Year 6 Trip to Nanyuki

Day 1

The group departed on Sunday morning to Nanyuki. The journey was awesome and everybody seems to enjoy the trip. They made a stopover to have their delicious lunch and refreshing before they continued.

After several hours of travelling they finally arrived to their destination. They went to the camping site where they enjoyed the  supper and spent a night.

Day 2

The  day activities started as planned they went to Ngare Ndare forest where they were split into two groups (A & B). The group A first visited the canopy walk which was 450 m long and 45 m off the ground. They viewed a number of things including Elephants skull and Turaco. At the end of canopy walking they splashed into the elephant watering hole.

Group B first went to the pods, jumped off some cliffs into the cold water then walked to source which is pure fresh mountain water. Afterwards they interchange group A visited the places group B had and likewise.

However, they all gathered together and went to the orphanage, they had a guide who was taking them through. It was really amazing seeing a 150 years old tortoise whom two people could ride on it. Other amazing animals include lamas, cheetah, pygmy hippos and ostrich.

Day 3

Departed from Nanyuki on Tuesday going  back to school. It was really amazing and fun.

Thanks to everyone