At Pembroke House, children are regularly evaluated to monitor performance, with detailed reports shared between teachers, tutors and parents.


School examinations take place at the end of all three terms. Exams within the Junior school are less formal and may, where appropriate, take the shape of assessments rather than exams. Results of exams with Year averages for comparison are then made available. Averages are calculated over the whole year group, unless the two forms sit different exam papers.

Year 8, who sit the ISEB Common Entrance examination, are also examined at the end of the Christmas and Lent terms, using the latest ISEB Common Entrance exam papers, where possible.

Reports & Grades

Every parent receives a comprehensive end of term report via email which highlights achievement and effort, and offers a detailed comment with appropriate targets. They also receive half term reports, which indicate their child’s effort and attainment for the first half of each term, and includes a comment from their child’s Tutor. The strong tutorial system ensures that every child’s success is celebrated and rewarded, while those pupils whose reports are less satisfactory can be helped and supported. There are three Parent-Teacher meetings during the year and regular and open communication via phone or email is encouraged between home and school.

TERM GRADESa reflection of the standard of work achieved throughout the term

A*: Outstanding. Easily achieving all targets & working to an exceptional level for age group
A: Excellent. Easily achieving targets & working significantly beyond expectations for age group
B: Good. Achieving all targets and working beyond expectations for age group
C: Satisfactory. Achieving most targets and working at the average level for age group
D: Below Average. Achieving some basic targets and working below expectations for age group
E: Poor. Struggling to achieve even basic targets & working significantly below expectations for age group

Percentage Grade Boundaries:
A*: 80% plus
A: 75-79%
B: 60-74%
C: 50-59%
D: 40-49%
E: 39% and below

Effort Grades – a reflection of attitude, enthusiasm & application to work throughout the term:
4*: Outstanding
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Satisfactory
1: Poor


Scholarships & Awards 2015-16

Guy Gowar           All Rounder Scholarship to Shrewsbury

Josh Davies           Sports Exhibition to St Edward’s

Imogen Arnold      Drama Scholarship to Blundell’s & to Cheltenham College

Cassie Conway       Kenya Scholarship to The Royal Hospital School

Tiva Moller           John Wesley Award to Kingswood

Robbie Haigh        Kenya Award to Stowe

Cody Davis           Bingham Scholarship to Sedbergh

Tassia Davis          All Rounder Scholarship to Sedbergh

Tristan Stewart      Kenya Award to Langley School

Maia Green          Drama Scholarship to Ellesmere College