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Date Fixture Teams Venue Time
2/5/2017 Rugby v Peponi U11a,b &c Pembroke 2:00pm
Netball v Peponi U11a,b,c & d Pembroke 2:00pm
3/5/2017 Cross country St. Andrews 2:oopm
4/5/2017 Rugby v Peponi  & St. Andrews  U9 a& b Pembroke 2:00pm
Netball v Peponi & St. Andrews U9a & b Pembroke 2:00pm
Tennis v St. Andrews 1st & 2nd Pembroke 2:00pm
6/5/2017 Rugby v Banda 2nd xiii,U11a,U11c & U9a U11b & 1st xiii Pembroke 10:00am & 11:00am
Netball v Banda 2nd,U11a,U11c,U9a,!st,3rd,U11b,U11d Pembroke 10:00am & 11:00am
Tennis v Banda U11 & U13 Pembroke 1:00pm
10/5/2017 Rugby v st Andrew’s 2nd xiii & 1st xiii,U11a Pembroke 1:30pm & 2:00pm
Netball v St. Andrew’s 1st,2nd.3rd & 4th, U11a &b St. Andrews 2:00pm
 11/5/2017 Rugby & Netball v St.Andrew’s & Greensted U9 Girls & Boys Greensted  1:00pm
13/5/2017 Cross country St. Andrews 10:00am
17/5/2017 Rugby Hillcrest festival 1st xiii Hillcrest 9:30am
18/5/217 Rugby & Netball v St. Andrews& Greensteds U9 Girls & Boys St. Andrew’s
Tennis v St. Andrews U13 St. Andrew’s 2:00pm
19/5/2017 Rugby v Breaburn 1st xiii,2nd xiii & U11a Pembroke 11:00am
Netball v Braeburn 1st,2nd  & U11a Pembroke 11:00am
 24/5/2017 Rugby v Kenton 1st xiii & 2nd xiii,U11a & b Kenton 2:00pm
Netball v Kenton 1st & 2nd, U11a & b Pembroke 2:00pm
 9/6/2017 Netball v St. Andrew’s 1st,2nd,3rd &4th 2:00pm
 Girls touch vii 3:00pm
 10/6/2017 Football Peponi 6-A-side tournament U13,U11&U9
 14/6/2017 Braeburn Garden Estate 7s  U13 vii
Rugby v St. Andrew’s U11a 2:00pm
Netball v St. Andrew’s U11a & b 2:00pm
 15/6/2017 Rugby & Netball festival U9a Banda 11:30am
 17/6/2017 Netball Tournament 1st,2nd,U11a &b Banda
Football side 7-A- Tournament U12 Breaside
Rugby Davidson Tournament U11a vii St. Christopher’s
Rugby v St. Andrews 1st xiii & 2nd xiii 11:00am
 21/6/2017 Rugby 7s v St. Andrew’s,Greensted & Shamas U11 & U13 2:00pm
 24/6/2017 Rugby Ndumes 7s Tournament U11 vii & U13 vii 9.30am
Rugby & Netball Up-country v Nairobi schools St. Andrew’s
 30/6/2017 Tennis Hemmings cup U13(boys) Kenton
Dodds Cup U13(girls) Banda
Goodwin cup U11 Peponi
 5/7/2017 Rugby & Netball  house matches U11 & U13 Pembroke