A foreign language is more than just another subject on the timetable; it is a lifelong skill which contributes to mutual understanding and enables its users to broaden and enrich their cultural, social and intellectual horizons.

Our pupils learn to appreciate different countries, cultures, communities and people, studying languages for use in the ‘wider’ world, as well as for academic purposes. We hope to inspire an enthusiasm for language learning and lay foundations for the future study of further languages.

KISWAHILI: Kiswahili is taught throughout the school up to Year 5. From Year 6 upwards children study Latin or Kiswahili.

FRENCH: Our aim at Pembroke is to provide the children with the opportunity to develop their French listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity.

Children begin French in Year 3. We teach French from Year 5 using Metro 1 which is a textbook-based course with emphasis on reading and writing as well as the listening and speaking skills. The children have four periods of French a week, and one half hour prep.

The syllabus in Year 5 introduces the themed topics which form the basis of the Common Entrance syllabus, which continues throughout Years 6 and 7.

In Year 8, the children consolidate and build on the skills that they have acquired lower down the school whilst preparing for CE examinations.

LATIN: Latin begins in Year 5 and the children study this interesting subject right up to Common Entrance.