Please note that many year-groups are now full for the next few years.  If you are interested in joining, please get in touch immediately so that we can confirm whether we can meet your needs.

To register with Pembroke there is a KSh 5,000 fee and this can be done at any age. There is no commitment attached to registration – it simply ensures that the school is aware of your interest and will communicate at the point that a more formal commitment is required.  You can register by downloading the form here and sending it to

To guarantee a place, a joining fee of KSh 150,000 per child is required.  50% of this will be refunded after the final term.

The joining fee can be paid at any time and secures a place at the school for the given year of entry. Should the place not be taken up, the entire joining fee is forfeited.

Should a parent wish for a child to defer from the year requested, we will try as far as possible to accommodate requests but may not be able to guarantee the changed joining date.


Pembroke House is a ‘Charitable Trust’. This means that all fees go towards improving education at the school and to keeping fees as low as possible. The governing body of the school receives no financial remuneration from the school.