breaking tackle saved a certain try. Rowan & Alexander added two further tries resulting in a secure victory. Player of the match: Alexander

1st Netball v Peponi

Win 28-6
Although Imara was sick Emma had a great game at centre and Toyah moved into GD. Our play from the start was almost faultless. After the first quarter we had a 5 goal lead and by half time we were ahead by 10. Katie’s shooting was outstanding and Tanatswa dominated the attacking third. Player of the match: the whole team.

2nd Netball v Peponi

Win 19-9
We had a few good moments with some lovely interceptions in the defence. To our luck Peponi’s play was unfocused resulting in a comfortable win. Player of the match: Ceci

3rd Netball v Peponi

Win 14-7
We were all frustrated by the Peponi players we were marking because they tended to hold us back and push us around. Our play got better in the second half but too many times we lost possession of the ball. Player of the match: Cassie and Joey

4th Netball v Peponi

Win 10-2
After a poor start we were lucky to score but we managed to play better netball in the second half. It was slick and fast and our technique seemed to have returned. Player of the match: Maia and Amelia

U11a Netball v Peponi

Win 12-7
With a new coach we tried some different tactics. Our movement around the pitch was not good and too many of us were marked by their players. But we managed a win. Player of the match: Marie

U11b Netball v Peponi

Win 9-6
After a poor start we woke up and Sophie scored some nail biting goals. We need to work on dodging and bounce passes and making sure we are not always marked by their players. Player of the match: Krissy

U11c Netball v Peponi

0-4 Loss
Our defence was not good at the start and so Peponi were able to score. In the second half we got the ball into the D but sadly our shooters could not shoot and Peponi kept getting possession. Player of the match: Shela


Matches v Banda Saturday 16th May 2015

1st XV Rugby v Banda
Win 33-0

We started by winning all the rucks and having most of the possession. We ran an awesome line and we fought hard in the first half. We were confident in the second half and the tries and conversions kept on coming. Player of the match: Pascal & Max

2nd XV Rugby v Banda
Win 65-5

This was another strong performance and a convincing result. The forwards continued to dominate the scrums and the rucking, winning plenty of good possession for the backs to run the ball. The tries were shared by the pack. Well done to the whole team

U11a Rugby v Banda
Win 19-7

We scored early on, one coming from our 22. Later on Connot made a sneaky try from the blind side. In the 2nd half we started to slack, letting them score one try but after that they didn’t come in to our half. Player of the match: the pack

U11b Rugby v Banda
Win 26-5

A few early tries by us set the scene. We dominated this game from the start. Max was unlucky not to score after a dazzling run went into touch. More tries and conversions were made before the rain arrived. Player of the match: Russell

1st Netball v Banda
Win 27-9

We were keen to make up for our narrow loss v Turi. We whizzed into an early lead against Banda with Katie & Tanatswa popping shots with ease. In defence Manuela and Imara were jumping well winning intercepts and rebounds. Katie was player of the match

2nd Netball v Banda
Win 29-9

We were against our arch rivals, Banda and we were striding along the pitch like models and intercepting all the balls that came our way. There was nothing that could get past us. Well maybe, one or two did. Phoebe played well and was awarded player of the match.

3rd Netball v Banda
Win 20-6

We scored very early on and as the game continued our passing and intercepts got better. Special mention to Joey for shooting for the 3rds. Players of the match: Michelle & Phoebe

4th Netball v Banda
Win 24-1

We started well and kept possession for most of the match. Every time the ball landed in the D we had a shot. Banda got to score once when we dropped our focus but this was a convincing win. Player of the match: Lucy

U11a Netball v Banda
Win 26-5

Some excellent play early on set the scene for this match. we were like bumble bees working hard to win possession. A special mention to Poppy for outstanding play. Player of the match was Shauna.

U11b Netball v Banda
Win 9-7

It was an intense match and the spectators were kept in anticipation. Despite getting muddled with the court lines and some dodgy passes, we played enthusiastically and energetically and had a great game. Player of the match was Tino.

U11c Netball v Banda
Lost 0-12

After a slow start we upped our game and in the 2nd half we made some better passes and intercepts but Banda were the better team in the end. Player of the match: Vallentina

U9a Rugby v Banda
Lost 0-30

We were slow to wake up and as a result we were punished by a well organised Banda side. We conceded 2 quick tries and the first half saw us defending most of the time. In the 2nd half we played better rugby and ran some good lines. We were unlucky not to score. Player of the match was Finn for excellent running at the opposition.

U9b Rugby v Banda U9a
Lost 0-30

Their U9b didn’t turn up so we played their A team instead. Well done to the whole team.

U9a Netball v Banda
Lost 2-5

We started well remembering to move into spaces and using accurate passes to keep possession. Jessie, Bella & Ella were on fire and moved the ball up the court quickly. We lost concentration in the 2nd half and Banda took advantage. Player of the match was Bella.

U9 b Netball v Banda
Win 4-2

Although we were a few players down we played well. Ilham made some brilliant centre passes and Eva was strong in defence. Player of the match was Eva.

U13 Tennis v Banda

Girls team lost all games.
Boys team won all games



Matches v St Andrew’s 13 May 2015

1st XV Rugby v St Andrew’s
Lost 0-52

In the first 8 minutes we did not let them score but by the end of the first half we were down 0-40. We played much better rugby in the 2nd half but their size really made a difference. Player of the match: Cody Davis

2nd XV Rugby v St Andrew’s
Lost 10-15

This was a tough match against a big and powerful Turi team; but the Pembroke boys played with a great deal of team spirit and determination. The score at half time was 5-5, with the Pembroke team playing very good rugby. In the second half we had to defend bravely and in the last ten minutes we came very close to winning the match. Well done the whole team but a special mention to Charlie Middleton.

U11a Rugby v St Andrew’s
Win 29-5

We started well with Arran scoring early on and Connor scoring too. In the second half Turi upped their game and made us work harder. Then when the game was almost over Connor scored making him player of the match.

1st Netball v St Andrew’s
Lost 11-12

We were slow starting but we picked up our game in the second half and showed lots more aggression. In the last quarter we won 6-3 proving to ourselves that we should beat them next time.

2nd Netball v St Andrew’s
Win 16-10

We started well with good, clean netball. Our passing was accurate. Well done to Joey for coming in as GA. Player of the match: Georgia J P

3rd Netball v St Andrew’s
Lost 12-13

The first half was good but we dropped and passed the ball carelessly. Our defence was strong and there was great team work from Tiva, Phoebe, Daniella and Katiya. Players of the match: Tiva and Cassie

4th Netball v St Andrew’s
Draw 9-9

We had an aggressive start and we passed the ball accurately. But we relaxed and let them score more goals. We also had an incident that ended up with us not spacing out enough and so we all collided. Towards the end of the match we played really well. Player of the match: Ella C-H

5th Netball v St Andrew’s
Lost 5-9

We started well but Turi came back to score two goals. Maia then scored two. Turi then intercepted really well and gained the lead. They swere giants! Players of the match: Yiannoula and Rosa

U11a Netball v St Andrew’s
Won 14-6

After a slow start we upped our game scoring 5. Amazing work from the team, but especially Poppy. Imogen was so desperate for the ball she was on her hands and knees! We lost to Kenton because of our passing but in this match it was much improved. Player of the match: Poppy

U11b Netball v St Andrew’s
Lost 5-14

Kayleigh and Sophie scored early on but we needed to up our game to beat a strong Turi team. Players of the match: Krissy and Isabella

U9 Rugby v Sta Andrew’s
15-5 win

Our first game of the season saw us up against a big St Andrew’s side. We started strongly and we ran some great lines. We put in some good tackles and kept our structure well. we were rewarded for our good rugby by a well worked try from Kyle and 2 from Will. Our game took a set back when we lost Kyle to a wrist injury early in the 2nd half but Joss stepped in to scrum half and played brilliantly as did our sub, Sam W. The 2nd game saw us playing touch v Greensteds. It was a much bittier game and we lost structure. Despite this, some daring runs from Ollie S and Joss meant we secured am easy victory 15-0. Player of the match: Oscar K


U9a Netball v St Andrew’s
Lost v Turi 0-14
Win v Greensteds 5-3

This was out firt game of the season and we knew this would be a difficult set of games. After a slow start Amani made some excellent interceptions. Our match v Greensteds was a much game. Our movement was excellent with Cora especially making some great dodges. This, along with some super shooting from Anoushka and Jessie secured a win. Player of the match: Amani

U9b Netball v St Andrew’s
Lost 1-3

We started well but Turi scored a goal in the first half, so did we, unfortunately it was scored by our Goal defence so it didn’t count. After half time Turi scored again. The Ru got a goal. It was close. In the last few minutes Turi scored their third. Although we lost we played well. Player of the match: Ru



Rugby v Hillcrest tournament 6th May 2015

Runners up

First match was against Peponi. Brian scored two excellent tries. We fought well and won the match. Next we played Brookhouse and despite their sizewe held our own and kept it to a draw. Then we played Hillcrest who did not have any structure so we beat them easily. Our last pool match was against Shamas. They were strong but like Hillcrest lacked structure so we managed to win by one try. In the final we played Turi. They were big boys. We fought well but they beat us.

2nd XV Rugby v Kenton 6th May

59-0 win

This was a positive start to the rugby season with allthe players working hard to play good, running rugby. The forwards dominated all the set pieces, losing only one scrum and out-rucking the Kenton forwards. The backs made good use of all the possession and score 8 tries to add to the 3 scored by the pack. A good team performance.

1st Netball v Kenton 6th May 2015

Drew 13-13

It was very tight from the first whistle. There were a few scrappy fight for the ball ending up with nose bleeds and lots of contact. In the last quarter Kenton pulled up their socks making the score 13 all. Excellent centre play by Mairi & Toyah.

2nd Netball v Kenton 6th May 2015

21-13 win

After a good first quarter we became more frantic. We need to work on accurate passes, ahead of the player. However, all in all, a good game with some super moments in both attack and defence. Player of the match, Ceci.

3rd Netball v Kenton 6th May 2015

8-4 win

The first half was sloppy and we kept dropping the ball and passing to the ground or behind the player. We managed to get 4 goals in the last quarter making it a comfortable win. Good team work.

U11a Rugby v Kenton 6th May 2015

14-21 lost

We played quite well in the first half but then we conceded 2 tries. Joss did not miss a conversion but they were the better side. In the 2nd half we played better winning most of the rucks.

U11b Rugby v Kenton 6th May 2015

20-24 Lost

We started well with Rowan and Rex scoring two tries. However, Kenton hit back and we went in to half time 15-10 ahead. Some sloppy positional play and several weeping willows cost us dearly in the second half and Kenton finished the game 24-20 winners

U11a Netball v Kenton 6th May 2015

18-6 Lost

We started the match with an exhilarating goal. We then became a bit clumsy dropping balls and losing possession. Kenton had a speedy, tall shooter who had astonishing skills. They scored frequent goals. In the 2nd half our defence was much better. Players of the match: Shauna & Marie

U11b Netball v Kenton 6th May 2015

16-9 win

Our first quarter was utterly clumsy but we pulled upour socks and shot off into the game. By half time the score was 8-6 to us. Wew were more alert in the 2nd half and we scored 8 more goals. Player of the match: Kayleigh

U11c Netball v Kenton 6th May 2015

1-7 Lost

In the first half we needed to wake up as Kenton scored 5 goals. Our defenders were good and in the 2nd half we played much better. Our attackers were improving all the time and after Kenton scored their 7th goal we managed to keep the ball well away from the post. Player of the match: Shela for brilliant interceptions.


Rugby v Kenton 4th May 2015

50-20 Win

We started the match a bit sleepy, but managed to score an early try. After another from Alastair we started switching off again and allowed them to score 4. By half time the score was 20-19 to them. In the 2nd half we played a lot better and scored 5 more tries. We defended well and didn’t allow them to score any more. Guy & Harry got most conversions. Player of the match: Pascal


Rugby v Greensteds 2nd May 2015

1st /2nd’s Rugby

59-0 win

Tom scored the first try of the season shortly followed by Alistair with two. In the second half more tries by Brian, Tom, Alistair, Josh, Liam & Mathieu. A great start to the season.

1st/2nd’s Netball

29-9 win

We scored 12 in the first 10 minutes and our defenders and shooters were on top form. By half time we were still in the lead as we handed over to the 2nd’s Their defenders made some great interceptions leading to more goals and some incredible shooting. Player of the match Imara.




Hockey Tournament at Peponi Saturday 14 March

U11a Girls’ Hockey

First match v Peponi and we had the advantage of starting with the ball. They scored first but we came back and scored ending the match 1-1. We then played Braeburn Mombassa and won 4-0. Our next match was v Braeburn Nairobi. Holly did a slick pass to Poppy who crossed it to Imogen who scored, in the first 30 seconds! Then Poppy scored another. Hillcrest were a tough side but we drew with them 0-0.We made it to the semi finals and played v Banda. The match ended 0-0, so we had extra time and in the last moments of the atch Poppy crossed the ball to Imogen who swept it in. We were in the finals v Kenton. Malaika scored the winning goal. Winners of the tournament.

1st Girls’ Hockey

We lost our first two matches v Braeburn and Turi. We won the match v Brookhouse and our final match was against Hillcrest. We won this match too. Player of the tournament was Mairi Nuijten.


U9 Hillcrest Tournament 12 March 2015

U9 Boys’ Hockey

We had a poor start and lost to the hosts and Banda. We recovered our form well and drew with favourites Peponi and beat Brookhouse. Oscar played well in defence and Oli had some good opportunities in midfield. Well done for a good season, chaps.

U9 Girls’ Hockey

Kenton 4-0 loss

Greensteds 1-0 win

BGE 0-0 draw

Banda 0-0 draw

We lost our first match against Kenton as they were stronger than ever and with the downhill advantage they dominated the game. In our 2nd match against Greensteds we played much better. With a cross from Evie to Bella we finished 1-0 up. Our play improved through the day. Ilham was great in goal and we played our best game against Banda with the ball flying up and down the pitch. We finished 2nd in our group.



1st XV Rugby v St Andrew’s 11/3/15
PH lost

This was a very tough match because Turi had VERY big players on their side who kept breaking through our line. We tried our hardest to score but we did not. Most of us got out of the match in one piece, although Ewan got hit on the head, Will got concussed and Barney got bitten on the hand.


Hockey tournament at Kenton 7/3/15

U11a Boys’

We played well against Hillcrest but lost 2-0. Our next two matches saw us playing weaker opposition and we took full advantage to beat Greensteds 2-0 and Brookhouse 3-1. This meant that we had to beat Peponi to get through to the semi finals. We worked really hard and Alistair made some great saves to keep us in it but Peponi managed a goal right at the end.

1st V11 Boys’

Our first two games were both draws against Brookhouse and Braeburn. This meant we needed to beat Banda to go through. Jack scored from a short corner which meant a 1-0 win for us. We then beat Mombassa 1-0 with an awesome goal from Guy. We had topped our group and faced Kenton in the semi final. Sadly we lost this match 2-0. The following have been selected for the up country team; Tom, Jack, Josh, Guy and William


Hockey tournament at St Christopher’s 5/3/15

U9 Boys’

After a slow start in the group stage we made it through to the Shield competition. We played well in the semi final and. after drawing the match, won on penulty points. We then went on to win the final to the credit of the whole team. Special mention to Casimir Kuper who was voted goal keeper of the tournament.

U9 Girls’

With just 9 minute matches there were no high scoring games. The grass was long which took some getting used to. We got through to the plate semi finals against Hillcrest. It was a close match with a 0-0 score until the final few seconds. Ilham made some amazing saves but sadly Hillcrest won with a strong strike.


Tennis v St Andrew’s – 26th February 2015

U13 Boys

Guy & Brian played top seed beating Turi 1st seed 4-2, then beating their 2nd seed 4-0. Barney & Harry S played 2nd seed. They played Turi 2nd seed and won 4-0 then they finished the day by beating Turi 1st seed 4-1

U13 Girls

In the 1st seed’s match against Turi 1st seed, we began a little rusty but as we warmed up, our swings got better and our grunts louder. During the 2nd seed’s match, it seemed like Turi enjoyed directing the ball to Molly’s side, making the play lopsided. When it was time for the 1st seed to face Tur’s 2nd seed, Turi played less well. In our 2nd seed’s match against Tur’s 1st seed our serves were on top form and Turi struggled to make the returns. PH won both matches.


U9a Girls’ Hockey v St Andrew’s & Greensteds – 26 February

Pembroke v Turi. Draw 0-0

Pembroke v Greensteds. Draw 1-1

We played brilliantly against Turi. With Ella injured on the side line we were determined to keep it together. We made some great passes up the wings. Every player gave 100% and we were thrilled with our draw. Player of the match was Ilham for great goal keeping

Greensteds played better than ever before but we weren’t going to let them win. They scored first which made us more determined. Soon after, Jessie scored a great goal. We scored again in the last minute but unfortunately it didn’t count. Player of the match was Bella.


U9a Boys’ Hockey v St Andrew’s & Greensteds

Turi result. PH won 1-0

This was a close game but Kyle steered the Pembroke ship to victory with a good goal in the 2nd half. Casimir kept a clean sheet and Oscar & Joe defended well.

Greensteds result. PH won 5-1

We were confident after the Turi win, and we managed to put several goals past Greensteds in very quick time. Goals from Joss, Kyle and an unlucky Greensteds goalkeeper. Players of the match were Oscar and Oli


Matches v St Andrew’s & Greensteds 25th February

1st Boys’ Hockey. 3:2 win

In the first 5 minutes it looked as if it was going to be quite easy, with Guy scoring a brilliant goal, but Turi fought back with most of the possession. In the second half it was a different story. Pembroke had the bit between their teeth. Our passing was slick and professional. St Andrew’s were confused but we were taking no prisoners. It was Liam who struck like a green mamba as the ball shot in to the goal. Briefly St Andrew’s came back at us with a couple of goals, but it wasn’t long before Will Tozer scored our final goal. Exhausted, exhilarated and victorious.

Fortuna Favet Fortibus

1st Girls’ Hockey. 3:0 win

The 2nd half was stronger than the first. Phoebe made some outstanding saves and Katie made many fine tackles in defence. Molly and Mairi did tireless work in the midfield distributing the ball out wide, where Tanatswa and Manuela were able to make fast runs down the wings. We had three great team effort goals. Player of the match was Molly.

2nd Boys’ Hockey. Lost 1:3

This was a tough but exciting match with which to end our season. We played well in the first half but could not score from the many opportunities we created. Turi scored just before half time but we came back strongly in the 2nd half and Alasdair scored to make it 1:1.

We pushed forward to try and win the game but it was Turi who scored twice in the final minutes. A good all round performance by the whole team.

2nd Girls’ Hockey. 2:0 win

After an excellent first half with great passing skills and two great team goals, both slotted in by Ceci, we started the second half with a superb save by Alix in the D. This kept Turi scoreless. A fantastic team performance. Well done for an unbeaten season. Players of the match were Holly and Emma.

U11a Boys’ Hockey.

A great team effort.

U11a Girls’ Hockey. 5:0 win

In the first half Kayleigh scored 3 goals . We knew they would try to come back hard but we stayed strong. Player of the match was Shauna.

U11b Boys’ Hockey v Greensteds. 3:0 win

Having lost to the team earlier in the season we were eager to seek revenge. Russell chose to go downhill in the first half and put pressure on the opposition defence. The tactic worked and Rowan scored a first half hat trick. Ben Moss made a really good save too but Greensteds rarely threatened and we won 3-0. Players of the match were Rowan and Rex.

U11b Girls’ Hockey v Greensteds.

We won the toss letting Greensteds have the down hill advantage in the first half. We played well with Tino scoring a goal.



Matches v Hillcrest 11 February 2015

1st Boys’ Hockey . 3:0 win

The first 5 minutes was quite a shambles but we tidied up and played quality hockey ending in an awesome finish. Brian played well and we ended the first half 2 nil up. The 2nd half was more scrappy but we still managed to score one more goal by Josh. Player of the match was Brian.

1st Girls’ Hockey. 2:1 win

We started well with a great goal by Toyah off a short corner. The 2nd was by Tanatswa, slipping it past the goalie. Our defence defended well and after realising Hillcrest were playing with 12 players they marked more aggressively. Player of the match was Tanatswa.

U11a Boys’ Hockey. Lost 1:0

This was not our best day. From the start our energy levels seemed low and we produced a lacklustre performance. A determined Hillcrest side took advantage of this and gained the win. we will bounce back after half term.

U11a Girls’ Hockey. 4:1 win

We stepped on to the pitch feeling confident. However, we let in a goal soon after the whistle blew. In the 2nd half we changed our attitude and scored 4 goals – 2 by Poppy and 2 by Kayleigh. Player of the match was Poppy.



Matches v Banda Saturday 7th February 2015 

Boys: 1st XI v Banda

On a sunny and dusty day, we were going to play our rivals, The Banda. A sleepy first half resulted in Banda leading 2-0 by half time. After a tremendous pep talk from Mr. Hudson, we headed back to the game dreaming of a dramatic comeback. Unfortunately the shooting was not on tip-top form as we only managed to score one by the end of the game. Thank you, Mr. Hudson and Oscar, for legendary coaching.

Final score: 1-2 to Banda

Girls: 1st XI v Banda

This was our best performance so far. Our passes were strong and accurate. Hannah, Katie and Georgia hit some powerful balls from the 16s and also marked better and better throughout the game. Also, Phoebe did some outstanding saves. Mairi, Molly and Dani worked tirelessly in the misfield and fed great passes to the wings. Tanatswa and Manuela made many speedy runs down the wings. The forwards definitely meant business by scoring four goals throughout the match compared with none from the Banda! The player of the match was Toyah Mowat.

Final score: 4-0 to Pembroke

Boys: 2nd XI v Banda

A strong team performance allowed us to control the game and score five good goals. Goal scorers were Alasdair, Tristan and Matthew. However it was our powerful line of defense which impressed most, not allowing The Banda to have a single clean shot at goal, and our determined mid-field who worked tirelessly to dominate the possession. Well done to Cliffie who was off-games but still came down to support the team!

Final score: 5-0 to Pembroke

Girls: Pembroke 2nd XI v Banda

This was the toughest match of the season so far, but we managed to break through with an excellent goal by Michelle and Ceci. Banda didn’t score for the rest of the game because of our great defense, so this was an amazing win with an excellent team effort! Players of the match were Holly, Ceci and Cassy . Thank you to our teachers for brilliant coaching.

Final score: 1-0 to Pembroke

Boys: Pembroke 3rd XI v Banda

We started very strongly with Toby and Shaun having many shots on target. Unfortunately, even with most of The Banda team standing watching these shots, their goal-keeper, incredibly, managed to save them all. Because of a mix up, we were playing some of the second team, as well as a first player and eventually they managed to slip past our defense and put two in to secure a win.

Final score: 0-2 to Banda

Girls: Pembroke 3rd XI v Banda

It was an exciting match, considering the opposition had only seven chaps to our rather more substantial twelve. However we stuck our heads together and decided it was best to split our combined crowd into two teams of 9. In the first quarter we tackled pugnaciously, taking the ball and completely and utterly bamboozling their goalie. Nyambura quickly scored a very cunning goal. In the next quarter Elaine and Katiya executed some fine-looking clears. Nyambura dribbled it in for another goal. For the rest of the match, Banda fought back strongly, scoring 3 goals. However we managed to keep the lead by scoring another 2 ourselves.

Final score: 4-3 to Pembroke

Boys: Pembroke U11 A’s v Banda

In the first half we played like headless chickens and by the end, we were 2-0 down. In the second half we got our heads back in the game and we started to play to the wings more. Now for Hillcrest we need to work on calling for the ball and playing our game. Thank you to Mr. Watson and Bernard for excellent coaching.

Final score: 0-2 to Banda

Girls: Pembroke U11 A’s v Banda

We started off the first half a little nervous without Krissy in goal, but Sophie certainly stepped up to the mark. We did not have the advantage of playing downhill and we made a few chances to score, but to no avail. They had one decent shot at goal, however Sophie kicked the ball far out of the boiling and tense D. For our next match we need to work on marking our opposite numbers. Thank you to our amazing coaches, Miss Darnborough and, of course, Billy.

Final score: 0-0 Draw

Boys: Pembroke U11 B’s v Banda

Having kept three clean sheets in a row we were confident of victory on Saturday morning. We were aggressive from the start and Ismail scored a hat trick in the first 20 minutes! The twins, Russell and Rex, were busy in midfield throughout the match and even though Banda got one goal back, Ismail and Rowan scored two further goals. Well done boys, that’s and 100% record against B teams this season.

Final score: 5-1 to Pembroke

Girls: Pembroke U11 B’s v Banda

As we went onto the pitch, we knew we would have to face the strong Banda side. We scored a goal in the first half which Mrs. Foxton was very pleased with. Unfortunately we were still two goals behind. At half time Mrs. Foxton congratulated us with our goal and for the rest of the match, although Amelia made some great saves, we let one more in. The match has given us lots to work on, well done girls and better luck next time!

Final score: 1-4 to Banda

Boys: Pembroke U11 C’s v Banda

We started off with a rapid 30 second goal. We had agile shots at the goal but the goal keeper was tough and stopped the ball many times. In the second half we scored another goal quite early on. However in the last five minutes, Banda swept the ball past Arthur. Well played boys and thank you to Mr Aung, Bernard and Angus for great coaching as we are still unbeaten for now boys.

Final score: 2-1 to Pembroke




Matches v Kenton 4 February 2015

Boys: 1st XI v Kenton

We started in the heat playing downhill and used this to our advantage. Soon after great clashes we scored. Just after it was half time and we were one up, however we knew that we had to work hard to win the match overall. We scored another two goals in quick succession to make the score 3-0 to Pembroke. Kenton then surged back scoring two goals before finally the whistle blew to make it a 3-2 victory to Pembroke. Guy and Allister were joint men of the match.

Girls: 1st XI v Kenton

Unfortunately we were missing Toyah and Kora so Daniella Ker stepped up, feeding the ball out well to the wingers. We were intercepted a lot during the match, but we got better as the match progressed. With two early goals we were 2-0 up within the first 5 minutes. However we struggled later on in the match to clear the ball from our D, leaving Kenton to be able to score 2 goals to equalise the score. The final score was a 2-2 draw. Tanatswa was the player of the match.

Boys: 2nd XI v Kenton

One or two of us were slow to focus during the warm-up but, fortunately, all eleven players were switched on when the match started. We scored four goals in the first half – Tristan, Barney, Alisdair and Clifford. Kenton managed to score one goal throughout the game making the final score a 4-1 victory to Pembroke. A good performance from the whole team, but there were outstanding contributions from Tristan, Tawanda and Lawrence. Well done!

Girls: 2nd XI v Kenton

We had a great start with a quick goal scored by Ceci in the first 4 minutes. After this we had roughly a thousand chances and shots on the Kenton goal, but we didn’t manage to convert any of these into points. Well played to Cassie who made some great clearances in defense. Also, well done to Holly for tireless work in defense. Well done girls, now for Banda!

Boys: U11 A’s v Kenton

After a long bus journey we finally arrived at Kenton. We watched the B’s first half and then went into a warm-up. After we finished our warm-up we headed towards the pitch. We started the match with Kenton holding most of the possession; however we didn’t let them through our amazing defense. Then we struck, like a black mamba, from nowhere. Ben trickled it in past the goalkeeper and Kenton collapsed under the pressure. We were victorious.

Girls: U11 A’s v Kenton

We started off scared to play Kenton but Miss Darnbrough said if we got a goal in the first half, we could all get 1 house point and chocolate, so we were determined to get one! Sophie did a good tackle, passed it up to Poppy who then scored. Billy had unfortunately blown the whistle but he was still being a very good ref and we all still love him very much and think he’s the best. The final score was 1-0 to Pembroke.

Boys: U11 B’s v Kenton

After a pleasant journey on the mini-bus, we arrived for our hockey match only to be met by the fittingly named Mr. Hockey! The match was tight, but Russell struck the ball well in midfield. Rowan tucked away an easy chance before half-time but Kenton came back strongly in the second half. It was only because of Ben that we managed to keep a clean sheet, who pulled off some amazing saves. The final score was 1-0 to Pembroke. Man of the match: Ben Moss.

Girls: U11 B’s v Kenton

In the first half we unfortunately played very badly and we let them score four easy goals. After half time we started to play better, however we still didn’t manage to score any goals. Aqua was our goal-keeper for the first half and she saved some amazing shots. In the second half, we only let two goals in and so the final score was 0-6 to Kenton. Players of the match: Tobina and Kale.



Matches v Peponi 28 January 2015

Boys: 1st XI v Peponi

We started off strongly considering we had lost two of our players. We managed to keep the ball in their half but, despite our chances and short-corners, we couldn’t get a goal in. In the second half we stayed strong but they got a few more chances and unfortunately they scored off a short-corner. We worked hard but couldn’t keep the ball in our possession for long enough to score. The final score was 0-1 to Peponi.

Girls: 1st XI v Peponi

It was extremely hot so we played in quarters which enabled us to have water and cool down. After the first quarter we were down 0-1, so this is now our 3rd match where we have needed to come back fighting with all guns blazing. Mairi got the first goal in, whacking it with power. We had a great team effort on the second goal with Tanatswa a perfect final touch. Such a well-deserved win, having had 80% of the possession in the match. Now we will strive for more spot on finishes. The final score was 2-1 to Pembroke.

Girls: 2nd XI v Peponi

We came out confident with a goal in the first minute by Tiffany, followed by another in the second quarter by myself (Michelle). Unfortunately our defense let through one Peponi goal in the third quarter to make the score 2-1 to us. However we upped our aggression which led us to a goal by tiffany off a brilliant cross from Tiva to put us firmly in the lead. Defense, defense, defense; We still need to put in a lot more work but we’ll work on it girls. The final score was 3-1 to Pembroke.

Boys: 2nd XI v Peponi

We played very well in the first half of the match and created a number of good scoring opportunities, but we lacked the necessary accuracy and aggression in the D to score. On the other hand Peponi had four shots at goal and scored twice to be 0-2 up at half time. We fought back and Shaun made the score 1-2 to set up and exciting final quarter. Unfortunately we were not clinical enough in their D and their big hitters took advantage of our commitment to score and caught us short in defense, adding one more goal. The final score was, unfortunately, 1-3 but it was another efficient performance.

Girls: 3rd XI v Peponi

It was an exciting first match for us, with some tumbles, Leila swallowing a bee and too many missed chances at goal! Although we need to work on our spacing, we made some impressive improvements during the match; we certainly gave Peponi a run for their money. Well done girls, now bring on the Banda! The final score was a 0-0 draw.

Girls: U11 A’s v Peponi

For the first half we had the task of working uphill, however we used our space well and managed to put continuous pressure in their D, taking several shots at their goal. Unfortunately we weren’t aiming for the spaces, making it easy for their keeper to make the saves. The second half proved more challenging and we let 3 goals in, all in the final 8 minutes of the game! Better luck next time. The final score was 0-3 to Peponi.

Boys: U11 A’s v Peponi

We knew that Peponi would probably be our toughest game so far and it proved to be the case in a closely fought encounter. We started brightly and enjoyed the majority of the possession, but we were unable to force many clear chances. Our attacking play improved steadily but ultimately we were not clinical enough around the D and couldn’t force a goal to clinch victory. The final score was a 0-0 draw.

Boys: U11 B’s v Peponi

On a blistering day, Russell won the toss and chose for us to start downhill. Peponi were asleep for the first quarter and we made several chances before Russell scored the only goal of the match. Rex and Rowan came close, but Peponi tightened up their defense and the game became very close. Donell was strong in defense and we held on for an impressive victory. The final score was 1-0 to Pembroke.

Girls: U11 B’s v Peponi

We got to Peponi knowing that it was going to be hard match, but we tried our best. Amelia was incredible in goal, saving most of the shots that came at her, but unfortunately Peponi managed to slip two past to make the final score 0-2 to Peponi.

Boys: U11 C’s v Peponi

In the first half we managed to score a sneaky goal past the Peponi players. We had strong defense and quick attackers. We scored another goal but Mr. Aung was not sure if he should count it. Our attacks got stronger in the second half, so our defenders were definitely pleased! We scored one last goal in the last ten minutes of the match. The final score was 2-0 to Pembroke.



Braeburn Hockey matches 24 January 2015


Boys: 1st XI v Braeburn 1st XI

We started off really well, but unfortunately we managed to concede a goal in the first half. We dominated the play from then on, determined to equalise, and we managed to score a goal to make the score 1-1. In the second half we played much better and kept the score 1-1, unable to score that deciding goal. The final score was, in the end, still 1-1.

Boys: 2nd XI v Braeburn 2nd XI

We made good use of Braeburn’s astro-turf by passing quickly and accurately, and scoring two quick goals. Once again our defense was excellent and Braeburn found it difficult to attack our D and score. We dominated the first half to make it 4-1 by half time. We continued to play well in the second half, scoring another four goals. In total, Tawanda scored three, Matthew two and Alasdair two. A solid performance from the whole team – Well done! 8-1

Boys: U11 A’s v Braeburn U11 A’s

After a disappointing performance against Turi we were determined to improve against Braeburn. We made a good start, scoring two early goals but then a bad injury to one of the Braeburn boys caused a long delay and we lost our flow. In the second half we got going again and created chance after chance with some good attacking play to make the final score 5-0 to Pembroke. Player of the match was Jack Ker.

Girls: 1st XI v Braeburn 1st XI

The ball was mainly in the Braeburn D and we had a few attempts at scoring, however we couldn’t get it past their defence. At the end of the first half we were 0-1 down but we quickly equalised in the second half. In this half our lack of stamina was starting to become evident and we became hot and tired. In the future, we need to improve on our fitness and aggression so that we can get the ball more often. The score was 1-1 and the player of the match was Kora Haigh.

Girls: 2nd XI v Braeburn 2nd XI

In the first half we started with Sassy scoring a goal in the first two minutes. Braeburn then managed to get past our defense and managed to score a goal to equalise. However Daniella scored another goal just before half time to make it 2-1. In the second half we improved our teamwork and pressure and we managed to score another 5 goals with our solid defense not letting another one past. The final score was 7-1

Girls: U11 B’s v Braeburn U11 B’s

The whistle blew and within the first 10 minutes we were 1-0 up. Braeburn caught up with us so that by half time the score was 2-2. It was a very good match and we all believed we would be able to score the last goal. Isabella, having been hit in the shins with a hockey stick, was very brave and managed to carry on playing. Afterwards, we were given a short corner and Tino’s pass to me was unfortunately intercepted, Braeburn then dribbled the ball the whole length of the pitch. “Bang!”; They had scored the last goal and the final whistle blew with the score 2-3.


Match reports 19th Nov.

1st XI vs Greensteds

Result: 3 wins out 3

St. Andrews were unavailable to play in our triangular tournament which allowed us to play 3 games against Greensteds.

In the first match we scored a handsome total of 53 and won comfortably.

In the second match Greensteds set us a target or 44 which we achieved with relative ease.

In the final match, we reversed our batting order and put our bowlers under pressure scoring 37. We bowled tightly and fielded well, and kept their score to 22; three good wins.

If we build on this, on Saturday, we should enjoy a good tournament at The Banda.


Match reports 14.11.14


Under 9A tournament at Kenton

Game 1 vs Peponi: We posted a respectable 234 against their strong bowling attack. However over the course of the innings we lost 7 wickets which meant our total was reduced to 184. We bowled well, but unfortunately they got 258,

Game 2 vs Hillcrest: We batted first again, and thanks to some fantastic batting from Oscar we posted a very defendable total of 258, but again losing wickets meant we were reduced to 228. They then posted 257, however good bowling meant we reduced their final total to 217.

A good way to finish the season. Well done boys!


Under 9A festival at Kenton

Game 1 vs Peponi: A draw 4.5 rounders to 4.5. Player of the match = Ella Mouritzen

Game 2 vs Braeburn: a loss by only half of a rounder. Player of the match = Bella

Game 3 vs Kenton:  Unfortunately this game didn’t go well, but we were confident about our remaining 2 games. Player of the match = Jessie

Game 4 vs Hillcrest. We won this game 5.5 rounders to 2, which was our highest score of the season. Energy levels were still high. Player of the match = Ilham

Game 5 vs The Banda: We lost our final match 7.5 to 4.5 – which was an improvement on our result against them earlier in the season. Player of the match = Evie


Match reports vs The Banda


1st XI won by 11 runs

This was an excellent and exciting match with which to end our season. We batted first and found runs difficult to score on their concrete wicket. However, Guy batted splendidly for his 76 not out and Cody supported him well for his unbeaten 36. We ended with 128 for only one wicket. We all bowled well and our fielding was its usual high standard. The Banda made a good effort in scoring 117 for 5; but we were always in control. An excellent win.

Player of the match = Guy

U11A lost by 8 wickets

We travelled to The Banda on the back of winning the sixes tournament, and looking to secure an unbeaten season. We batted first and struggled, getting bowled out for 52. Although our bowlers kept it tight, The Banda batsmen were too good and they chased down our total losing only 2 wickets.

U9A lost by 36 runs

Their astroturf pitch was fairly alien to us. We batted first and posted a goo total of 254, but the loss of 4 wickets meant that we finished with 214. Unfortunately The Banda got 250 in reply, despite our top efforts.


1st XI won by 6.5 rounders

We started poorly with our batting, however we replied well when we bowled the Banda out for 2 rounders! In the second half our batting picked up and we made 14 rounders in total. Our clinical fielding meant we restricted the opposition to 7.5 rounders. A successful unbeaten season.

Player of the match = Molly

2nd XI drew

We didn’t play our best with sloppy throws and weak batting, but there were still plenty of of good moments such as great catches from Phoebe, Joey and Katiya, 2 good full rounders by Georgia, as well as an unbeaten season.

3rd XI won by 11.5 rounders

In our first innings we scored an encouraging 9 rounders and we then fielded well to restrict The Banda to 2 rounders. Carrying on our momentum into the second innings – we added a further 12.5 rounders to our total. Well done girls for an unbeaten season.

Player of the match = Phoebe

U11A won by 2.5 rounders

We lost the toss and were put into bat, in which we struggled at. We then didn’t field too well either. However, we woke up in the second half and everything went too plan. A good win.

Player of the match = Poppy

U11B lost by 3 rounders

We decided to field first which may have been the wrong choice as we were sloppy. We allowed them to score 7 rounders and we found that margin difficult to claw back, but we gave it a good try by scoring 6 rounders in the second half.

Player of the match = Krissy

U11C lost by 3.5 rounders

Unfortunately the first half wasn’t quite up to our expected standard but we were encouraged by our much improved second innings. Well done girls.

Player of the match = Cat

U9A lost by 3.5 rounders

Things started well for us with Evie dispatching the ball for a full rounder. However, The Banda fielded well which meant we struggled to get a steady flow of rounders. We also bowled well but unfortunately The Banda batting was too strong.

Player of the




Match reports

Under 11 six-a-side tournament

Under 11 A

Match 1 – Pembroke beat Cavina by 53 runs (Frank 20 not out and he took a hat trick)

Match 2 – A comfortable in over Greensteds

Match 3 (decider) – Braeburn fell short of our total thanks to some good fielding and bowling, especially from Yann.

Semi Final – The Banda bowled well to restrict us to only 48. However we bowled well with Yann taking key wickets. Captain Connor then dealt with the pressure well to bowl the last over ensuring that the Banda failed to reach our target (by 1 run).

Final – Jolyon, Frank and Oli batted brilliantly as we posted 61 against Kenton. Yann again dismissed their main man, and along with a good all round performance meant Kenton fell well short and we retained the trophy!

Bowler of the tournament: Yann

Player of the tournament: Frank

Under 11B in the sixes tournament

Result: 7th out of 10 schools

The under 11b side entered the tournament with nothing to lose as we were faced with matches against other schools’ A teams. We started off with 2 defeats against 2 strong sides in the Banda and Kenton teams before in the Banda and Kenton teams before losing agonisingly to Hillcrest. We were improving significantly throughout the day and finished on a positive note with wins over Turi and Cavina.

Under 9A in the triangular tournament

We beat St Andrews in our first match by 32 runs as we scored 236 and bowled accurately to restrict them to 236. We then played Greensteds and batted first. We posted a very competitive total of 285, and later managed to restrict them to only 223.


U9A vs Turi

Result: 6-3 loss

After half term we were all slightly nervous having missed out on 10 days of training. However, we started well with Evie and Ella hitting some fantastic rounders, followed by some splendid fielding from Ilham. Unfortunately, Turi managed to just score more rounders than us.

Player of the match: Emma Heath

U9A vs Greensted

Result: 5.5-2 win

We batted first and barely missed the ball! Armani, Cora and Bella all scored some great rounders which started us off strongly. The whole team fielded superbly with Greensteds only scoring 2 rounders of 18 balls!







Match reports from week leading up to Saturday 11th October


2nd XI vs Cavina

Result: Won by 8 wickets

We fielded well and restricted Cavina to 87. The pick of the bowlers were Ben and Tawanda. After a brief stand from Pascal and Liam, Ben and Ewan saw us home with some cool and cultured batting.2

Player of the match: Ben Clarke

Under 11B vs Cavina

Result: Won by runs 20 runs

“After a comfortable win against Cavina on Wednesday, we decided to change the batting and bowling orders around to give everyone a go in the return fixture on Saturday. We batted first and made 150 for 3 with Oliver Powell top scoring with 21 not out. Ismail got us off to a good start in the field with 2 quick wickets but Cavina batted much better than on Wednesday to just fall 20 runs short of our total.”

Player of the match: Oliver Powell

Under 9A vs Turi and Greensteds

Result: 2 wins

“In the first of the 2 games, Turi batted first and posted 241 runs. It wasn’t until the final over that we managed to get there thanks to Ollie hitting the winning runs.

Greensteds followed. We managed to bowl them out for 225. We knew we had to stay focussed when we batted, which we did. We passed their total considerably, reaching 275.”

Player of the matches: Will Clayton for his bowling


Under 9A vs Turi and Greensteds

Result: 1 win, 1 loss

“We were a little nervous heading into the Turi match, after we lost to them early in the season. We started well, but unfortunately their fielding was just too good. We also fielded well, and Bella bowled accurately.

Player of the match: Ilham

Our best match of the season came at a good time, against Greensteds. Anoushka played very well on debut, and we managed to win by 4 rounders!”

Player of the match: Ru



Matches vs The Banda 04/10/14


1st XI

Result: Won by 65 runs

“This was a proper, and very exciting prep school match. We batted superbly and dominated the first session – Guy 71, William 45 and Tom 13 and valuable contributions from all the batsmen allowed us to declare on 178 for 6 before lunch. After lunch we bowled accurately and aggressively, which had the Banda in trouble at 55 for 6. We then shared the bowling around and the Banda battled to save a draw. Our fielding was excellent, including brilliant catches by Jack and Tatenda. A splendid result – well done to the whole team.”

Player of the match: Guy for his 71 and 6 wickets.

2nd XI

Result: won by 47 runs

“We posted a good score of 128. Ewan batted throughout ending with 39 not out, Liam had 20 and Arthur and Rider both chipped in. We bowled brilliantly and Towanda and Debasien both took 2 wickets each as The Banda were skittles with three overs to spare. A great all round performance.”

Player of the match: Ewan Page

Under 11A

Result: won by 105 runs

“Another strong batting performance from Jolyon, with support from Ben resulted in a 100 run partnership. Support from Oli and Joss also contributed to the total of 180-6. A strong bowling performance meant we bowled them out for 75.”

Player of the match: Ben Starling

Under 11B

Result: winning draw

“We batted well to post a very respectable total of 165 runs. Our fielding was also strong, and it got better and better throughout the innings. Unfortunately we couldn’t quite get the last wicket, but it was arguably our best match so far.”

Player of the match: ???

Under 9A

Result: lost by 32 runs

“We started really well after being put into bat first. Runs from all four pairs meant that we had a strong total but we were unlucky to lose two quick wickets at the end of our innings to leave our total runs at 232. It was the Banda’s turn to bat and they proved to be as strong with the bat as they were with the ball. They lost a wicket early on thanks to Sam but unfortunately our wide bowling meant they could easily chase down our total. They finished with a score of 264. Despite the score line, Mr Layton was pleased with the way we showed improvements and composed ourselves on the field. Bring on our first win… It will come soon!”

Under 9B vs Peponi 

Result: loss by 110 runs

“We only managed to take one wicket against the strong Peponi side. Unfortunately our batting also wasn’t at the races, with 5 batsmen posting minus scores. However, everyone represented the school well.”


1st XI

Result: Won 12.5-12

“Mrs Watson’s blood pressure had just about returned to normal after we had an extremely close and tense match against a much improved Banda team. The Banda were leading by 2 rounders at half time. However, the girls kept their cool and they only scored 3.5 rounders in the second half. Needing 6 to win, pressure was on. We then needed 1.5 rounders off the final 9 balls. With 4 balls remaining, Toyah hit the winning half rounder. What a game!”

Players of the match: Tanatswa for great bowling and Katie for her 3 rounders.

2nd XI Rounders vs Banda

Result: Won 11-3 ½

“We were a bit nervous and tense as we went into bat to start the match off. Cici and Joey then started the scoring, and we totaled a comfortable 6 ½. We then fielded and blew the crows and opposition away with our sharp and slick fielding skills. We took catches left, right and centre and during Banda’s last innings we prevented them from scoring anything! Joey was the top scorer with 2 ½ and also took 3 great catches. The whole team did themselves proud with a fantastic performance”.

Player of the match: Joey Taylor

3rd XI

Result: Won 18-7

“We started brillianty, particularly noticeable was the fielding. We managed to gain a strong lead at the half time break. The team could then play without fear which seemed to spur us on to an even bigger margin of victory.”

Players of the match: Phoebe and Elaine

U11A’s vs Banda

Result: Won 15- 6 ½

“We started off confident to beat The Banda ‘frenemies’. Summer won the toss and chose to field first. We started the fielding off well with Summer taking a great catch. We went into bat and a special mention should go to Poppy for her great effort. At half time the score was 6 – 3 ½ to us. In the second innings, our fielding and batting had improved dramatically with both Summer and Imo taking great catches. At least everybody in the team scored a rounder with the final score totalling 15 – 6 ½. A special mention should go to Imo and Kayleigh for their tight fielding. Well done girls!”

Player of the match: Summer

Under 11B

Result: won 12-9

“A strong team performance secured another victory for us. In the first innings every single player hit a rounder! Our fielding was just as good as our batting which meant we breezed to victory. Well done girls!”

Players of the match: Ella and Isabella

Under 11C

Result: loss 10-6

“Although it was a great effort with the batting, it wasn’t quite enough. We played very well and played very hard too, but this was a strong Banda side. A very pleasing second half resulted in us reaching a total of 6 rounders. Well done girls!”

Player of the match: Cat for her good fielding

Under 9A

Result: loss 12.5-5

“After a few changes on the pitch, our fielding improved massively. Cora took a super catch at back-stop and Evie was on fire at second base. Our batting wasn’t quite as slick, and wasn’t enough to overcome the Banda”

Player of the match: Ella Starling

U9B’s vs Peponi

Result: Lost 2 ½ – 8 ½

“Having lost the toss we were lucky enough to field first. We were slow to find our feet but soon got into the swing of things with Anoushka’s quick thinking at second base, resulting in a better outcome at fourth base. We found the batting tough at first, although Amelia and Anoushka ensured 2 ½ rounders. Well done girls, better luck next time”

Player of the match: Amelia and Anoushka


Match reports vs Peponi 01/10/14


1st XI

Result: Won by 10 runs

“We batted very well for 16 overs – William 34 not out and Cody 37 not out and Guy 24; but scored only 10 runs in the final 4 overs! Our bowling was also good at times – Guy, Jack and Tatenda all bowled well, but the other bowlers were erratic. A rusty performance; but a win; well done boys!” LH

Players of the match: Cody and William

2nd XI

Result: lost by 1 wicket

“Barny and Ewan started well and Liam and Arthur also chipped in with some useful runs. Defending a score of 86, we bowled and fielded brilliantly, with Oskar, Pascal, Ben, Ewan and Tawanda sharing wickets. After a tight finish, we ended up losing by 1 wicket. That said, everyone played with great passion and to quote Mr Ingram, ‘that was the best cricket match I have ever been involved in!”

Player of the match: Oskar

3rd XI

Result: lost by 1 wicket

“We started well, posting 99 off our 20 overs. Unfortunately we couldn’t prevent them from reaching our total.”

Player of the match: Tristan

Under 11A

Result: won by 60 runs

“Frank and Jolyon batted very well to post a very competitive 161 runs. Frank ended up on 82 not out! The bowlers then did the rest, with Yann taking 5 wickets which included a hat trick!”

Players of the match: Frank and Yann

Under 11B

Result: won by 4 runs

“We set them a very good total of 155, thanks to Arran for his 58 not out. We bowled and fielded well to keep them just under our total.”

Player of the match: Arran


1st XI

Result: won 18.5-7.5

“Our batting and fielding was on fine form as we secured a comfortable win over Peponi. We hope to do the same against Banda!”

Player of the match: Emma Trent

2nd XI

Result: won 13-10.5

“We started very well, dismissing the opposition batters early. Our fielding certainly backed up the cliché of ‘catches win matches’ as we took 8 in total! We batted well too, especially Michelle who top scored.”

Player of the match: Joey Taylor

3rd XI

Result: won 15-13.5

“Although our batting was sloppy, our fielding made up for it. We also improved a lot in the 2nd innings to recover and win the match.”

Players of the match: Tiffani and Georgie

4th XI

Result: won 22.5-21.5

“At half time it was 12.5 to 10.5 in the opposition’s favour. Miss Laing gave a few words of wisdom and we were all fired up and raring to go for the second half. With 10 balls, everyone needed to score a rounder for us to win, and we accomplished that!”

Player of the match: Carla Brand


Result: won 15.5-12

“Although we started poorly, we pulled our socks up in the second half. We managed to stop their flow of rounders thanks to some tidy fielding.”

Player of the match: Holly Haywood


Result: won 18-9.5

“Although Peponi started off very well, we managed to pull it back. A great all round performance girls!”

Player of the match: the whole team


Result: lost 9.5-7

“We were batting really well in the first half. Although we lost, it was a very encouraging opening game of the season.”

Player of the match: Amelia


Match reports 30/09/14


U9A vs Turi

Result: loss 8.5 to 2

“Although we lost, as our first match of the season the whole team played very well. Cora made some accurate throws to second base where we managed to stop Turi scoring too many rounders.”

U9 vs Greensteds

Result: win 3 to 0.5

“After some fantastic fielding, especially from Jessie and Evie, Greensteds only managed to score half a rounder. Thank you to Miss Winser, Mrs Foxton and Miss Meggy for some great coaching. Bring on the rest of the season!”


U9 vs Turi

Result: lost by 2 runs

Despite a rain delay, we showed signs of some good cricket. Unfortunately, Turi came out on top and beat us by 2 runs. We have plenty to work on but look forward to the season ahead.



Matches vs Braeburn


1st XI won by 46 runs

This was another gritty performance by the 1st XI; having been 2 wickets down in the first over, we batted extremely well to reach the total of 142 runs – Guy top scored with 75 not out, Tom 19 and Jack 17. We bowled tightly and fielded splendidly to keep their big-hitting batsmen to 96 runs.

Player of the match = Guy Gowar

2nd XI won by 27 runs

We started off poorly, losing early wickets. Liam had different ideas though, scoring a magnificent 45 not out to anchor the Pembroke innings to a total of 115. We bowled very well, especially Oskar who tore through their batsmen, taking 6 wickets! A solid team performance meant we restricted them to 88 runs.

Players of the match = Liam and Oskar

U11A won by 78 runs

After the first batted well, Frank and Ben put on 68 to bring up the 100 in no time. We finished on 138 with Frank unfortunately falling one short of his half century. Braeburn’s batting was helped by some poor catching, but the bowling was enough to restrict them to 38.

Player of the match = Frank

U11B won

In an extraordinary game, we gifted them 88 runs in extras, and with only 13 runs coming off the bat, they posted 101. Although we batted well to reach the target, we got sloppy and took risks.


1st XI won by 15.5 rounders to 7

“Our first target was to score double figures in our first batting innings – we nearly did it with a pleasing total of 9. There is one word to describe our fielding performance – slick! We even got 2 double outs – which is when you get 2 players out on one ball.”

Player of the match = Molly Clarke

3rd XI won by 16.5 rounders to 6.5

We played magnificently, especially in the 2nd half which involved some high quality batting and fielding.

Player of the match = Tiva

U11a won by 15 rounders to 10.5

Although we started off batting sloppily, we recovered well by putting our bodies on the line in the field.

Player of the match = Poppy

U11B lost by 16 rounders to 13.5

We narrowly lost the 1st innings, but were determined to set the record straight in the 2nd innings. However, the girls will admit that they let it slip when they were fielding.




Reports 19.09.2014


1st XI vs Kenton

Result: won by 4 wickets

Kenton batted first and were bowled out for 91 – a very pleasing bowling performance, in particular Harry Seagon who took 5 wickets for 25 runs. We continued our momentum into our batting, chasing the target to win by 4 wickets. A special mention to Guy Gowar for anchoring the innings with a mature 40 not out.

2nd XI vs Kenton

Result: lost by 79 runs

Kenton batted well to reach 131-3 from their 20 overs with Oscar, Max and Author taking the wickets. Unfortunately Pembroke struggled to get going in their chase as we slumped to 52 despite a quick-fire 16 from Robbie.

Under 11A vs Kenton

Result: tie

Joss Gowar provided the match report. After keeping them down to 91 thanks to tight bowling from Rex and Yann, we were unable to replicate that in our batting, slumping to 15-4 “before Frank an Connor steadied the ship”. But a good middle and lower order batting performance meant we were level with their total.

Notable performance: Ollie Myatt-Taylor (on debut) – 4 wickets

Player(s) of the match (according to Joss Gowar) – The year 5s

Under 11B vs Kenton

Result: Lost by 35 runs

Match report provided by Hugo Ross. “We bowled very well, especially Ishmail. Although we struck some boundaries, it wasn’t enough to reach the target of 137.

Player of the match: Oliver Powell


1st XI vs Kenton

Result: Won – 9.5-5

Kora Haigh provided the match report. “Our goal was to get all the opposition batters out before their 27 balls, which we achieved with 3 balls to spare. Our batting was horrendous, but in the 2nd innings our fielding made up for it and we managed to bowl them out once again. Our batting was better but still not at the level we would have hoped”

Player of the match: Kora Haigh (has she written that down herself in her match report…!?)

2nd XI vs Kenton

Result: won – 19.5-14.5

Holly and Ceci provided the match report. “We were all on the pitch watching the ball like hawks. In the first innings we got everyone out bar one person. Kenton were then blown away by Michelle’s amazing hitting. A huge thanks to Mr Aung and Bernerd. Well done girls!”

Player of the match: Michelle N

Under 11A vs Kenton

Result: Loss – 10-13.5

Match report provided by Summer B and Poppy M. “We knew it was going to be a tough match against a strong Kenton side, but we started well in the field taking some great catches. With the incentive of chocolate bar for every catch from Mrs Foxton, we started catching everything like buckets.”

Player of the match: Holly Haywood

Under 11B vs Kenton

Result: loss -14-18.5

Sophie Doig provided the match report. “Our fielding wasn’t the best, and Kenton’s batting was strong. However our batting was good which allowed us to bounce back from our disappointing fielding. Unfortunately we lost by 4.5 rounders.”

Match reports  13th September


We beat Peponi in the semi-final by 9 wickets:

Peponi 64-7, Pembroke 67-1 (Guy Gowar 17 runs, William Tozer 25 runs, Harry Seagon with 16 runs with the bat and 4 wickets with the ball)

We lost to Kenton in the final by 8 wickets:

Pembroke 73-1, Kenton 77-2 (Guy Gowar 31 runs, William Tozer 24 runs)

Overall a pleasing start of the season and we look forward to playing Kenton again on Wednesday.


On Saturday we played in a round robin tournament against Banda, Kenton and Peponi. With a strong preparation in the build up to the tournament, the squad was quietly confident to bring back some silverware, and they didn’t disappoint.

We comfortably beat Banda by 15 rounders to 6.5 thanks to a strong all-round performance.

The momentum carried on into the next game against Kenton, winning by 12.5 rounders to 8. A notable skill shown in this game was the fielding – in particular the catching with Toyah taking 4 catches!

In a nerve wracking final game against Peponi, the girls showed their character and skill to overcome the opposition by 13.5 rounders to 10.5, making us the overall winners.

A fantastic start to the season and a particular well done to Toyah for receiving the Most Valued Player Trohy!






Netball: Pembroke House vs Davidson Ngini 7’s

U11 boys

Tournament result: CHAMPIONS

Our first game was aganst Peponi, which we new was the hardest game in our group. We started well, scoring an early try followed by another. But then Peponi managed to sneak one in, making the final score 14-7. Our next game was against Nairobi Academy which we won convincingly, 35-0. Our last game in the group stages was against St. Christophers B’s which we also won. Then we were up against St Christophers A’s, we played superbly, especially in the defence. Making the final score 35-0. For the Semies we were up against a strong Braebern side. We pushed with a lot of pressure, causing them to make mistakes. Making the final score 49-0. In the final we were up against Peponi again. We new they would be much stronger, we played extremely well land scored 5 times. They snuck in a try but we bounced back making the final score 35-7. Thank you Mr Watson and Mr Hudson for an excellent season so far. Now for Ndume 7’s!

Player of the match: Harry Seagon.

Result: 11-2 WIN 6-0 WIN


Netball: Pembroke House vs Hillcrest

U11A girls

Result: 11-2 WIN 6-0 WIN

Seeing that is was Daniques last match we were determined to win. We played with our defense keeping strong and not letting Hillcrest score any goals making 2 successful games.

Well done girls it was good practice for the tournament.

Player of the match: Phoebe Ajak


Netball: Pembroke House vs Hillcrest

U13 1st girls

Result: 20-9 WIN

for some of us this was to be our last match for Pembroke. So naturally we had hyped ourselves up a little too much. The first halve was disorientated and unorganized. But once we had got a grip, things fell into place nicely and we finished the match a comfortably. A great season girls, now for the tournament at Banda this Saturday.

Player of the match: Katie Haywood.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs Hilcrest

U11A boys

Result: 40-7 WIN

We quickly warmed up and got onto the pitch. We had the kick-off and took advantage of it, running towards the ball eager to get it, well some of us were. We quickly dominated scoring 4 tries in the first half, leaving the score at 28-0 at half time. In the second half we scored 2 tries but sadly conceded one due to sloppy passes.

Result for the season do far:

Points scored: 365

Points conceded: 75

Matches won 8 out of 8. Well done for an unbeaten season.


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U13D girls

Result: 21-0 WIN

We started off by winning the toss. We played very well in he first half using all the techniques Mrs Meggie taught us. At half time the score was 11-0 to us. In the second half Mrs Meggie told us to tone it down, she as praying that we didn’t get it in! Well done girls great game!


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U13C girls

Result: 12-4 WIN

The first half was a comfortable 9-1 to us. We were told not to take it easy on them. Even though we tripped over our own players we still managed to win. Thank you to Mrs Aung for excellent coaching

Player of the match: Danny.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs Banda

U13 1st boys

Result: 25-0 WIN

Banda always put up a fight. With us playing the final game of the day, there was a fantastic atmosphere around the pitch. We started well and we finished the first half 15-0. Coming back on we lost some of our momentum and struggled to get going. With a sloppy, disjointed 2nd half we still managed to score a couple more times.

A fantastic day all round.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs Banda

U13B boys

Result: 29-0 WIN

We started with great pressure, pushing them all the way back to their try line. Debasien snuck in a try from the corner of a ruck, and Alastair also scored a cracker in the corner. Homer found space, and also scored. Finally with an overlap to help us, Sam scored another. Good work boys!

Player of the match: The whole team.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs Banda

U11B boys

Result: 31-12 WIN

We started with our aggressive team and took possession and scored a smashing try by Cliffie followed by Tawanda with side step victory. Banda scored no tries in the first half. In the second half we got sleepy and let them through the iron curtain. Them we got our revenge, bashing through them like elephants against ants. Good game boys keep it up. We will work on our fitness before the next game. Thanks to Mr Alcock, Oscar and Tom for great coaching.

Player of the match: Jolyon


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U11A girls

Result: 11-7 LOSS

Well, after 7 minutes we decided to join the match. At first we were forgettint\g the essentials; marking, holding our runs, and running into space. We played well in the last half, with Summer intercepting almost every pass, but it just wasn’t enough!

Player of the match: Summer


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U11C girls

Result: 6-8 LOSS

After watching the U13’s play and then warming up we were confident it was going to be an even match. At half time the score was 4-4. Some sloppy play in the second half meant that Banda took the lead but it was still very close. We look forward to playing better against Kenton after half-term.


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U11D girls

Result: 8-4 LOSS

We woke up at 5:55am (earliest time of my life) We brushed our teeth and had breakfast. After a long long journey we arrived in Banda. We struggled to get possession in the first half, which ended 3-1 to Banda. In the second half we upped our game, but it still wasn’t quite enough. Well done girls and thank you to all our many coaches.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs Banda

U9A boys

Result: 15-0 LOSS

We turned up at Banda expecting to face a tough Banda side. We were caught napping at the start and Banda took advantage, scoring two tries in the first half. We improved in the second half and I was unlucky enough to take a tumble when a try seemed certain! Better luck next time boys. By Joss Gowar

Player of the match: OMT


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U9A girls

Result: 12-2 LOSS

We faced a tough Banda side. We gave our all which unfortunately wasn’t enough, resulting in a Banda win. Better luck next time!


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U13 1st girls

Result: 11-10 WIN

We new this would be a tough match and we were determined to win against our arch rivals. We started well and controlled the game. The only problem was we weren’t scoring. We had 25 shots in the first half and only scored 6! We started the 3rd quarter badly and went into the final quarter 5-9 down. Suddenly we managed to get our heads together and played some fantastic netball to regain the lead, and hold out for the win. Well done girls, now for Kenton!


Netball: Pembroke House vs Banda

U13 2nd girls

Result: 12-7 WIN

The first quarter we don’t want to remember. We played really badly. The second quarter was much better leaving the score 7 – 4 to us at half time. The second half was a big improvement because we found space and we had most of the possession. Well done girls good team work. Thanks to Mrs Foxton for great coaching.

Player of the match: Ceci.


Netball: Pembroke House vs Turi

U13 1st girls

Result: 6-29 LOSS

There is not much to say about this match – next time we will do better!

Player of the match: Miss Bartlett for good umpiring.


Netball: Pembroke House vs Turi

U13 2nds girls

Result: 13-20 LOSS

With tall opponents who passed high it was very difficult to reach the ball. In order to reach the ball we needed the jump of a Masai! But we tried our hardest, played our best bu unfortunately they were the better team. Now for Banda!

Player of the match: Sasha Hewett.


Netball: Pembroke House vs Turi

U13 3rds girls

Result: 10-7 LOSS

We won the toss and started with first center pass. In the first quarter we had possession but in the second quarter we were going down hill. At half time Mrs Aung was beside herself with annoyance because we couldn’t get possession back. Better luck next time girls. Thanks to Mrs Aung for your determined coaching.

Player of the match: Aline for excellent defending.


Netball: Pembroke House vs Turi

U11 B’s girls

Result: 16-5 LOSS

We knew we had a giant challenge ahead facing Turi. It was going to be a tall order getting a good score against them. They were, as expected, using their greatest talents of height to their advantage. We worked our little socks off, but still, they towered over us. We had an amazing last quarter, where we marked them from behind to block overhead passes. Tyla scored a stonker of a goal from the edge of the D.

Player of the match: Tyla and Dani.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs Turi & Greensteds

U9 A’s boys

Result: 15 – 5 WIN 35 – 0 WIN

Clad in stash the U9 A’s ventured for Turi for their fist triangular. And let me tell you now, there was nothing equilateral about this triangular. We ran in 3 tries from Joss and Ben before half-time, but slacked off in the 2nd half before winning 15 – 5. After rehydrating, we took to the field and Joss scored after only 15 seconds. Six further tries were scored as we ended the match 35 – 0 up.

Well played boys!


Rugby: Pembroke House at Hillcrest Tournament

1st U13 boys

Results: 28-0 WIN 14-0 WIN 12-0 WIN 32-0 WIN 12-0 WIN

We played Braebern first and used our space. Therefore it resulted in a 28 – 0 win. Soon after we were up against a powerful Brookhouse side. We used our wings and beat them 14 – 0. Shortly after we played Kenton. It was a slow start until Menno scored a try on the wing. We beat them 12 – 0. Next we played Greensteads. Everybody participated in beating them 32 – 0.

We came at the top of our group and so we were going to play our arch rivals in the final. The Banda! It was a tense match for the first few minutes until Xander ploughed his way over the try line. We stuck to our structure and then William scored a second try. We won the final 12 – 0.

Well played boys.


Netball: Pembroke House vs. Turi

2nd XI girls

Result: 5 – 16 LOSS

We started off well scoring 3 goals, but they were also scoring. Holly came on and played really well. Well done girls – now for Turi next week! Thank you to Mrs Janes.

Player of the match: Poppy


Netball: Pembroke House vs. Turi

1st XI girls

Result: 29-8 LOSS

Cassie lost the toss and it was Turi’s first centre pass. We started the game well, moving into free spaces and doing quick passes. At half time it was 4 – 12 to Turi. All of us made some really good interceptions seeing as they were really tall, but also got tired and made sloppy passes. Well done girls better luck next time.

Player of the match: Danique.


Rugby: Pembroke House vs. Turi

1st XI boys

Result: 33 – 35 WIN

We started well with an early try from Robbie. Soon after we let Turi gain possession and they snuck in 5 tries. We played much better in the second half and came back to make the final score 33 – 35. Thanks to Mr Watson and Mr Hudson for excellent coaching.

Player of the match: Harry.


Hockey: Pembroke House vs. The Banda

1st XI Boys

Result:  4 – 0 WIN

‘The first half was lethargic and non-eventful ending in a one-goal lead at the half time break. The second half was far more eventful, seeing us push it to the limit, scoring three fantastic team goals, resulting in us finishing with a 4-0 win. Now for the Kenton tournament.’

Player of the Match: A great team performance

1st XI Girls

Result:  1 – 0 WIN

‘We travelled down to Nairobi knowing that nothing but a win would be good enough for us against our arch-rivals. We started the stronger of the two teams and created a number of chances to try and give ourselves the lead but just couldn’t take those chances. The second half was pretty nail-biting with end to end drama, Serena pulling off some fantastic saves as well as the Banda goalie. We carried on pressing and finally our top goal scorer managed to grab a goal right in the last seven minutes. A deserved win girls – well done!’

Player of the Match: Hannah Wood for excellent defending

2nd XI Boys

Result:  4 – 2 LOSS

‘In the first half we were feeling drowsy and conceded a goal within the first two and a half minutes. By twelve minutes time we still weren’t awake and let in another two goals. In the last 10 minutes of the half we scored two great goals. Jack scored from a great cross from Homer and Brian managed to score a goal from the top of the D. In the second half Banda managed to increase their lead by one more goal, making the final score 4-2.’

Players of the Match: Jack and Brian

2nd XI Girls

Result:  2 – 1 WIN

‘We’re the only unbeaten team in the entire school – need we say more!?’

Player of the Match: Ceci, Imara, Holly, and Michelle

U11A Boys

Result:  2 – 0 LOSS

‘In the first half, unlike other games, we started a little bit quicker, despite not being able to stop the ball. We conceded two silly goals, and even though we fought back with power we couldn’t find those two crucial goals. Unlucky guys, now for the sixes on Saturday – let’s dominate!’

Player of the Match: Cody Davis

U11A Girls

Result:  2 – 2 DRAW

‘After a long journey on the rattly bus we finally got to Banda. We started the match really well, playing amazingly with Emma scoring a great goal from top D with only 20 seconds left. At half time Mrs Aung decided she was not going to be too harsh seeing as we were 1-0 up. In the second half our defense was a bit sleepy letting Banda score two goals. We were not going to give up and were determined to score another goal which came true with Danique scoring a great goal.’

Player of the Match: Cassie Conway

U11B Boys

Result:  2 – 2 DRAW

‘After a slow start we finally began to talk to each other and move the ball around the pitch. We put together a good counter-attack and Barney put us ahead with a clean strike. Banda hit back in the second half before Barney scored again making it 2-2. A very tight game!’

Player of the Match: Barney Engel

U11B Girls

Result:  2 – 0 LOSS

‘We arrived at Banda feeling ready to win. We waited a while for our match and then finally did some warm-ups ready for our match. We played terrifically in the first and second half, but in the second half our legs were tiring. At the end of the match the whole bus waited for Imogen and Shauna to join us. On the way home the U9s bumped into a matatu so we had a good discussion about that.’

Player of the Match: The Whole Team

U9 Boys

Result:  2 – 0 LOSS

‘After trying to practice on a similar surface to the astroturf, we still took time to adjust. The Banda scored a very good goal after a break-away, but we had the majority of the possession. A second chancy goal meant that we were 2-0 down at the break. Unfortunately we could not break through their strong defense. And so we lost 2-0. Still a great performance.’

Player of the Match: Joss Gowar

U9 Girls

Result:  6 – 1 LOSS

‘We finally arrived at Banda after a long and tiring journey, so we found a shady tree and had a wonderful lunch. After our delicious lunch we went to cheer on the boys. We were playing on an astro for the first time. In the first half they sadly scored four goals. We didn’t do much better in the second half as they were really strong and scored two more goals, but we managed to claw one back. On our trip back it was quite boring until we had a bit of a bump… we all wanted to get out and the door wouldn’t open so we had to jump out of the window. Tilly was worried that some drunk men would come by so she brought a hockey stick to protect us. Thank you to Miss Darnborough and Sarah for the best day ever, and thank you to Tilly for protecting us!’

Players of the Match:Bella Ker and Evie Rose


Squash: Pembroke House vs. The Banda

U13 Boys

Result:  4 – 2 WIN

‘We went on to the court feeling determined to win. With all the B team winning the As felt determined. Xander went on first but unfortunately just lost. Michele then won his game but Ben had a tough time as the Banda seed one was particularly good. We finished with an overall score of 4-2.’

U13 Girls

Result:  4 – 2 LOSS

‘Having played Banda twice previously this term, we all knew to expect a strong fight. And that it was. We started well, and having played four matches, the score was evenly poised at 2-2. However, Banda had two strong top two seeds who just managed to beat our mighty top two. A great effort. A huge thank you to Henry for his superb coaching.’

Player of the Match: Serena

U11 Boys

Result:  3 – 0 WIN

‘Harry, Guy, and Cody went to the squash courts after the hockey match. We warmed up and then we split up and played our opposite seeds. Cody played first closely followed by Harry, and then Guy. Cody won the first two games of his match, therefore winning the match, and the same thing happened in Harry’s match. However, it was a different story for Guy, who won the first game and lost the second, so a decider had to be played. Guy eventually won after hitting the Banda player, so it was altogether a unanimous victory for the U11s – thanks to Mr Shae for great coaching.’




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. St. Andrew’s, Turi & Greensteds

U9A Boys

Result:  1 – 0 WIN vs. Turi, 4 – 0 WIN vs. Greensteds

‘We played our toughest opponent first, and came up against an ever improving Turi side. We had the majority of the possession and ended the game 1-0 up, realising we needed to put our chances away. Our second game against Greensteds was a much more decisive encounter, and we won the game 4-0. Now for The Banda on Wednesday.’

Players of the Match: Ollie Sayer and Ben Starling

U9B Boys

Result:  3 – 1 WIN vs. Greensteds, 1 – 1 DRAW vs. Turi

‘We played a good Greensteds side first and played very well scoring three good goals and coming from behind to win 3-1. Our next game was against a well-organised Turi side and we were unlucky not to win, but still managed a draw, finishing 1-1.’

Players of the Match: The Twins and Fergie




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. St. Andrew’s, Turi

1st XI Girls

Result:  3 – 1 LOSS

‘With our numbers depleted it was going to be a really tough match on an extremely difficult mountain-like pitch. And sure enough Turi dictated play in the first half and we were lucky to go into half time 2-0 down. In the second half we started playing some great hockey, pulling back a goal early on. Serena made some outstanding saves as Turi continued to attack and we were unfortunate to let Turi score a third goal at the end of the match. A good effort girls, well done.’

Player of the Match: Serena

2nd XI Boys

Result:  2 – 0 WIN

‘We arrived at Turi feeling confident. We then had a small warm up which was sloppy. Homer won the toss and chose to go against the wind. In the first half we were playing badly and Turi had most of the possession. We very luckily got a goal. In the second half we got a bit better with Homer scoring a great goal at the end.’

Player of the Match: Herbert

2nd XI Girls

Result:  0 – 0 DRAW

‘We arrived at Turi ready to play when we found out that our pitch was next to the airstrip. We arrived and did our warm up, and Hayley got the first push-back. We played OK but the ball kept hitting our feet and we tackled from the wrong side a lot. Looks like we have to work on a lot of things girls.’

Player of the Match: Hayley

U11A Boys

Result:  3 – 3 DRAW

‘We started with a lucky and quick goal hacking at the ball. We had a lot of chances but sadly none of them went in. After that it was half time. The defence hit it up hard for Liam, he got a final hit on it and that made the score 2-2. And so it happened again but instead we hacked a lot. Thank you to Mr Watson and Henry.’

Player of the Match: Liam with a hat-trick

U11A Girls

Result:  2 – 0 WIN

‘In the first half we were very sleepy and not passing into space. Turi had a few shots at goal but Joey made some amazing saves. In the last few minutes we began playing like proper hockey players with Danique scoring a great goal. In the second half we were playing amazingly with a great pass from Emma to Danique who scored again.

Player of the Match: Daniella


Junior Choir Festival at Braeburn – Report

‘After many weeks of practice, the day had finally arrived when we would sing in Nairobi at the Braeburn festival. It was a long and tiring journey to Nairobi but at last we got there. We were led into the hall and took our seats ready to sing. When it was our turn we lined up backstage and did some silly stretches. Some of us were a little nervous because it was our first time on stage. However, we gave it our best shot and sang really well. We enjoyed our break and sang even better in the second half. At the end all the schools sang one lively song which we enjoyed. On the way back, we had a wonderful lunch and some parents gave us tuck to share. It was, on the whole, a lovely trip. Thank you to Carol, Lola, James, and Steven for a lovely day. Well done guys – we sang beautifully!’




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Brookhouse

1st XI Boys

Result:  6 – 1 WIN

‘The forwards had an amazing start, using Will Millar up on the wing, setting up some great play in the D. However the defence made some sloppy errors but picked up their game and kept a so0lid line. Half time’s result: 3 – 0. In the second half we got three more goals to give us an extraordinary lead, although, due to some sloppy errors and confusion they slipped one in in the last play of the match.’

Players of the Match: Will (Millar) and George

1st XI Girls

Result:  6 – 0 WIN

‘We started the match well, scoring two quick goals. By half time we were 4 – 0 up. At half time we rearranged our positions and scored two more goals. Well done girls – now for Kenton.’

Players of the Match: Toyah and Maya

Hockey: Pembroke House vs. St. Christopher’s

2nd XI Boys

Result:  3 – 2 LOSS

‘We had time for a quick training session before the match. We started playing and scored a goal quickly but they soon got one back. Near the end of the first half Toby scored a good goal. We went into the second half 2 – 0 up. We played well but they got a free hit outside the D and scored a good goal from the top of the D. In the last five minuted they got another goal making the end score 3 – 2. Thank you to Mr Alcock for brilliant coaching.’

Player of the Match: The Whole Team

U11A Boys

Result:  7 – 0 WIN

‘In the first half we dominated the possession but were too wild in the D to finish our chances. Finally Guy managed to convert a chance with a strike from the top of the D. In the second half we were more composed and scored six goals from Josh, Guy, Harry, and a hat-trick from Kit. Well played boys, now for Kenton – let’s keep the strike rate up.’

Player of the Match: The Whole Team

U11A Girls

Result:  7 – 0 WIN

‘This was a great team effort. We won easily, scoring some excellent team goals. Danique scored four super goals, Holly was like a little terrier at centre forward and scored twice, with Emma also scoring a brilliant goal.’

Player of the Match: Holly Haywood



Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Greensteds & St. Andrew’s Turi

U9A Boys

Result:  1 – 0 LOSS vs. Turi, 2 – 0 WIN vs. Greensteds

‘Our first game was against a forever improving Turi side who, with a very strong defence, would not let us get a shot on goal. They got a break-away and scored a good goal – final score 1 – 0. Greensteds was a different story, we scored two quick goals and managed to maintain a lead.’

Player of the Match: Charlie Beaton

U9A Girls

Result:  1 – 1 DRAW vs. Turi, 1 – 0 LOSS vs. Greensteds

‘We played Turi first, and managed to score our first goal of the season which was very exciting. We kept the pressure up and only let Turi score one goal ending in a one-all draw. We played very well against Greensteds too, managing to end the game with a 1 – 0 loss. It was a very good day.’

Player of the Match: The Whole Team



Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Peponi

U9A Boys

Result:  3 – 0 WIN

‘This was to be our toughest game so far. Peponi have always been strong and skillful, but we were up to the challenge on a hot day at Peponi. A quick goal from Ollie Myatt-Taylor followed by a team effort and finish from Ollie Sayer and a clean strike by Ben Starling from a short corner saw us take a 3 – 0 lead and we comfortably managed to sustain it.’

Player of the Match: Ali Paul for some breathtaking saves

U9A Girls

Result:  7 – 0 LOSS

‘Peponi won the first pass. During the first half we tried our hardest only letting two goals in. Unfortunately we were tired in the second half, letting them score five more goals.’

Player of the Match: Bella Ker

U9B Boys

Result:  2 – 1 LOSS

‘With a significantly improved performance from training, Pembroke had the better of the first half, but we couldn’t score and did well to keep it at 0 – 0. After going one down early in the second half, we showed good fight to get to 1 – 1, but a last gasp winner from Peponi left a bitter taste – but a good performance overall.’

Player of the Match: Joseph Clarke

U9B Girls

Result:  LOSS

‘With great enthusiasm, a rather depleted Pembroke side faced a strong, experienced Peponi team. We lacked confidence at the start, but we improved greatly as the game progressed. We battled hard but lost and we can now focus on improving our positioning and attacking play. We enjoyed the trip and loved watching a DVD on the bus!’

Player of the Match: The Whole Team




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Peponi

1st XI Boys

Result:  3 – 1 WIN

‘We had an excellent start, getting the ball wide to William and Will, who crossed it to George who then finished off the move with a goal. With the same process happening again Xander scored and we finished off well with George scoring a goal through a reverse stick shot. Thank you to the defense for holding up and to Taran for some excellent saves.’

Player of the Match: Taran

1st XI Girls

Result:  1 – 1 DRAW

‘We knew it would be a tough match against an experienced Peponi side, but we went into the first half feeling confident after Saturday’s strong performance. Peponi took control of the game, dominating possession and keeping the ball in our half for the majority of the first half. We were literally all over the place. The half time whistle couldn’t come soon enough! We were only 1 – 0 down and went into the second half determined to give Peponi a run for their money. It was a really exciting second half with end to end action and drama. Serena made some superb saves and our attack started to cause the Peponi defense all sorts of problems. Tanatswa scored an excellent goal and the final score was 1 – 1. A fantastic match and a well deserved hard-fought fraw. Well done girls!’

Player of the Match: Serena Werner

2nd XI Boys

Result:  3 – 0 LOSS

‘Peponi were a strong side but we played well and kept fighting. In the first half they only managed to score one goal. We had a short break and got on with the second half. We played well but were tired and made a few mistakes allowing them to score two goals – unlucky guys. Thank you to Mr Alcock for great coaching.’

Player of the Match: Jason

2nd XI Girls

Result:  1 – 0 WIN

‘In the first half, we dominated the game with solid passes and lots of short corners, but sadly not enough goals. India managed to score a goal making the score 1 – 0 at half time. Peponi upped their game tremendously in the second half but our defense stood strong and we remain an unbeaten team!’

Players of the Match: Cassia Seth-Smith for her incredible hits and Hayley Clarke for her relentless tackles

3rd XI Boys

Result:  3 – 0 LOSS

‘At first we were not as awake as we should have been and by doing so let in two soft goals in the first half. However in the second half we were much more awake and had multiple chances to score, but couldn’t quite make it happen. We kept our spirits up until the end – at the end of the match a Peponi mother came over and thanked a Pembroke boy for helping her son (playing goalie) get up after he was knocked over. That boy was Cosmo. A special thank you to him for showing the world what Pembroke children are really like. Well done guys, you played your best – keep it up.’

Player of the Match: Charlie Middleton – an excellent defender

3rd XI Girls

Result:  4 – 0 WIN

‘Our game was a game of four quarters! We were all so keen and amazing that Miss Janes just couldn’t choose between us, so all 15 of us went! We all played well, using the wings and remembering to defend with our sticks down. At half time the score was 2 – 0 to us. After a delicious half time snack of watermelon and maggots, we went back on determined. Lucy and Sassi battled away and scored two fantastic goals.’

Players of the Match: Lucy and Sassi




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Peponi

U11A Girls

Result:  4 – 0 LOSS

‘The less we say about this match, the better! However, thank you to Krissy and Maia for coming up from the B’s to play for us.’

U11B Boys

Result:  1 – 0 LOSS

‘After our 9 – 0 win at the weekend we were confident that we would give the mighty Peponi B’s a real scare. On a very bumpy pitch we were dogged in our defense and held them at bay until the very last minute, when a goal-mouth scramble led to Peponi’s winning goal. Bad luck Martlets, better luck next time!’

Players of the Match: Arran and Tawanda

U11B Girls

Result:  3 – 1 LOSS

‘In the first half we did well with Phoebe saving a fantastic shot and Shauna scoring a marvelous goal, as well as the whole team keeping their game up. In the second half we got a bit sloppy with Mia dropping down to play for the A’s, but Phoebe saved another goal.’

Player of the Match: Shauna

U11C Boys

Result:  4 – 1 LOSS

‘We started off well scoring one goal which was great. After half time our defense was poor and they managed to score another three goals which was appauling… Thanks to our defense they did not score anymore goals, leaving the final score 4 – 1. Thank you Mr Aung, Henry, and Peter for great coaching.’

Player of Match: Oliver Powell and Acoa Omulen

U11C Girls

Result:  7 – 0 LOSS & 3 – 3 DRAW

‘We were five (due to sickness, poaching by the B’s, and many being off games…); they were 12. We played two short games of 5-a-side, 10 minutes each way; their players were fit and rested, ours were exhausted. We really didn’t play well in the first half, losing 7 – 0. However, we upped our game in the second half to draw 3 – 3. Well done girls.’

Player of the Match: Tessa Francis-Jones




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Braeburn

1st XI Boys

Result:  1 – 0 WIN

‘We turned up to what we knew would be a memorable match. The first half was one-sided with us not being able to have a shot on goal. In the second half we managed to regain possession and most of us kept our anger under control, not naming names… Victor. In the last two minutes Bug slotted a lucky goal and the score ended up at 1 – 0.’

Player of the Match: Taran

1st XI Girls

Result:  2 – 0 WIN

‘After watching Glee and the boys play an eventful match, we hopped onto the astro and got into our positions. It was a very quick half with Tanatswa scoring a helpful goal. In the second half we scored a second goal making it 2 – o. A great team effort girls! Now for Peponi.’

2nd XI Boys

Result:  3 – 0 WIN

‘We started with Brian scoring a goal and then two minutes later Debasien scored. After that we started to get a bit sloppy and the half was fairly easy. In the second half they became stronger. Brian then scored an amazing goal to finish the game. Thank you to Mr Alcock and Mr Hall for amazing coaching. Now for Peponi.’

Players of the Match: Brian and Toby

2nd XI Girls

Result:  0 – 0 DRAW

‘We started off well and determined to win. We had a few shots on goal but none went in until just after the whistle went so it wasn’t counted. In the second half they had most of the time with the ball so we had to play extra hard to win the ball back. We played hard and tried our hardest.’

Player of the Match: Kora Haigh

U11A Boys

Result:  0 – 0 DRAW

‘The U11A’s started this game brightly and soon begain to create scoring opportunities. Sadly we couldn’t convert any of them and a mixture of good goalkeeping, bad luck, and the goalpost kept us out all game!’

Player of the Match: Harry Seagon

U11A Girls

Result:  4 – 1 WIN

‘We finally started with Braeburn delaying us. We started off well, sticking to our triangles and pushing down to our D with us scoring three great goals – two by Danique and one by Summer. In the second half we were determined to get another goal and eventually we did from Danique inside the D. We got a little bit tired in the last few minutes and Braeburn just slipped in a goal.’

Player of the Match: The Whole Team

U11B Boys

Result:  9 – 0 WIN

‘The whistle blew and we made a sheepish start. Baaarney shepherded the ball well and we began scoring freely. With shear skill on display, we went into half time 5 – 0 up. Our kandoo attitude continued into the second phase and Connor completed his hat-trick, with Baaarney, Matthew, Jolyon, and Kit all ramming home several goals. Final score 9 – 0, and not a wooly goal in sight!’

By: Charlotte the Sheep

Player of the Match: The Whole Team

U11B Girls

Result:  0 – 0 DRAW

‘We started off okay scoring nothing. Phoebe helped the team by kicking an amazing ball out of the goal. In the second half we played much better. Thank you to Miss Foysten for amazing coaching. Well done girls – we played amazingly.’

Player of the Match: Shauna and Marie




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. Greensteds & St. Andrew’s, Turi

U9A Boys


‘On our first outing as a U9 squad. The boys were nervous in our first game against a strong Turi side. We battled through scoring two goals in the second half. Our game against Greensteds was a very good performance seeing Ollie score four goals helping us to a 7 – 0 win. A great first trip. Well done to everyone!’

U9A Girls

Result:  6 – 0 LOSS vs. Turi, 1 – 0 LOSS vs. Greensteds

‘It was the first match of the season. We were a little inexperienced which showed. However, we tried very hard.

Player of the Match: Jadyn

Tennis: Pembroke House vs. St. Andrew’s, Turi

Result: WIN

‘The second seed started off playing their second seed and won their match. The first seed played their first seed and won as well. The first seed played Turi’s second seed and we won. Then the second seed played Turi’s first seed and won. Thank you to Bernard for taking us and to all the coaches for their great coaching.’




Hockey: Pembroke House vs. St. Andrew’s, Turi

1st XI Boys

Result:  4 – 0 WIN

‘We started off well having most of the possession. The first half was very equal but in the second half we dominated and got four well-earned goals – well done lads. Let’s do even better in the next match.’

1st XI Girls

Result:  3 – 1 LOSS

‘We were ready for the challenge against an experienced Turi side and caused their defense all sorts of trouble in the first 10 minutes. They then took control of the game and dominated our half scoring two quick goals in succession. We scored a fantastic goal just before half time to give us a fighting chance to win. We played some really good hockey in the first 20 minutes of the second half and Miss Bartlett didn’t know how we couldn’t put the ball in the goal. In the last five minutes, with our energy levels low, Turi scored another goal. A good all round performance girls – now for Braeburn.’

Players of the Match: Toyah Mowat and Molly Clarke

2nd XI Boys

Result: 2 – 0 WIN

‘We started the match with great skill and flare and did not let them touch the ball. We quickly scored two goals and then we started playing like the under-7 G’s… Our attack was sloppy and we were reduced to hacking at the ball in a barbaric manner. Turi kept possession for the most time in the second half – lots of things to work on.’

Player of the Match: Jason

2nd XI Girls

Result: 2 – 1 WIN

‘All we can say about the first half is that we didn’t play hockey we played football… But luckily we managed to score one goal with our sticks! Turi upped their game and scored a goal making the result at half time one all. We played much better hockey in the second half, with added aggression and better spacing, allowing us to score another goal. Well done girls – bring on Braeburn!’






Michaelmas Term


Cricket: Pembroke House 1st XI at the Peponi Secondary Tournament

Result: Winners

‘We went into the tournament with high hopes of defending out win from last year. We played Peponi first and with Xander Pauli and Will all making contributions, we posted a total of 89. We bowled solidly but with Peponi batting well, we won in a tight finish. The final was against a tough Kenton side. We once again batted brilliantly with William Millar retiring and everyone contributing. We finished on 76 from ten overs. With the best bowling performances of the day, Josh and Brayden opened fantastically, and with every one of out 7 bowlers performing, we kept the Kenton boys from reaching our total. A great Win’.

Player of the Tournament: William Millar

Rounders: Pembroke House 1sts at the Peponi Secondary Tournament

‘We went into our first match against Kenton a bit nervous but determined to do our best. We gave away a few silly rounders from misfielding. End Score 10-11. After watching Peponi play Kenton, we began our match against Banda, fielding first. We tried our hardest, but their batting and fielding was incredible. End Score 11.5 – 12.5. With Emma watching the Peponi girls foot position, we knew where they were going to hit. We were inspired by the end score against Banda, so our fielding was much improved. End Score 11-12. An amazing warm up for the girls, now for Kenton on Wednesday’.



Cricket: Pembroke House vs Kenton

1st XI vs Kenton

Result: Winners

‘Ben lost the toss and Kenton put us into bat on a flat concrete wicket. Xander and Pauli started brilliantly scoring quickly and with flare. Xander fell shortly after, and after William and Ben’s contribution, Michele came to the crease. Pauli and Michele put on a quick and flamboyant 70 runs, with Michele reaching 58. We posted 145. Our bowling and fielding performance was brilliant. Everyone of our bowlers bowled tight lines backed up by our well drilled fielding. We bowled Kenton out for 108, meaning that we won by 37 runs’.

Player of the Match: Michele Brighetti


Pembroke U11A vs Kenton

Result: 81 Run Loss- Ouch!

‘After an epic journey on the 29 seater, we bowled first against a strong Kenton side. Yann took 4 wickets and Guy took 2 as we bowled them out for 123. However, out batting was poor. After Cody and Guy got us off to a good start, we had a middle order collapse and were skittled out for only 42! Better luck against Turi boys’.

Player of the Match: Yann Zoni


Rounders: Pembroke House vs Kenton

1st team vs Kenton

Result: 12.5 – 7.5 Loss

‘We went in to bat with Emma scoring 3 rounders and some of us providing halves. We went into the field and fielded tightly but Kenton were able to get some rounders from fielding errors. At half time the score was 5.5 to 7 to Kenton. In the second half our batting wasn’t treaty and we only got 2 rounders. We fielded tightly and went for the catches but unfortunately they scored 5.5 rounders. Better luck next time girls’.

Player of the match: Emma Beak


2nd team vs Kenton

Result: 13.5-13 Win

‘After our initial captain deserted us, I (Kora Haigh) valiantly stepped up to the mark! During the first 10 minutes of fielding, we were doing a fine impressions of being silent statues, forgetting to back each other up, call for the ball or even look in the right direction. We woke up for the second innings and scored 3 rounders on our last 3 balls! Well done girls!’

Player of the match: Cassia Seth-Smith


3rd team vs Kenton

Result: 19.5 – 7 Win

‘We arrived at Kenton feeling determined. Our fielding was a bit sloppy but we warmed up after 10 minutes. Our batting was good, scoring a few rounders and getting some big hits. The second half was much more fluent and we scored more rounders. Thank you Miss Meggi and Miss Laing, your technique seems to work!’

Players of the match: Hayley Clark & Amelia Cotton-Wretham


U11As vs Kenton

Result: 13.5 -9 Loss

‘We started off sleepy and not hitting the ball. Our fielding wasn’t great, leaving the score 5.5 all at the end of the first innings. In the second innings, our fielding was much better but unfortunately they scored well. Well done girls and better luck next time.

Player of the Match: Shauna McCarthy (for taking lots of catches)


U11Bs vs Kenton

Result: 20-19.5 Loss

‘We won the toss and chose to field. At half time, the score was 10 to 8 to Kenton. We batted and fielded well leaving the end score 20 to 19.5 to Kenton. Well done girls and better luck next time. Thanks to Mrs.Watson’.



Cricket vs St Andrews, Turi

1st XI vs St Andrews Turi

Result: Winners

‘We won the toss and elected to bowl first. On a hot day we bowled fantastically, finishing the Turi side off for just 31 runs. We batted solidly, with out batting line-up reaching 31 in just 5 overs. Now for Banda on Saturday.

Player of the match: Brayden Barratt


2nd XI vs St Andrews Turi

Result: Winners (Won by 3 wickets)

‘We won the toss and chose to bowl. We were sloppy in the field with some misfields and a few wides being bowled. However, we were able to reduce Turi’s total to 87 with John taking a wicket and Tom, Jack and Brian taking 2 wickets each. We started off the batting poorly losing our first 6 wickets from good fielding by Turi. Will and Tom came in and formed a great partnership, with Will even managing to hit a 6. Tom then got out, but we were able to come away with a result, winning by 3 wickets’.

Player of the match: Tom M-T


U11A vs St Andrews Turi

Result: Winners (By 84 runs)

‘On a scorching day, Cody won the toss and opted to bat. After last week we all needed our confidence back. The middle order scored useful runs, but Guy was the star, smashing 87 not out off only 56 balls. Conor and Frank took three wickets each as the Year 5’s dominated and we bowled Turi out for 63. Now for the Banda!’

Player of the match: Guy Gowar


Rounders vs St Andrews Turi

1st Team vs St Andrews Turi

Result: 12-9 Win

‘After the horror show at Kenton the week before, the 1st team girls were determined to get a good result against Turi. We field superbly in the first innings, with some outrageous catches that even Mr Raikes would be impressed with! We were able to restrict Turi to 3.5 all out.

We went into bat and things couldn’t have got off to a worse start, with out 2 best batters getting caught out. Our lower batting order reacted well to the pressure and slowly chipped away at the Turi score. We went into half time 3 rounders ahead.

In the second half we fielded well although the occasional mistake hampered our progress. We managed to see the game out with a good batting display and intelligent running between the posts. A fantastic result against an experienced and aggressive Turi side. Now for Banda!’

Player of the match: Toyah Mowat


2nd Team vs St Andrews Turi

Result: 13.5-11 Win

‘We started off asleep and not walking in properly. We let Turi have a few cheap rounders. When we were batting, we hit the ball well. In the 2nd half we were much improved but still gave away a few rounders. When we went into bat again, lots of us got out quickly but we kept going and produced a good result. Well done girls for a good victory’.


U11A’s vs St Andrews Turi

Result: 17-12.5 Loss

‘Emma lost the toss and we were batting first. Out batting was sloppy in the first half, missing most of the balls. Our fielding was OK but they had some amazing batters. In the second half our batting and fielding was much better but we still need to work on both. Now for Banda!’

Player of the match: Holly H


U11B’s vs St Andrews Turi

Result: 11-8.5 Win

‘We made good use of our early arrival with a long warm up. Our fielding was good, giving away no half rounders. At half time, the score was 6-5 to them. In the second innings we played much better leaving the end score 11-8.5 to us. Well done girls!’

Player of the match: Georgie Clayton



U9’s Cricket vs Greensteds and St Andrews Turi

‘On Thursday, the under 9 A’s went up to Turi to play against Greensteds and Turi. Our first match was against Greensteds. We won the toss and chose to bat. We scored 75 runs from 8 overs. We bowled well stopping Greensteds from chasing our big total and they ended up with 5 runs off 8 overs.

In our next match we played St Andrew’s Turi. We won the toss again and chose to bat. We scored 87 runs off 8 overs and they scored -8 off 8 overs.

I was really proud of all of my players and I was honoured to be captain (Ben Starling). We can still improve on not bowling too many wides and taking all of our catches. Well played to all of the U9A team.’


U9’s Rounders vs Greensteds and St Andrews Turi

Result vs Greensteds: 4.5 to 1.5 Loss

Result vs Turi: 7 to 5.5 Loss

‘For the majority of the girl this was their first match ever for Pembroke. Everyone tried very hard and gained some valuable experience. We look forward to our next triangular which we will hopefully smash! Well done girls.’

Player of the Tournament: Ilham




Cricket vs The Banda

1st XI vs The Banda

Result: Loss

‘We were confident coming into the match having had two comfortable wins in previous weeks. Unfortunately, our batting performance was not up to scratch with Pembroke giving a lot of our wickets away cheaply. We only managed 94 runs.

We came out firing, realising we had to take wickets early, but with a strong batting performance from The Banda, they easily reached a total and with it, a convincing victory.

We hope to perform better in our next fixture’.


2nd XI vs The Banda

Result: Loss by 4 wickets

‘We batted first and lost a couple of wickets before Tom steadied the innings with help from Will Tozer and Ewan. We were finally bowled out for 141 runs. The Banda scored fairly quickly throughout their innings. However, we we also took a few early wickets. After a delay for rain, two of their batsman built a good partnership and reached our total with about 10 minutes left to play. Better luck next time boys.’

Player of the Match: Tom M-T


U11As vs The Banda

Result: 43 Run Win

‘After a few throw downs, we batted first and started solidly. Guy and Cliffy made useful runs, but Harry held one end up and guided Pembroke to 108. Our bowling was tight throughout, and we took regular wickets. With the rain threatening, I took two lush catches (Cody) and Tatenda castled the last man to hand us a 43 run win.’

Player of the Match: Harry Seagon


U11Bs vs The Banda

Result: 9 Wicket Win

‘We won the toss and chose to field. Jolyon started off with the bowling taking 4 wickets. Mathew then took a catch and took a wicket himself. Alistair did well to take 4 catches. When we went to bat, we did very well with just one person being bowled out. William and Liam produced some great batting. Thanks to Mr.Williams and Mr.Quee for some good coaching. Well played boys!’

Player of the Match: Jolyon Coulson


Rounders vs The Banda

1st Team vs The Banda

Result: 13-8.5 Win

‘The big day had arrived. The first match of the year against Banda. Now if you don’t know Miss Bartlett’s win ratio against the Banda…it really isn’t very good and she was a little nervous!

We had worked during the week on our catching, as we are consistently reminded by Miss B that ‘if you want to win the match, make the catch’ and we were feeling confident after a successful week.

The 1st innings couldn’t have got off to a worse start. Nerves got the better of the team and through miscommunication and hesitation out in the field, we allowed Banda to command a respectable total of 6.5. We batted well and managed to keep ourselves in the game. Half time: Score 5.5- 6.5 to the Banda.

Now we wont repeat what was said at our team talk but the general gist was that we were letting ourselves down and that we were better than this!

Our 2nd half performance was superb, we were playing our best rounders with some fantastic catches that were worthy of the crowds applause! We dismissed Banda in 18 of the 27 balls for a final total of 8.5. We needed 4.5 to win off 27 balls. It should be easy, right?

And yet, we should be reminded of our diabolical batting display against Kenton where we were all out for 2 rounders!

But don’t worry, we kept our heads and won 13-8.5 much to the delight of Miss.B and Mrs Boyd Moss! A huge thanks to Simon and the ground staff for all their hard work with our pitches’.


3rd Team vs The Banda

Result: 17-5 Win

‘We started off batting confidently, taking rounders and half rounders and running as fast as our little legs could carry us, with Joan running inside the post at one point! Our fielding was fantastic, giving away few rounders. It was amazing hearing the crowd cheering for us. Thank you to Miss Meggy and Miss Laing for cheering their hearts out! Well done girls’!


U11A’s vs The Banda

Result: 8-7 Win

‘Emma won the toss and we decided to field first. In the first innings, our fielding was amazing and our batting was good but we made silly decisions, with the whole team getting out apart from Tiva and Joey. They scored rounders in nearly every ball. In the second innings, our filing and batting was sloppy but we still managed to get the result we wanted. Thank you to Miss Foxton for amazing coaching’.

Players of the Match: Tiva and Joey


U11B’s vs The Banda

Result: 14-9 Win

‘We had an excellent start, restricting their score to only two rounders while we scored 7.5 in the first innings. In the second innings, they picked up their game, but we fought back and won comfortably, by 5 rounders. Well done girls and well done Summer for being player of the match.

Player of the Match: Summer Barratt




Cricket vs Greensteds

1st XI vs Greensteds

Result: Win

‘With a re-arranged order, we started off a little nervous but eventually got going with Menno and George batting well. A couple of quick wickets fell and with contributions down the order especially from Xander, Ben and William, who scored 38, we finished our innings on 116.

We bowled and fielding fantastically, opening first with Josh and Michele with Tom finishing the Greensteds side off with 4 wickets. Well done boys’.

Player of the Match: William


U11A/B’s vs Greensteds

Result: Win by 55 runs

‘On a warm afternoon, a selection of ‘A’ and ‘B’ players were put into bat first. Some tight bowling restricted the batsmen in the early overs, before Cody hit his own wicket! Josh made a steady 36 before falling to the last bal. Chasing 99 to win, William and Oscar ‘Pice of Cake’ Lefebvre took three wickets each, bowling Greensteads out for only 43. Well done boys!’


Rounders vs Greensteds

1st Team vs Greensteds

Result: 16.5 to 6 Win

‘After one of our shorter bus journeys, we arrived at Greensteds feeling confident after our victory over Banda. But we were reminded not to underestimate our opposition.

We went to bat first and whilst it was not our best performance, we posted a respectable score of 9.5. We fielded tightly and the half time score was 9.5 to 1.5.

The second half pretty much resulted in the same outcome as the first half. Final score 16.5 to 6 win. Well done girls, not for Braeburn’

Player of the Match: Toyah


U11A vs Greensteads

Result: 16.5 to 4 Win

‘Emma won the toss and decided to field first. Out fielding was superb, not letting Greensteds score any rounders. Our batting was good but there is still work to do on it. In the second half our fielding got a bit sloppy but our batting improved. Great victory girls, now for Braeburn!’

Player of the Match: Cassie



Cricket vs Braeburn

1st XI vs Braeburn

Result: Win

‘Coming off the back of a long week, we were fired up and ready to take on a competitive Braeburn side. We bowled first and, with accurate bowling and aggressive fielding, we bowled Braeburn out for 88.

We then batted extremely well, with Pauli and Michele knocking off the total with ease. A great win!’

Players of the Match: Michele and Pauli


U11A’s vs Braeburn

Result: 93 Run Win

‘After a late arrival Cody won the toss and chose to bat first. Some accurate bowling restricted us in the early overs, before Guy and Harry opened up an played their shots. Harry scored his maiden 50 as we reached 118-3. Our bowlers couldn’t off to a better start with Guy claiming a diamond duck with the very first ball. Yann and Guy took 3 wickets each as Braeburn slumped to a miserable 25 all out’.

Player of the Match: Harry Seagon


U11B’s vs Braeburn

Result: 6 Wicket Win

‘We won the toss and chose to field. Jolyon and Tawanda started the bowling and Jolyon bowled fantastically, claiming 4 wickets. Our batting was also good and we were able to see out the match. Well played boys, good win! Thanks to Mr.Williams for great coaching.’

Player of the Match: Jolyon 


Rounders vs Braeburn

1st Team vs Braeburn

Result: 22.5 -8.5 Win

‘This was our last fixture before going on tour and we were determined to get a win. We were wary of Braeburn as they had recorded big wins against us before.

We started well and capitalised on some poor bowling from Braeburn. Our batting wasn’t brilliant but some intelligent running between the posts kept the scoreline ticking over.

We fielded brilliantly. Our throwing was accurate and we made it very difficult for Braeburn to score anything. Half time score: 13.5 to 4.5.

The 2nd innings we continued where we left off. The lower batting order put in a fine performance and saw our final total at 22.5. Braeburn needed 18 runs to win.

We had some momentary blips with over fielding but some great bowling from Emma meant that we saw out the game. A fantastic win by 14 rounders. A superb performance girls, now for those English sides!’

Player of the Match: Mairi


2nd Team vs Braeburn

Result: 12.5-9 Win

`On a day of very one sided matches, we made it one more. In the first innings we delivered a few moon balls giving Braeburn a chance to warm up-it didn’t help! We also listened to Miss Jane’s advice and didn’t listen to our parents!

When fielding we backed each other up and Holly bowled well. We still need to learn to sacrifice ourselves on our last ball and take a chance. Well done girls!

Players of the Match: Holly and Hannah


3rd Team vs Braeburn

Result: 20-6.5 Win

‘We lost the toss and batted first, with Joanne doing some amazing hits. The score in the first half was 11.5 to 3 to us. In the second half, we fielded very well and took some amazing catches. Well done girls!

Players of the Match: Joanne and Amelia (for amazing batting and catching)


U11A vs Braeburn

Result: 24.5 to 12.5 Win

‘We started off with a long trip to Nairobi. Our batting was excellent and our fielding was ok, making a few silly mistakes. In the second half, the score was 11.5 to 8.5, leading by only 3 rounders. Our decisions were much better in the second half. Well done Summer for stepping up.

Player of the Match: Summer


U11B vs Braeburn

Result: 12.5 to 12 Loss

‘Our fielding in the first half was unimpressive and our batting wasn”t much better. After a pep talk at half time, we were more focused in the field. We fought back hard and narrowly lost in a very exciting finish.’

Player of the match: Phoebe Ajak (for outstanding batting)


U11C vs Braeburn

Result: 15 to 14 Win

‘We woke up very early on Saturday, went to breakfast and set off for Braeburn at 7am. When we go there, Giselle won the toss and chose to field. We were lucky to gain a Braeburn player who kindly made our numbers up to 8. In the first half our fielding was shocking, Miss Laing claimed. However, our batting made up for this and at half time, the score was 7-6 to us. In the second innings, our fielding was marginally better. They scored 8 and, with only 4 balls left, it looked like we were going to lose. However Tabitha, Nyambura and I (Georgia) saved the day: 8-8. There is a lot to work to do, especially on our fielding but well done girls for some great play! Thanks to our many coaches’

Player of the Match: Nyambura




U13 Rugby and Hockey Tour of England Report

‘After 20 hours of no sleep (for most of us) apart from the teachers, we arrived at Malsis School on our luxurious coach. We headed into an intense training session straight away in the freezing cold

We left Malsis later that afternoon and arrived at Giggleswick School, where some of us met our parents. We went into the matches with confidence and both the girls A and B teams came away with victories, showing our Kenyan spirit throughout!

The girls had entered a Bromsgrove tournament which we came out of with some excellent scores, winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 2.

The Boys went on the play a strong and big side. We were asleep throughout most of the game, when Michele tried a mid-air football bicycle kick! We upped our game in the last 10 minutes but it wasn’t enough.

The day we had been waiting for had arrived.. ALTON TOWERS! We first went on probably the scariest ride in the whole park. Oblivion. Toby, William and Dylan chickened out…despite all the girls going on it! We went our different ways and experienced some more scary rides. Michele managed to win a minion for Emma that many of has tried to, spending lots of money in the process! That night we stayed at Shrewsbury and we were entertained by music and quizzes.

The next day, the girls played an 11-a-side match against St Martins Ampleforth which we were not used to. We lost but fought hard. The boys played an excellent game of rugby but they came up against a very good team, with one of their players being one of the fastest boys in the North of England.

The Girls played St.Olaves on Tuesday who possessed excellent skills. We lost, but the B’s had an excellent win. The boys had an aggressive encounter against St Olaves. We lost but we played our hearts out.

Our next game was a perfect forwards game because it was raining cats and dogs! We were asleep in the first half but we started to play our game and put in some big hits.

The next day we went to the Trafford shopping centre in Manchester which had lots of clothes and shoes! Instead, everyone managed to buy loads of sweets which gave us much needed energy for out last game of tour against Sedburgh.

The girls had a very tough game and one girl in particular called Issy was very skilled. The A’s lost and the B’s drew. It was a very good end of the tour for the girls.

The boys came were up against one of the best sides in Northern England. We kicked off and put pressure on their back line. Taran scored two amazing tries, running the whole length of the pitch for one. Victor also scored a great intercepted try. We lost but played fantastically. Well played boys.

Thank you to all the coaches on tour. You have been wonderful.’


By Brayden and Emma



Cricket vs St.Andrews Turi

U13 2nd XI Cricket vs St Andrews Turi 1st XI

Result: Win by 14 Runs

‘After a comfortable victory for the 1st XI earlier in the term, we sent our 2nd XI to Turi to take on their firsts. We were put into bat and made a decent total of 98 for 2, with good contributions from Paulie, Tom M-T and Will T. Our bowling was not at its best and, at one point it looked as though Turi would reach their target but a good spell from Brian and two good run outs from Victor swung the game and we secured a pleasing victory’.

Players of the Match: Brian and Victor


U13 3rd XI vs St.Andrews Turi 2nd XI

Result: Win by 2 runs

‘We were put into bat by St Andrews, and started positively, with Cosmo scoring 19 and Tarran a mighty 25. Kyle was also effective with his stylish 14 not out. Our bowling was generally tight- Eric, Taran, Pascal and Herbert sharing the honours with a wicket each. The final two overs were desperately close – Turi needed 18 runs to win; but an excellent caught and bowled by Pascal saw the game swing in our favour, and we won ‘comfortably’ by 2 runs. A good team effort.’

Player of the Match: Taran


U11A’s vs St.Andrews Turi

Result: 63 Run Win

‘On a sunny day at over 8000 feet above sea level, Pembroke were put into bat first. Cody fell for a diamond duck after hitting his stumps first ball. The very next ball, Harry hit a six over cover, making the most of the high altitude. We scored a competitive 117, before Yann and Jolyon bowled tightly at the start. Turi could only reach 54 and we won by 63 runs. Now for the grudge match versus Hillcrest!

Players of the match: Harry, Guy and Tatenda


Rounders vs St.Andrews Turi

1st Team vs St.Andrews Turi

Result: 13-8.5 Win

‘We were determined to get another win against Turi. In the first half, our fielding was amazing apart from a few mistakes. Our batting was atrocious. In the second half we picked up our game and finished off with a great result’.

Players of the match: Katie and Molly


2nd Team vs St.Andrews Turi

Result: 15.5- 10.5 Win

‘We started off batting first. The first three batters scored rounders but unfortunately Imara got out. Our second batts were much better and we scored 10 in total.

When we fielded we were lazy and not concentrating, so we allowed them to get several rounders.

After an inspirational team talk, we got ready to bat. We scored 5.5 rounders and we were able to win the match. Well played girls!

Player of the Match: Cassia 


U11A’s vs St.Andrews Turi

Result: 13-7 Win

‘We started off fielding superbly, only letting them score three rounders in the first half. Our batting was OK, making some good decisions and a few people getting rounders. In the second half our batting and fielding was really good, only letting them score 4 more rounders.

Thank you to Mrs Foxton for great coaching. Now for Hillcrest.’

Players of the Match: The Whole Team!


U11B’s vs St.Andrews Turi

Result: 12-3.5 Win

‘Georgie won the toss and chose to field. We played well restricting their score to only 2 and half rounders, with us scoring 8 and a half. In the second innings we played even better, only letting them score one rounder. Thank you to miss Barratt for incredible coaching’.

Player of the Match: Carolyn



Cricket vs Hillcrest

1st XI vs Hillcrest

Result: Win

‘Benedict won the toss and we chose field first. Very quickly we put the pressure on and took wickets with out tight and quick bowling. Josh and Brayden bowled superbly with Josh’s figures being 2 wickets for 10 runs and Brayden’s being 6 wickets for 7 runs.

We bowled Hillcrest out for 17, and with strong contributions from Xander the game was finished very quickly. Very well played boys, now for Banda on wednesday.’


U11A vs Hillcrest

Result: 9 Wicket Win

‘After a journey disrupted by very title traffic, we bowled first. The Hillcrest openers were steady, but Oskar claimed a hat trick as the lower order had an absolute ‘Weston’. We bowled them out for 38 before Cliffy and Josh started the chase. Cliffy and Guy hit some great boundaries as Pembroke reached the target with only one wicket down. Now for the Banda!

Player of the Match: Oskar Lefbvre


Rounders vs Hillcrest

1st Team vs Hillcrest

Result: 16.5 to 8.5 Win

‘We set off for Nairobi on a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately we were now accustomed to the UK’s premier buses, and we were missing the DVD player and onboard toilet! The journey felt a little bumpy in comparison!

We got straight into the game realise from their hitting display that this would be a hard game. A few carless fielding errors allowed Hillcrest to have a good innings and scoring 5.5.

Our batting was mediocre and we were not reading the fielding positions well. Despite this, we went into half time 2 rounders ahead.

Needless to say, Mis Bartlett was not happy with our display! After our wake up call we went into field and really showed Hillcrest what we can do. Everyone pulled off some excellent catches and we dismissed Hillcrest for a total of 8.5. We batted well and kept our scoreline ticking over. Final Score 16.5 to 8.5. A great second half performance girls, now for The Banda on wednesday.’

Player of the Match: Katie Haywood


U11A vs Hillcrest

Result: 28.5 to 8 Win

‘Emma won the toss which meant we were fielding first. Our fielding was amazing, only letting them score 4 rounders. Our batting was also brilliant with most of us scoring a rounder on all our bats. In the second half our fielding became quite sloppy but our batting was still brilliant. Well done girls!

Player of the Match: Emma Trent



Cricket vs The Banda

1st XI vs The Banda

Result: Win

‘We were confident going into this game and knew that we could turn the result around from our previous game. We bowled first, and with aggressive, tactical field placements combined with our accurate bowling, we limited The Banda to 123.

We knew we had a job to do with the bat and with Michele and Pauli having a great start, everyone who came in contributed strongly. This meant that we got to 124 with one over to spare.

A brilliant win. And not long until the Banda 6’s. Well played boys.


2nd XI vs The Banda

Result: Lost by 2 runs

‘Banda batted first and, despite our best bowling performance of the season, made 122-7 on a pitch with small boundaries. We began our chase well with Bug making 34 and Toby D making 27 but we lost a few wickets in the middle of the innings and, despite some big hitting towards the end we finished just short of our target. Unlucky boys.’

Players of the Match: Bug for batting, Brian for bowling


U11A’s vs The Banda

Result: Win by 125 Runs

‘We won the toss and chose to bat, Even though we lost Josh and Harry in the opening overs, Guy and I (Cody), rebuilt the innings and started finding the boundary. We put on 160 runs and ended on 171-2, after which Guy was ‘pining for a Ruby’. Our bowling was tight and Guy claimed a 5 wicket haul which included a hat trick as Banda were dismissed for 46. Now for the sixes!

Player of the Match: Guy Gowar


U9A’s vs The Banda

Result: Lost by 42 Runs

‘We were beaten by a strong Banda team in an exciting game of U9 cricket. We were asked to bat first and scored 232 for 8. We bowled very well and took vital wickets until their final pair came in; and they made good use of their home advantage by hitting a number of sixes and finishing with 274 for 7.’


Rounders vs The Banda

1st Team vs The Banda

Result: 12.5 to 10 Loss

‘It was a scorching hot day at The Banda and we were determined to get our second win against The Banda.

Unfortunately our heads and feet were not in the game! Banda managed to score 5 rounders off the first 10 balls! We managed to get a hold of ourselves and made some great catches to restrict Banda to 6.5.

Our batting was a little temperamental. We scored the odd rounder but some ridiculous running put us on the back foot and at half time we had a score of 5.5. We were lucky to be still be in the game going into the 2nd innings.

The second innings pretty much followed the same pattern and we were disappointed to lose the game by 2.5 rounders.

On reflection we did not pay to our full potential and we know that we must play at 110% from start to finish in order to win the upcoming Hillcrest tournament.

We look forward to our rematch against Banda at Hillcrest.’

Players of the Match: Serena Werner & Toyah Mowat


2nd Team vs The Banda

Result: 16-10.5 Win

‘We went into this game with determination and desire to win-fuelled by a bribe of Percy Pigs.

In the first innings we tried our best, but just weren’t standing deep enough.

Our batting however was on top form, thanks to our early morning session. In our second innings we were on fire- our fielding was accurate and our batting continued to impress.

Top blond moment goes to Hannah, who threw the bat instead of hitting the ball, and then processed to take a slow jog round the posts but still run our Manuella and herself!’

Player of the Match: Holly for bowling


3rd Team vs The Banda

Result: 14-9 Win

‘We stated off with Hayley losing the toss and we batted first. We got 12 rounders in the first half and our fielding was very tight. In the second half, we didn’t play so well but still managed to get a comfortable win. Well done girls, looking forward for Peponi. Thank you to Miss Meggy and Oscar’.

Player of the Match: Eve


U11A’s vs The Banda

Result: 16-11.5 Win

‘In the first half we fielded OK but made a few silly fielding mistakes, giving away several rounders. Our batting however, was good and we were hitting into spaces. In the second half our fielding was better with Emma, Joey and Poppy taking two catches each. Our batting was even better with some amazing hits. Well done girls!’

Player of the Match: Tiva


U11B’s vs The Banda

Result: 13-10.5 Loss

‘We played in a great match against Banda. We played excellently in the first half but in the 2nd half became a bit sloppy. We put up  a brave performance but eventually we ran out of batters and we lost. Unlucky girls, better luck next time.’

Player of the Match: Shauna McCarthy


U9A’s vs The Banda

Result: 9.5 -6 Loss

‘We started off bating and unfortunately we were still half asleep only scoring 1 rounder and letting Banda score 5 with our poor fielding. Thank goodness we woke up in the second half and played a much better game. Unlucky girls, but well done for a much improved second half performance’.

Player of the Match: Tino



Pembroke U11 Sixes Cricket Tournament

Result: Winners

‘With clouds looming large the threat of ‘serious duke’ look set to delay our start. After steady wins over Cavina and Hillcrest, we performed solidly against Turi and Peponi who were one of the favourites. Our tight bowling saw us through against Braeburn and we were suddenly in a repeat of last years final. After Tatenda took a solid catch, Kenton could only score 39 runs, which Guy and Harry knocked off in only 2 overs. Guy finished it with a six and Pembroke were the winners. Congratulations!

Players of the Tournament: Best All-rounder: Guy. Best Bowler: Yann. 



Cricket vs Peponi

U11A’s vs Peponi

Result: 10 Run Win

‘After the early rain cleared we won the toss and batted first against a strong Peponi side. Harry scored 44 as the rest of our batsmen got themselves out recklessly. We bowled tightly with Joylon taking three key wickets as Peponi struggled to keep the pace. We ended as winners- but by only 10 runs’.

Players of the Match: Harry and Jolyon


U11B’s vs Peponi

Result: Loss

‘We started off batting with Jack and William. Unfortunately, Jack go out early on. Barney then came in and scored a few good runs. We ended up scoring 69 runs. Tawanda started off extremely well, getting an early wicket. Tristan also managed to get 2 wickets. The whole team fielded very well but unfortunately Peponi were able to beat our total. Thank you to Mr Williams for great coaching’.

Player of the Match: Jack for great bowling


U11C’s vs Peponi

Result: Loss

‘We came down to the pitch after a lovely lunch. After a warm up, we stated the game with us opening the batting. Peponi were not that comfortable at blowing and we managed to score 6 runs, with Peponi giving away 55 runs in extras. Our bowling was tight but some overs were not as good as others and eventually Peponi chased down our total. A close match. Well done to everyone involved’.

Player of the Match: Acoa


Rounders vs Peponi

U11A’s vs Peponi

Result: 18.5 to 12.5 Loss

‘We were beaten by a better team that had big hitters and made fewer mistakes than us.

Our throws into the posts needed to be quicker and more accurate. We also missed too many catches! Bottom line, our batting was not good enough. With 8 balls left to go, Tyla and Emma were the only batters left in to bat and we managed to keep the team in till the end of the 27 balls and all scored halves. We finished the first half down 10.5- 5.5.

In the second half we scored 6 rounders and gave away 8.5, so a better second half.

Bravery award goes to Tiva who was literally flattened by Peponi’s biggest girl going for second post. She made the half and the half for obstruction. Very committed play! Most dramatic and painful crash of the season!’

Player of the Match: Tyla


U11B’s vs Peponi

Result: 10.5 to 6 Loss

‘When we got to Peponi, we warmed up and were ready to start, Georgie won the toss and we chose to field. In the first innings we were Ok but we knew we could play better. In the second innings, we were much better only giving away 1 rounder and a half. We did not bat at our best but we tried very hard. It was  good end of the season for us. Than you to Miss Barrett for outstanding coaching!’

Player of the Match: Shauna McCarthy for taking two amazing catches


U11C’s vs Peponi

Result: 14-14 Draw

‘We arrived and we were very sleepy after a long journey. Tabitha won the toss and chose to field. We fielded well and managed to get some people out. Our batting was not fantastic but we scored a few rounders.

In the second innings, there were a lot of backwards hits from the Peponi team. Krissy threw some amazing throws to second post. We were all very proud of her! We go everyone out except for 2 Peponi players. Great game!’

Player of the Match: Krissy Grant



Cricket vs Peponi

2nd XI vs Peponi

Result: Won by 6 Wickets

‘The 2nd XI finished their season with a closely fought victory over Peponi. Fielding first, we were a little scrappy and allowed Peponi to make 134-9. Our run chase began slowly but Dylan and Jason shared a 104 run partnership to take us to victory with 2 balls to spare.’

Players of the Match: Jason for Batting, Jack for Bowling


3rd XI vs Peponi

Result: Lost by 4 Wickets

‘After a delayed start – Peponi were an hour late- we batted first and unfortunately we only scored 74 runs, but we believed we could win if we bowled and fielded well. Our bowling was erratic and Peponi won the match with an over to go.’


Rounders vs Peponi

1st Team vs Peponi

Result: 14.5- 7 Win

‘This was it, our final match of the term and we were determined to get a win.

We had spent the week focussing on our batting and to be honest you couldn’t tell after a lacklustre batting performance.

We went into field and put all the rings we had learnt this term into practice. We were like a well oiled machine taking catches, backing up and performing perfect gate stops. Peponi couldn’t get the ball through and at half time the score was 7.5 – 1 to us.

Our batting improved in the second half and posted an end total score of 14.5. Peponi need to score 14 rounders to win. We made the odd mistake in the field but overall we kept up our strong fielding and the final score was 14.5 to 7 win.

The perfect preparation before our tournament on Saturday. Well done girls!’

Players of the Match: Molly Clarke and Emma Beak


2nd Team vs Peponi

Result: 11.5 – 7 Win

‘Considering this was our last match of the season, I would have liked to have said the match started off with amazing hits and great concentration. Sadly this was not the case. Most of us were not hitting the ball, and our running between the posts was awful. But Imara set us up by scoring a rounder on the last ball of the first innings.

Our fielding wasn’t amazing so I don’t know how we held them bad. We tried our best but we were still not stumping the post with the ball. At half time the score was 3.5 to 3. We were shocked when Miss Janes started crying!

We went into bat and this time we did 120% better. All of us hit at least one ball and scored at least half a rounder. Our fielding was incredible, and this time we caught then stumped. We were talking more and concentrating even harder. End Score, 11.5 to 7.

Thank you so much to our amazing coach Miss Janes for her support and coaching throughout the season.’


3rd Team vs Peponi

Result: 21.5 – 9.5 Win

‘We bowled Peponi over with our excellent batting in the first half, scoring 12.5 rounders. Our fielding was tight and we only let them score 2.5 rounders.

Peponi upped their game in the second half and the final score was 21.5 to 9.5.

What a fantastic end to our unbeaten season. We did ourselves proud. Bring on the Party!’

Player of the Match: Natalie for excellent bowling and great hitting