Stay with me!  Please don’t stop reading just because the word boarding is in the title.  Just take two more minutes because there might be some things about boarding at Pembroke House that may surprise you.

Surprise one:  Responsive boarding can still mean having your child home every weekend if you want.  We even lay on buses to Nairobi and Nanyuki every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make it easier.

Surprise two:  With responsive boarding you can actually see your child at any time.  The school is always open and we always welcome parents.  There are so many events and activities going on that you could find an excuse to visit every week and every weekend if you want to, or just pop in for lunch.

Surprise three:  Responsive boarding could dramatically increase the amount of quality time you have with your child.  If you are working during the week, the last thing you want to be doing is slogging through traffic jams every morning and evening to day-school, you could be working instead and your children could be learning, playing or resting.  With responsive boarding you will all have more time to work in the week which means more time to spend together at the weekend.

Surprise four:  The younger children start boarding the better.  The average age to start boarding is 8 and many children start from 6.  It feels so much more difficult for parents when their child is younger, but the reality is that they adapt and settle so much quicker than at any other age.

Surprise five:  Parents find boarding far harder than the children.  There is an inevitable guilt about sending your children away, and a worry that the children might feel negatively about it.  This is very rarely the case though.  Children make friends for life at school and time spent socializing with friends their own age in the evenings is so much better than time stuck in the car.  The independence and capability that this grows is perhaps the best gift you could give a child.