We are a full-boarding school with a responsive approach to individual family situations. Some children start as day children but before long many children decide on their own that at Pembroke House it’s more fun to board!

At weekends the Junior School may leave on a Friday afternoon, if they have no matches, and return for Chapel on Sunday evening. Children in the Middle or Senior School may go out on a Saturday afternoon, also returning in time for Chapel. On average about 100 children will stay in over the weekend. Should parents wish to take their children out overnight during the week, they can ask the Headmistress.

Our situation, an hour and a half from Nairobi means we are within easy reach. Several airstrips close to the school means that many families actually fly their children to and from school. However at Pembroke House the boarding environment offers the advantage of time and space for a full education. While many day children in Nairobi are stuck in the increasingly congested roads in and around the city, children at Pembroke House have time to practice their sport, music or drama, go horse-riding, play with their friends or just relax in dorms reading a book. The pace of life is thus gentler than that a day school. Parents also benefit, as it allows them to balance their busy and hectic daily lives in the week with quality family time at the weekends and during the holidays. We also have a bus service available between Nairobi and Pembroke House.

In addition children at Pembroke House acquire an admirable level of maturity, while amongst the many valuable lessons they learn from boarding school, they learn to organise themselves, which they find of great assistance when they move on to senior school.

Boarding Houses

The children live in two houses: Mackie House for boys and Scholes House for girls, named after two former long-standing members of staff who contributed much to life at Pembroke. On average we have 100  boys and 100 girls boarding.

Mackie House has 18 dormitories which each sleep 7/8 boys and are named after different Kenyan mountains. Scholes House has 15 dormitories named after Kenyan birds, each sleeping eight girls.

In each House the dormitories have one or more children from Year 8, who is a dormitory prefect in charge of the dormitory and sleeping there. This works extremely well as these older children assist with the discipline and general care of their younger dormitory members. In return the younger children learn how to behave well and to help their dormitory prefect at times like dormitory inspection.

Each House has a House Parent and an Assistant House Parent.

The Houses are structured and well-disciplined safe havens for the children with rules you would expect in your own home. We are very aware that the House is “home” for the duration of the term and while the children are made to feel a sense of belonging and above all happy, they also learn valuable qualities such as respect for other children’s space and belongings. Good manners are also encouraged and appreciated.

We aim to have a happy school of children who have qualities that will prepare them for success in later life: confidence, self-discipline, courtesy and the ability to take the initiative and be a leader.

Weekly Bus Service

Pembroke House runs a bus service every week end during term time to Nairobi and daily to Naivasha.
Bus 1: is open to years 2-4, leaving Pembroke at 4pm on a Friday and goes to St. Christopher’s prep school in Karen.
Bus 2: is open to all years, leaving Pembroke at 12pm on a Saturday and goes to the Kabete Kindergarten on Lower Kabete Road.

The Sunday buses return from Kabete Kindergarten and St. Christopher’s prep school at 3pm.

“The bus is a school bus, driven by our professional, experienced drivers. There will also be an adult escort on the bus to ensure safety and security. ”

The bus is available every weekend, although with so many activities at the school available to parents, it is not expected that it will be taken up every weekend. The school is committed to responsive boarding and will always aim to ensure that the school is more than half full at weekends.

To sign up for a place on the bus, please simply call 020 231 23 23 or email admin@pembrokehouse.sc.ke