Every child at Pembroke is allocated to one of Four Houses – Fosters, Hazards, Opies or Turners, each named after one of Pembroke’s former Headmasters. All academic staff are also allocated to houses and act as great motivators. The house system works highly successfully and hand-in-hand with the pastoral system at Pembroke House.

The purpose of the house system is to unite children and allow them to belong to an identifiable body where they can contribute their talents and work towards something that benefits them all. It introduces the idea of collective responsibility both for positive and negative behaviour. It helps the pastoral system by developing an house support system and a sense of continuity, and finally it fosters a healthily competitive house spirit in all aspects of the school.

There are inter-house competitions each term in Work, Conduct, Sport, Art & Singing which contribute to the ‘Cock House’ competition. There is great motivation within each house to win this as they are rewarded with a special dinner.

House Meetings
House meetings take place on Wednesday mornings from 8.00 – 8.20 am. Staff and children gather to conduct any house business as well as to collect house points and conduct points, with children being praised or rewarded. The House Song is usually sung at the end. A scoring system weighted according to the number of children involved and amount of timetabled time is applied.

Headmistress’s Commendations (HMCs)
Awarded for genuinely outstanding work or improvement or for acts of very good conduct. These are worth two house points and are read out in Chapel by the Headmistress. Children then collect their HMCs directly from her.

House Points
These are awarded for pieces of good work, neatness of work, signs of improvement and careful presentation. Collection of housepoints count toward the winning of the house cup and children can also use them to buy sweets at the Thursday Tuck Shop.

Conduct Points
As for housepoints above, but awarded for acts of good conduct.