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Pembroke House - Letter from the Headmistress
Lent Term 2013, Monday 2nd December

The Lent term is always extremely hectic and I have to say this term has not disappointed us. School always feels a little like being on an express train and unlike one of Jeremy Clarkson’s cars on Top Gear we manage to reach top speed in a matter of milliseconds and then the end of term arrives and one feels as if the train stops and we all fall off the front.

Thus as I write a day after the end of term I am sure everyone involved with Pembroke House feels as if they have just fallen of the train – children included!

We finished with quite a finale – our School Play ‘Bugsy Malone’ and this was followed by our Bugsy Ball to celebrate, not only the Play, but the end of term and of course the beginning of the Easter holidays! However, more of that later and we will try and tackle matters arising and as yet to be reported over the course of this term, in chronological order!

This term is the time for scholarship assessments and we have had a variety of children head off to the UK for such trials. Reports back from the UK schools have led us to understand that the number of children attempting such scholarships has been much greater this year than in recent times.

Following the achievements of Eve Hartley, Serena Werner, Homer Johnstone, Emily Oulton, Michele Brigetti and Taran Stewart came the good news from Clayesmore School that India Dyer had been successful in her bid to win a Drama Scholarship. This was fabulous for India and we were all extremely pleased for her; congratulations India!

Our final success this term was Benedict Shaw. Having sat his scholarship papers for Stowe we heard that he had been awarded an Academic Scholarship. This is a truly outstanding achievement and it could not be more well deserved. Our congratulations to Benedict and his family and of course to all the teachers who have helped him along the way.

Book Day
An excellent day was had by all. Mikhaila Barratt had worked very hard to create a special line up of events to appeal to children of all ages.

Best costume awards went to -
Juniors: 1st Erin Middleton, 2nd Bella Ker, 3rd Sarah Blackstock Grillo
Middles: 1st Maia Green, 2nd Rowan Barnes, 3rd Liam Ward
Seniors: 1st Alasdair Shah & Finlay Coyne, 2nd Ceci Cooke, 3rd Ewan Page
The family prize: went to the Surtees family – Tabitha, Amelia, Archie and Monty.
Spirit of Book Day: went to William Millar and Sarah Johnstone!

The Banda Inter Schools Riding Competition
Earlier in the term the Banda arranged a riding competition at the Dagoretti Show. Rachel Robley and Jane Tozer kindly set off with a squad of riders ready to compete in mounted games and team jumping. We fared well in the mounted games coming in 1st – Emily Oulton, Ella Carr Hartley, Cassia Seth Smith and Georgie Clayton and 2nd  Mairi Nuijten, Carla Brand and Amelia Thomson. The team jumping did not see such good results but the children had great fun and the experience will stand us in good stead for next time!

Having performed well at St Andrew’s, Turi our Swimming Squad knew the pressure was on for the IAPS Gala. They practised hard and did all they could to improve their individual performances ready for the big day.

It was very exciting to join the other top schools at Kenton and enjoy their lovely new pool. Not only does Kenton College’s pool look very good it is heated so it was deliciously warm and it was a lovely surprise for the children as they dived in to prepare for the races ahead.

The competition went well and we managed to avoid calamities like disqualification with the wrong sort of touches or badly timed tumble turns. Such problems often look trivial to the novice onlooker but making sure that points are not lost in a team competition like this is absolutely vital.

When the final scores came in, Pembroke House came 2nd in the Boys’ Competition and 4th in the Girls’ races. Overall we then lay 4th in the rankings and we felt very proud of ourselves. We believe it will be ‘one up one down’ for next year to try and establish the correct schools in the top pool. Thus we should find ourselves once more swimming with the top swimming schools in Section K of the IAPS.

Mr. Quee, Miss Bartlett and Miss Barrett did a wonderful job working with the squad and the children as always rose to the challenge and exceeded our expectations. Well done to them all.

Hockey Tournaments
The girls and boys, 1st and Under 11 Teams performed well in their respective tournaments and the girls managed to get through their qualifying rounds. The Under 11 team made the semi finals where they were beaten by Peponi, the eventual winners of this competition and the 1st Girls managed to beat the Banda in their semi final match. This put them through to the finals where they also played Peponi who were the eventual winners here too. It was all extremely exciting and our 1st Team girls played their best hockey of the season against the Banda. Well done to all our hockey players on a super season.

Just before the boys’ tournament I had the greatest pleasure in presenting Taran Stewart with his Hockey Colours. He has had an outstanding season in goal and certainly helped our team to many of their victories over the course of the term.

All our weekends have been very busy affairs. The children have had bouncy castles, real boats in the swimming pool, ‘pillow bashing’ on the bridge over the pool, water slides, face painting and much, much more. Sundays have been broken up with ‘wake up’ accompanied by tea and muffins and the occasional brunch. Sunday lunches have included  picnics on the fields or make your own sandwiches, so all in all much fun has been had and we are all kept on our toes with exciting ideas and lots of fun. The final weekend was closed and in keeping with tradition we kept the school disco for this prime spot and the children had a wonderful time. The dancing prizes are always hotly contested and this term was no exception.

Boarding is always a slightly complicated affair. Long distance parents need this, whilst families who live a little closer wish to see their children more often. As a school we hope to encourage as many children as possible to stay in and we run a full and busy timetable throughout the term, 7 days a week for whoever is with us.

Open Day & the Inter House Swimming Gala
Open Day went very well with a day of parent / teacher meetings on the Thursday followed by a Snake Talk by Royjan Taylor which the children and our adult audience found fascinating. We then had a very exciting Swimming Gala on the Friday morning, which Fosters won. Having watched very many swimming galas now I have to say this feat took us all, including Fosters by surprise! In addition, the parents won the final race at the end of the morning. This too is unusual and they were quite rightly very proud of their excellent performance. The display in the Art room for us all to enjoy that evening was lovely and the children played and sang as parents looked at the art and generally caught up with each other, listening to the children in the background. The Inter House General Knowledge Quiz was a huge success with much parental involvement and the rounds were fiercely contested. The final winners were Hazards I believe. I think the round with CE questions was quite an eye opener for many!

IAPS Rugby – Rosslyn Park 7s Tournament
The tournament went well and our boys made their parents and coaches feel very proud of them. They found themselves in a challenging pool with Plymouth College, the Dragon School and the eventual semi finalists, Bromsgrove. They won their match against Plymouth College and lost the other two. Such exposure is the most tremendous opportunity for the children and whatever the final outcome much is learnt along the way. A huge ‘thank you’ to all the parents who supported the boys so generously – both financially and with their time and of course to our own Mike Raikes and Jack Avery from Peponi School who masterminded the whole affair.

Sunday Chapel Services
We have had some super Chapel services this term centering on a TED Talk or idea. In line with this theme we enjoyed a visit from two dentists Dr. Zavery and Dr. Vasani who kindly gave us a wonderful presentation on ‘teeth’ and how to look after them. (FYI Lollies and boiled sweets are the worst) The overall message was certainly that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and the children learnt all about why they clean their teeth and how to make sure they do the best job possible. The children also collected a toothbrush and toothpaste after Chapel from the kind and generous doctors so please be reassured that we do take teeth cleaning very seriously!

End of Term & Final Assembly
As always at the end of term we give out Academic Awards and are very pleased to recognise progress and development in the classroom. At the same time we give out the sporting awards for the term, the House achievements in the final weeks’ matches, including House points and conducts of the term and we mention other notable achievements along the way.

Thus I have copied the list below for you to see.

Spelling Bee Juniors Runner Up Tino Masora
Winner Vallentina Ajak
Middles Runner Up Shawn Lutta
Winner Malaika Njema
Maths Challenge Winners Turners
Academic Prizes Year 1 Top academic achievement Archie Seagon
General Progress Alex Mouritzen
Year 2 Top academic achievement Casimir Kuper
Effort Ruana Davis
Year 3 Top academic achievement Sam Weller
Effort Emma Heath
Effort Jason Glenn
Effort Jessie Wheeler
Year 4 Top academic & all-round excellence Joss Gowar
Progress in Maths Russell Harries
Drama Ben Starling
Rhythm & Dance Maximilien Liebeskind
Year 5 Top academic achievement Malaika Njema
History & Kiswahili Rory Upton
Year 6 Top academic achievement Cody Davis
Maths Shawn Lutta
Year 7 Top academic achievement Ewan Page
Staffroom recognition for positive attitude Georgia Jones-Perrot
History Charlie Middleton
Staffroom recognition for progress in reading Tom Myatt-Taylor
Maths & Kiswahili Alix Keates
Year 8 Staffroom recognition for effort Jason Angelides
Staffroom recognition for effort Michele Brighetti
Staffroom recognition for effort Amelia Catton-Wretham
Staffroom recognition for effort Toby Doig
Religious Studies Serena Werner
Geography & Science Brayden Barratt
Academic Colours (re-awarded) Benedict Shaw


House matches 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Sports result Fosters Opies Hazards Turners
U9 Hockey Turners Opies Fosters Hazards
U11 Hockey Opies Hazards Fosters Turners
U13 Hockey Turners Fosters Opies Hazards


Tennis Ladder U9 Boys 3rd Mathew Goodwin
2nd Fungai Kamuruko
1st Ismail Makame
U11 Girls 3rd Tessa Francis-Jones
2nd Cassie Conway
1st Emma Trent
U11 Boys 4th Barney Engel
3rd Oskar Lefebvre
2nd Yann Zoni
1st Guy Gowar
U13 Girls 4th Cassia Seth-Smith
3rd Ellie Cooke
2nd Katie Haywood
1st Toyah Mowat
U13 Boys 4th Toby Doig
3rd Brian Ngugi
2nd Benedict Shaw
1st Michele Brighetti
Squash Ladder U9 Boys 3rd Oliver Sayer
2nd Russell Harries
1st Oliver Myatt-Taylor
U11 Girls 2nd Cassie Conway
1st Emma Trent
U11 Boys 3rd Cody Davis
2nd Harry Seagon
1st Guy Gowar
U13 Girls 3rd Elli Cooke
2nd Katie Haywood
1st Serena Werner
U13 Boys (Second Group) 3rd Victor Ogana
2nd Tom Myatt-Taylor
1st Brian Ngugi

Hockey - Hat Trick Sticks

Kit Drummond U11A Hat-Trick v St. Christopher’s (8/2/14)
Liam Ward U11A Hat-Trick v St. Andrew’s (26/12/14)
Liam Ward U11A Hat-Trick v Greensteds (12/3/14)
Guy Gowar U11A Hat-Trick v Greensteds (12/2/14)
Oliver Myatt-Taylor U9A Hat-Trick v Greensteds (23/1/14)
Connor Neylan U11B Hat-Trick v Braeburn (25/1/14)
Toyah Mowat 1st XI Hat-Trick v Greensteds (12/2/14)
Danique Bouman U11A Hat-Trick v Braeburn (25/1/14)
Danique Bouman U11A Hat-Trick v St. Christopher’s (8/2/14)

Players of the Season & Top Scorers

Jadyn Stewart U9 Girls Player of the Season
Ben Starling U9 Boys Player of the Season
Daniella Ker U11 Girls Player of the Season
Danique Bouman U11 Girls Top Goalscorer
Guy Gowar U11 Boys Player of the Season
Liam Ward U11 Boys Top Goal scorer
Maya Cunnington U13 Girls Player of the Season
Toyah Mowat U13 Girls Top Goal scorer
Taran Stewart U13 Boys Player of the Season
George Kyriazi U13 Boys Top Goal scorer

Sports Colours

Girls Hockey Serena Werner, Maya Cunnington, Sasha Hewett, Elli Cooke, Emma Beak,
Toyah Mowat
Boys Hockey Michele Brighetti, Benedict Shaw, William Millar, Victor Ogana, Bug Drew,
George Kyriazi.
Squash Benedict Shaw, Michele Brighetti, Xander Nuijten
Swimming Eve Hartley (Re-Awarded) & Toyah Mowat

A Swimathon
Towards the end of term Chayse Patterson put together his very own Swimathon to raise money for a Charity he felt very strongly about. Chayse has made huge steps with his swimming since joining Pembroke House and he felt this was a good way to use his new found skill. He swam 80 lengths in 45 minutes to raise well over 100,000 Ksh for Charity and as a school we all felt very proud of Chayse’s achievement – well done, Chayse.

The final Chapel service and Assembly of the term is also the time when we say ‘goodbye’ to our gaps and any children or members of staff that may be leaving us.

Our gaps: James Townsend, Henry Wilson, Tristan Oliff, Jodie Slade, Tilly Galbraith and Sophie Hutchinson our Super Gap this term, are all off to continue their ‘year out’ and the children gave them a huge round of applause to show their appreciation of all they have done to help each and every one of us. School would not be the same, in any shape or form without our wonderful gaps and we wish them well as they head off in their various directions.

Earlier in the term we said our sad farewells to Cat Jensen. Cat and Ivan have now had their baby – Aaron Finlay Juul Jensen and our heartfelt congratulations go to them both. Cat has taught at Pembroke House for many years and we have all benefitted from her kindness and many talents along the way. She has decided to take some time out to enjoy being a mummy and we all wish Cat, Aaron and Ivan well in the months ahead and hope that one day Cat might head back to join us once more.

Kit Drummond, John Robertson, Lily and Hettie McIntyre Brown all came up so we could give them their Pembrokian ties and scarves and we said ‘good bye’ as they head off to the UK. We may be lucky and welcome Lily and Hettie back in April but we couldn’t run the risk of not saying ‘good bye’ properly just in case they do leave.

Changes for next term
Extra Maths
Paddy Williams, our Head of Maths has agreed to step out of his weekend role in order to kindly spend more time with our Year 8 CE candidates. This means that he can add value by using this extra time to tutor the Year 8s for extra sessions during the week in order to try and help them with this difficult but very necessary subject. Extra Maths will therefore crop up all over the timetable as well as in rest with the Maths Clinics we have had this term.

The Weekend Programme
We are most grateful to Gilbert Watson, already part of the weekend team, who has kindly agreed to Head the Full Boarding / Weekend programme to ensure we keep up the momentum.

Staffing in general – next year
As always at this time of term we make plans to accommodate the teachers who feel the time has come to move on. This is very sad for us all, for each member of staff has added so much in their various ways to daily life at school. However, nothing does stay the same and to consider this in a positive light, someone had to leave for each of the leaving staff to have arrived in the first place! Thus we have worked hard to recruit a super set of staff to arrive in September. Comparisons are odious but I hope that in their own ways the new teachers will live up to the high expectations created by their predecessors.

Leaving at the end of the year we have Colin King Alcock, Tanya Green, Carol Olum, Sarah Johnstone, Coco Bartlett, Paddy Williams and Mike Raikes.

Arriving we have Tom and Joey Layton (Rendcomb College Junior School & Queen Margaret Primary School Tewkesbury) and Holly Winser (Trevor Roberts School London) who will be teaching in the Junior School, Jess Thwaytes (Sedbergh roots) is arriving to take on Head of Art, Richard Ingram (Sibford School & ECB level 2) is going to join us as a Sports & PE Master and Peter Nutsford (Director of Music at Horris Hill) is joining us to build on all Carol Olum’s good work in the Music Department.

With Paddy leaving we are very lucky to have had Laelia Surtees waiting in the wings. Laelia, like Paddy is a Maths specialist and she is passionate about this subject. I am very pleased that she has kindly agreed to Head up this department and join Emma Laing and Mike Aung to take this subject to new heights.

Scholes House
Of course such news will also bring about some ‘wonderings’ about the new team who will take over Scholes House. Vicky Janes is going to be our new Housemistress and she will be ably assisted by three Assistant Housemistresses: Karen Coyne ( non residential ) Esther Mwangi and Jess Thwaytes. We feel this will help us to look after all interests and concerns and ensure that the girls feel comfortable and secure in the House.

Mackie House
Mackie House too, will see a change. Gilbert and Natasha Watson have thoroughly enjoyed their return to the House but with a young family we feel they should have some time to enjoy their children without the pressure of House life. Shela Davis has kindly agreed to move into Mackie House downstairs and thus she will work with Edmund Lovatt our senior Housemaster. This is a good move for all concerned and we look forward to Gilbert and Natasha once more taking up residence in Mackie House but once Charlie and Bella are a little older.

Thus the new school year is coming together and I would ask you to support us all and the School by accepting what must come to pass. It is a complicated task to inform you of such developments too early for things change and I would prefer to give you the full picture as and when it comes together. However, with 5 months to go until the start of the new academic year I feel this keeps you in the picture. So far we have had visits from Holly, Jess and Peter, as we endeavour to get things ready for next year. However, Peter Nutsford returns next term for one more official visit along with Tom and Joey Layton and Richard Ingram. We feel such visits from new staff help us all prepare the ground for the changes which lie ahead and in this way the staff room can be ready for the children and the challenges of a new year come September.

Bugsy Malone
Miss Potter made an inspired choice of Play for this year. We have quite a boy heavy Year 8 and thus she needed to find a Play that would suit them and allow them to enjoy the enormous amount of time that is needed to practise such a performance. Bugsy Malone, as I am sure all could see, managed to appeal to each child in the Senior School and the practices ( often somewhat fraught affairs ) were for the most part thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the staff. The splurge guns were wonderful creations and our staff all got behind Miss Potter to help to put together a quite remarkable performance. Long will Bugsy Malone, Fat Sam, Blousy, Desperate Dan, Talloulah and co be remembered and we all left the hall rather longing for more.

The Bugsy Ball
Following the Play we all made our way down to the Marquee for our Ball of this academic year. Our parents and guests had made the most tremendous effort and the costumes kept us all marvelling for quite a while. We had the most delicious cocktails kindly masterminded by Ian and Pepe Shaw and the evening certainly got going with quite a kick! My little house bounced around long into the early hours of the morning and it was most impressive that almost all of the children were collected by 8.30 am that morning!

Steph Kuper, Paddy Williams, MJ and Caroline and their team all worked so hard to put the Ball together and it was a wonderful evening and much enjoyed by us all. A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped to bring the evening together.

So as I said after the Play – all good things come to an end. Term closed on Saturday morning and everyone headed home for a short but much needed holiday.

Coming Up…..& Reminders

From time to time nits make a comeback. Please be very kind and check your child’s hair for these little creatures. The easiest evidence to spot is their eggs, which get stuck to the hair shaft. Please treat as you feel necessary. Dudukrin, is excellent but it will take successive days to eradicate the invaders since the eggs are not affected by the various nit dawas on the market. Thus fresh hatchings need to be dealt with. We would advise continuing treatment long after you feel you have got rid of the nits to make sure you have not missed anything.

School belongings
Please be kind make sure everything is named before sending it back to school. A complete pencil case of necessary items would be much appreciated – pencils, coloured pencils, pens (blue and black) a ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and felt tip pens, capped off with scissors and glue would be most helpful. The more boldly things are named the less likely it is for other children to ‘borrow’ belongings and the quicker lost items can be returned.

Sports Camp
Ahead of us lies the Sports Camp and we are hoping to arrange some academic tuition for Year 8s at the same time, if there seems to be the demand for such sessions. So much is learnt in the course of such sports camps and we hope as many children as possible will take up this very useful opportunity.

The Trinity Term.
This year Easter is very late. Thus next term starts on a Tuesday, 22nd April, the day after Easter Monday. We hope all children will be with us by 5 pm ready for Chapel at 6 pm.

The next factor to affect the term dates for next term is CE. This is a very important time for our Year 8s and experience dictates they need to have half term before these important exams, but with time, once back at school, to add last minute touches to their revision and get everything settled ready for the first Monday in June (2nd June),  when the exams commence. This means the first half of term is very short and comes in at 4 weeks long. Consequently there will be no official exeat this term.

Half Term starts on Thursday 22nd May at 8 am and we would ask you all to keep to this time unless circumstances necessitate an exception. Half term ends on Tuesday 27th May to enable the school to be settled and ready for the CE exams on Monday 2nd June. The Year 8 pupils will have guided revision with their subject takers over the course of this weekend which is ‘closed’ for Year 8s.

The Ndume 7s Weekend
The Ndume 7s & Open Day weekend is over Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June.

End of Term
Speech Day and the end of term is on Saturday 12th July. This year our Guest of Honour will be Mark Turner, the Headmaster of Shrewsbury.

I hope that I have remembered everything that we needed to tell you to round off the end of term. Your child’s school report should have reached you by now via e mail. We have opted for this format to try and reduce the time that the reports take and to increase the teaching time of what is essentially a very short term. As always please do contact us if there is any aspect of these reports or school life in general that you feel concerned about.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, kindness, understanding and good humour. Each one of us at school tries our very best to do all we can to teach, cousel, mentor and just work hard to help and bring on each child in our care. Mistakes will always arise but it is not for want of effort, time or sensitive consideration. As parents your input is vital into the whole jigsaw of your child’s life and we value your thoughts and do our best to accommodate all such feedback in a positive and helpful way.

All that remains now is to make sure we all have a very good holiday and a happy Easter! Make the most of these special times with your children and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Tuesday 22nd April. See you then!

With warmest wishes,


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Pembroke House - Letter from the Headmistress

Lent Term 2014, Saturday 8th February

This term has got off to a very good start. Bugsy practices are underway, the Art department is finishing off canvases ready for our Open Day, the Choir has been working hard on pieces for the Cantata in Nairobi this Saturday, our Verse Speakers have been busy, the swimmers have filled the pool at every opportunity, the hockey teams started matches from the very first Saturday and much has gone on in the classroom with the Scholars taking their mocks and undergoing interview practice this week. So there is much to fill the following pages!

I must begin with congratulations to Homer Johnstone who has just returned from Blundell’s where he managed to secure the Head’s Award for Cricket. Well done Homer!
Earlier in the term Serena Werner took part in the Peponi School Scholarship trials and we were all very pleased to hear that she was awarded an All Rounder Exhibition. Well done Serena!

This term we are joined by a new group of gaps – Tilly Galbraith, Jodie Slade, George Breare, Henry Wilson and James Townsend, and Sophie Hutchinson is our super gap helping out in Pre Prep.

Pembroke House Bake Off
The first day of term saw numerous children bear their baking into the dining room and it was put on display for us all to see. I could see Caroline visibly pale at the thought of judging so many delicious goodies all in one evening and fortunately a number of staff eagerly offered to help.

The winners are listed below and all the children were able to buy the cup cakes, muffins, biscuits and fudge the following break time. Each child contributed 100 Ksh toward Richard Moller’s Tsavo Elephant Trust – so money well spent in all senses!

Winners: Jessie Wheeler – the most fabulous flapjacks ever, Cora Barclay – the best butter bikkies ever, Isobel Foxton – the best butterfly cupcakes ever, Siena Barclay – the best butter and chocolate chip cupcakes ever. Bella Ker for presentation & flavour and the most psychedelic, Emma Trent for amazing decoration, Danique Bouman for taste, texture & architecture, Carolyn Weller for devilishly different & delicious, Katie Haywood for better than DBM’s brownies!, Adeline Messo most retro and nyummo, Barney Engel for great and gooey, Tessa Francis-Jones for her nyummy sana fudge, Joylon Coulson for the coolest cupcakes, Saskia Bonham’s dainty denture removers, Sophie Doig’s cake for being so sophisticated & professional, Georgie Clayton for decoration, imagination & presentation, Sam le Poer Trench for the very best bickies, Kayleigh Roberts for the biggest & a very beautiful cake, Lucy Milbank for quantity and variety and Arthur Hewett for glorious ginger fudge.

Well done to all our bakers and as you can see Mr. Alcock had a hand in helping Caroline with the prize giving.

All the children settled into school life very quickly thanks to your understanding over the use of phones. We are most grateful to you and without a doubt the children manage to gain their equilibrium more easily without this distraction in the first week.

House Captains
House Captains often change each term and this term our House Captains are,
Fosters – Jason Angelides & Hayley Clarke
Hazards – Bug Drew & Ella Carr-Hartley
Opies – Homer Johnstone & Emily Oulton
Turners – Michele Brighetti & Serena Werner

Library Monitors
This term our library monitors are Cameron Iseme, Nyambura Kagwanja, Chayse Patterson & Leila Panui.

London School of Music Exams
Early this term seven pupils took their guitar exams and we were all delighted with the results.

Bug Drew & Harry Seagon – Pass
Lem Mbaga – Merit
Danielle Yomi-Ajayi, Cosmo Cardaras, Sophie Doig & Homer Johnstone – Distinction


The Hog Charge
As always this event was extremely well supported and the buses left school piled high with bikes, mattresses and tents. Pembroke House fared well when the final tally of results came in.  Our check point came in 1st thanks to MJ and Mr. Quee and their merry band of helpers, giving out ice cold bandanas, ice lollies and much TLC. This makes it seven years in a row for this award!

We had many teams who challenged themselves and tried their best, and a few notable successes:
Open Boys Hog Charge 1st prize – The Lost Boys (Oscar & co)
Open Boys Gauntlet 1st prize – The Lost Boys (Oscar & co)
Highest Sponsorship 1st Prize – The Beautiful Blondes (Emma Trent, Cassie Conway, Joey Taylor, Danique Bouman)
Highest Sponsorship 2nd Prize – The Hairy Hippos (Maia Green and her Peponi friends)
Under 14 Boys 3rd Prize – The A team ( Baraka Schweiter, Jason Angelides and Sam Kiberu)
Under 14 Girls 3rd Prize – Kamikaze Kenyans (Ella Hanegraaf, Eve Hartley, Natalie Shepherd and Cassia Seth-Smith)
Under 12 Girls 2nd Prize – The Beautiful Blondes
Under 12 Girls 3rd Prize – Hairy Hippos
Appreciation Award for excellent teamwork – The Alsha-Babes (Mairi Nuijten, Imara Silvester, Amelia Thomson and Carla Brand)
Best Checkpoint – MJ and Mr Quee’s team have won it 7 years in a row!

Nairobi Verse Speaking Competition
Last weekend over exeat Mwsiwa Kagwanja, Cat Robinson and Max Green represented us all at Nairobi Academy in this annual competition. Miss Potter’s enthusiasm and drive in this part of the Arts Department along with the talents and hard work of her pupils has been rewarded and the team secured 2nd place. We all felt extremely proud of our three performers and managing to come in this high in the rankings is certainly a first in my time at Pembroke House!

As you know this is the swimming term.

Mr. Quee, Miss Bartlett and Miss Barrett have worked hard with the children and training began last term to build on progress from the previous year and in preparation for the Meets this term. Thus it was in trepidation that the team set off on Tuesday for St Andrew’s, Turi. Each year the competition gets closer and the other schools have some very strong swimmers with Kisumu Club bringing many children who swim in National competitions and St Andrew’s Turi, like all IAPS schools, never keen to come anywhere but 1st!

The children managed to put all their training into practice and I know we, as spectators, felt very proud of the children as they showed us their beautiful strokes and tumble-turns. Despite the pressure there were no mistakes and many records were broken both from the Meet itself and school records. Our swimming Captains, Toby Doig and Eve Hartley, returned with the Cup and the swimmers were awarded their medals in Chapel this morning.

The results list has already gone out so I will bring to your attention here, the swimmers who came first in their races.

Rex Clarke: 4 x 20 m IM, 20 m fly
Toyah Mowat: 4 x 20 m IM (Up Country & School Record), 40m fly
Liam Ward: 40 m Backstroke
Eve Hartley: 40 m Backstroke (Up Country & School Record), 40 m free (Up Country Record)
William Millar: 40 m backstroke
Robbie Haigh: 40m fly (School record)
Joss Gowar: 20m free
Yann Zoni: 40m free (Up Country Record)

Under 9 Boys
Joss Gowar, Charlie Beaton, Jack Reynolds, Rex Clarke: 4 x 20 m medley
Joss Gowar, Charlie Beaton, Ben Starling, Rex Clarke: 4 x 20 m free

Under 11 Girls
Emma Trent, Georgie Clayton, Tassia Davis, Tessa Francis-Jones: 4 x 20 m medley
Sophie Doig, Georgie Clayton, Tassia Davis, Tessa Francis-Jones: 4 x 40m free

Under 11 Boys
Mathew Namisano, Josh Davies, Robbie Haigh, Yann Zoni: 4 x 40m medley (Up Country & School Record)
Mathew Namisano, Josh Davies, Liam Ward, Yann Zoni: 4 x 40 free ( Up Country & School Record )

Under 13 Girls
Toyah Mowat, Molly Clarke, Tanatswa Tigere, Eve Hartley: 4 x 40 m medley (Up Country & School Record)

The weekends team continues to make sure that Saturdays and Sundays are filled with action and enjoyable activities for the children. We have had ‘lie ins’ on Sundays with tea and muffins in the House followed by brunch, film nights on the field with the big screen and the children watching nestled in their sleeping bags with their pillows, BBQs for lunch on Sundays and night swims. I know there is a bouncy castle planned soon and much more, so weekends are definitely happening times!

The Guinea Fowl, Pigeons & Charlotte
The Guinea Fowl are now accustomed to their new accommodation and roam happily around the fields and cricket nets. Our thanks go to the Myatt-Taylors for kindly giving us our feathered friends.

The pigeons live in constant fear of raptors! We have four adults and this is definitely work in progress.

Charlotte the Red Masai sheep, now lives in close quarters with our other inmates near the Pigeon House. We are most grateful to the Lefebvres for giving her to us and now that we have worked out a strict routine for her days, in order to keep her out of the classrooms, all seems well with children and grown ups!

The Beacon Scholarship
This year we have three Beacon Scholars. This is the initiative and brain child of Ajay Sood who was once Head Boy at Pembroke House. Our three Scholars are helped by the Beacon fund and we have heard recently that the programme will now see these children through into tertiary education. Such support is vital for some children and we are very pleased to be able to play our part in promoting education in this way.

The Pembrokians Website
We would like to say thank you to Rob Harte who has archived many thousands of photographs from all decades of Pembroke House’s history.  You can browse through them at  You can even search for any name and see all the photographs relating to that person’s time at the school.

Coming Up
The Cantata: This festival of singing will take place at Braeside School this Saturday. The Choir has treated us to a variety of the songs in Chapel each Sunday evening and from just what we have enjoyed at school the afternoon promises to be quite thrilling. Our best wishes to the Choir and we are all looking forward to hearing more from the Cantata as the term plays out.

IAPS Rugby – Rosslyn Park 7s Tournament: Excitement is running high at school with the final selection for this tournament approaching. This Sunday, 9th February, is the day for the cut and I believe we will know by Monday. Our fingers are crossed for all our boys and we will let you know the travelling squad as soon as possible.

Swimming – The Next Challenge: The main Swimming Meet of the term is the Gala at Kenton on Saturday 1st March. Thanks to our performance in 2012 Pembroke House managed to make the 1st Pool for this year ( the Gala was cancelled last year ) and so we will be up against the best swimming schools in our IAPS group. The competition will be fierce and for all our swimmers this is a tremendous opportunity and the races will help them in their own development as swimmers. Realistically the main challenge for the Team on the day will be to remain off the bottom of the results board and we will then be able to stay in this, the top pool, for the coming year!

Bugsy Malone and the Pembroke House Ball: Invitations have gone out for Bugsy Malone and our Ball. The two events are on the same night Friday 28th March, and are somewhat intertwined. Please do make arrangements to come and join us for the entire evening. The night will start with the play with adults and guests joining the audience in costume and then move on, once the children have gone to bed, to the Ball!

As ever this is a very busy term with so much going on during the weeks and at weekends. Please keep an eye on the school calendar to make sure you manage to join us and support your children for as much as possible.

Just for your information we have had a drive on manners this term to try and keep us all up to scratch. The children have been outstanding and such politeness and respect is much appreciated by all. Please try and encourage your children to show you their manners when they are at home, from their table manners and general helpfulness to greeting other adults and friends in public.

Suncream, Water & Teeth!: We have a dentist, Dr. Vasani, kindly coming to speak to us in Chapel (definitely part of our Ted Minor talks – Things Worth Knowing & Ideas Worth Spreading) on Sunday 9th March. Hopefully a little extra detail will encourage our children to take up their toothbrushes and watch their sweet intake of their own accord!

With the hot weather must come extra vigilance to make sure the children are drinking enough and putting on their sun-cream and wearing their caps. Of course we are always encouraging and cajoling the children along this path but any extra encouragement from you as parents will certainly help us win this battle.

The Trinity Term:  This year Easter is very late. Thus next term starts on a Tuesday, 22nd April, the day after Easter Monday. The next factor to affect the term dates is CE. This is a very important time for our Year 8s and experience dictates they need to have half term before CE but with time, once back at school, to add last minute touches to their revision and get everything settled ready for the first Monday in June (2nd June),  when the exams commence. This means the first half of term is very short and comes in at 4 weeks long. Consequently there will be no official exeat this term.

Half Term starts on Thursday 22nd May at 8 am and we would ask you all to keep to this time unless circumstances necessitate an exception. Half term ends on Tuesday 27th May to enable the school to be settled and ready for the CE exams on Monday 2nd June. The Year 8 pupils will have guided revision with their subject takers over the course of this weekend.

The Ndume 7s Weekend: The Ndume 7s & Open Day weekend is over Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June.

End of Term: Speech Day and the end of term is on Saturday 12th July. This year our Guest of Honour will be Mark Turner, the Headmaster of Shrewsbury.

I think that brings you up to date with all that has come to pass in the last month. As always please do contact Mike Aung, MJ or me with any worries or concerns you may have.

With warmest wishes,


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Letter from the Head Mon, 06 Jan 2014 01:00:58 +0000 admin Inside: Prefects, Mandela, Assembly, Goodbyes, Last Day of Term, Hockey Camp, Bake Off, Phones, Book Day, Ball, Thank you.

Pembroke House - Letter from the Headmistress
Lent Term 2014, Monday 6th January

Before I begin I must send our deepest sympathy and condolences to John Blackwell and Maria, Harry and Jasper Epsom who have lost Kay and Paul this week. Our thoughts go out to them and I know you will all join me in sending our sympathy and prayers to help them through this tragedy.

Our new Lent Term cannot get under way without bringing you up to date with events and activities from last term:

School Prefects
Hayley Clarke was appointed as a full School Prefect in the penultimate week of term. Well done, Hayley!

Nelson Mandela
On the last weekend of term we heard that Nelson Mandela had died. I believe every child in Chapel that morning knew in some way of Nelson Mandela which is wonderful in itself and so on the morning of our Christingle Carol rehearsal we gave thanks for all that this great man has brought to our continent and to our World as a whole. I reminded the children of his example and his belief in reconciliation and negotiation and how he had been determined to lead his people away from retribution and revenge. We remembered that this example was all the more meaningful for he felt this way after having spent 27 years in prison in South Africa for his beliefs.

Final Assembly
Final Assembly took place in Chapel on the last Tuesday of term and as always we celebrated individual and team success across the board.

Spelling Bee Results

Juniors 1st Joss Gowar
2nd Valentina Ajak and Michael Tait
Middles 1st Malaika Njema
2nd Robbie Haigh and Shawn Lutta
Seniors 1st Benedict Shaw
2nd Amelia Catton-Wretham, Cosmo Cardaras,
Lucy Milbank, Alistair Thomson, Manuela Mirembe

The General Knowledge Competition: Emma Beak’s Team

Table Tennis
Junior Boy: Ishaq Makame
Middle Boy: Donell Mwamburi
Senior Boy: Paul McLellan

Staffroom Recognition for commitment & progress in swimming: Alistair Sissingh and Chayse Patterson

Recogntion for cycling: Kyle Forster

Staffroom Recognition for Academics

Year 1 Siena Barclay All-round academic excellence
Year 2 Casimir Kuper Maths & English
Year 3 Sam Weller Maths
Year 4 Joss Gowar 100% in Maths
Year 5 Malaika Njema All-round academic excellence & a great start
Year 6 Cody Davis
Tassia Davis
Xavier Patterson
Nyambura Kagwanja
All-round academic excellence
All-round academic excellence
Year 7 Liam Ward
Charlie Middleton
Ceci Cooke
Alix Keates
David Fox
Achievement & attitude
History & Geography
All-round academic excellence & great start
Year 8 Cosmo Cardaras
Bug Drew
French & Maths
All-round academic progress

Academic Colours: Maya Cunnington and Benedict Shaw

Music Colours: Sasha Hewett and Herbert Kiwuwa

Individual Rounders Awards 

Juniors & Middles U9 Player of the Season Tino Masora
U11 Most Rounders Scored Cassie Conway
U11 Player of the Season Joey Taylor
Seniors U13 Fielder of the Season Elli Cooke
U13 Most Rounders Scored Emma Beak
U13 Player of the Season Emma Beak

Individual Cricket Awards

Juniors & Middles U9 Player of the Season Ben Starling
U11 Player of the Season Guy Gowar
1st Team Fielder of the Season Benedict Shaw
Bowler of the Season Brayden Barratt
Batsman of the Season Michele Brighetti
Player of the Season Michele Brighetti

Athletics Records – Certificates
School (Mixed Relays): U9 Opies Relay Team, U13 Hazards Relay Team
School: Taran Stewart – Discus & Shot Put, Jadyn Stewart – High Jump, Guy Gowar – Long Jump, Ben Starling- 1500m, William Millar – 100m
School & IAPS: Michele Brighetti – High Jump & U11 Boys Relay Team

Athletics Colours
Maya Cunnington and Cassia Seth-Smith
Taran Stewart, Michele Brighetti and William Millar

House Matches

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Inter-House Athletics Opies Hazards Turners Fosters
Middles Rounders Hazards Opies Fosters Turners
Senior Rounders Fosters Opies Hazards Turners
Junior Cricket Fosters Opies Turners Hazards
Middles Cricket Opies Fosters Turners Hazards
Senior Cricket Hazards Opies Turners Fosters
Tug of War Fosters Opies Hazards Turners

So the Cock House standing at present is:
Turners 4th with 67 points
Hazards 3rd with 78 points
Opies 2nd with 99 points
Fosters 1st with 106 points!

Towards the end of the assembly we said our sad farewells.

Tana Mati had actually left school a few days earlier and we all felt so sad to say good-bye to her before she could finish her time at Pembroke House. She and her family are relocating to South Africa. We also had to say a final good bye to Kyle Forster – off to Somerset College in SA and to Paul Mc Lellan who is heading off to Michaelhouse in January. All three will be missed and we wish them well in all that lies ahead and we will certainly remember them.

The gaps contribute so much to the school in all manner of ways. Each term brings a new concoction of skills and a new set of characters, which add so much to all our lives. Last term was no exception and we were so lucky to have a wonderful group of gaps to help us. Thus the final assembly saw us show our appreciation with loud and raucous applause for Flora Snape, Laragh O’Malley Max Gathercole, Harry Lane and Alfie Millar and our ‘super gaps’ Guy Pegram and Georgie Gilbertson. We will miss them all and I have a feeling they will certainly remember their time at Pembroke House!

The last day of term
Unfortunately I missed the end of term but I hear that all went well. Rain delayed play but the parent v child matches went ahead and the Craft Fair was much appreciated by all. The Variety Show and the Nativity Play sound as if they were well received and I know all looked most promising when Mr Aung and I watched the dress rehearsal at the beginning of the week. I am looking forward to watching the video recording and getting the feedback from both the children and the staff on the results of all their hard work and creativity. Finally term closed with our very special Christingle Carol Service in Chapel followed by a Christmas Party at the Old Pavilion.

Please keep in mind the following for the end of the holidays and next term:

Hockey Sports Camp
Once again Gordon Opie from Kingswood School in Bath has joined us for this Sports Camp. The camp is underway as you read this letter and as Mr. Hudson said recently, “Last year’s camp was the best I have experienced due to Gordon and his coaches”. Please do always consider these opportunities for the end of the holidays. They are a wonderful preparation for the term ahead and the children really enjoy them.

Pembroke House Bake Off!
We know how much our children love baking and so we thought it would be great fun to have a baking competition following the holidays. The Junior School should prepare a plate of biscuits or cup cakes. The Middle School need to bake a cake or make a plate of cup cakes and the Senior School should prepare a cake or a dozen pieces of fudge. Baked goodies should be brought back to school on Sunday 12th January and we will display them for all to see on this day. We will then ask the judges to select the prize winners and the children will then sell their entries at break time on the Tuesday. We will donate any money raised to Richard Moller’s Charity, Tsavo Elephants.

I apologise for I repeat myself here but many of you may not have read the previous letters having judged that the information in the following paragraphs was not immediately relevant.

On the whole the use of mobile phones at school works very well. Children and parents know and understand the system and mobile phones help us all cope with the rigours of boarding school life.

The beginning of last term started extremely smoothly and much of this was due to the restriction of the use of phones whilst children were settling down. For old hands this is less significant but the fact that no one had their phone in evidence meant that younger and more novice boarders were less aware of this option. Thus children managed to settle much more quickly and by the time children rang their parents in the second week they had successfully negotiated the most uncomfortable moments of their first term in a boarding school. We were so grateful to our old hands for their understanding and such thoughtfulness helped the whole school get into the swing of things quickly and easily.

We would like to repeat this for the coming term and so we hope that letting you know now will help you to arrange alternative ways of talking to each other. Year 7 and 8 have their computers so they can send an e mail to you easily and all children can e mail from the ICT room. Equally you can phone or text the House-parents and phone calls can be arranged if you feel this is essential.

Please remember there is always a way and once you have given the matter some thought do contact MJ or the House-parents to put into place an arrangement you feel comfortable with.

Book Day – Friday 14th February 2014
On this day, the last day before half term begins on the Saturday, children will choose a character from a book they have enjoyed and dress up for the day. There is a competition to judge the costumes and then a variety of activities take place throughout the day to celebrate books and the art of writing and illustration. Please do help your child to pick a character and think about a costume. We will of course be on hand to help but many of you appreciate knowing of such dates in advance, so that some extra thought and preparation can go into the costume.

Bugsy Malone and the Pembroke House Ball - Friday 28th March 2014
We felt that this date at the end of term would fit in very much more for you all so that you can combine watching the School Play and joining us for The Ball with the end of term. Thus Bugsy Malone and The Ball will be on the same evening and then the end of term will be on Saturday 29th March.

A ‘Thank you’
As I am sure you realise very well our school would not be the vibrant and inspiring place it is without each and every member of staff who work so tirelessly day by day to bring out the best in all our children. I could not feel more privileged to work with such a wonderful group of people and such commitment and hard work makes each day tremendously rewarding and worthwhile. Please always remember that it is the people in a school who bring the arena and resources alive and much should be made of our wonderful staff.

Term starts on Sunday 12th January and we look forward to seeing you all in the afternoon refreshed and ready for the new term.

With this, the first Letter of the Lent Term may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

As always please do contact Mike Aung, MJ or me with any worries or concerns you may have.

With warmest wishes,


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