Pembroke House Admissions Policy

In order to maintain small class sizes, low pupil to teacher ratios, and the family feel of Pembroke House we have capped the total size of the school.  As a charitable trust, we are driven exclusively to deliver ‘for the good of the children‘ and are not under pressure to grow for financial returns.

The school is currently at, or close to, capacity in many year groups.  For this reason we are having to be strict with our admissions policy. This page details the important information you need to know if you are considering Pembroke House for your child. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Katrina Dingley, the registrar.  If you want to register, please download the form here and send to the same address.

15th March Deadline

All applications must be received by 15th March for entry into the coming September-August academic year.

A, B and C Waiting Lists

All children applying to Pembroke House will be invited to visit the school and take part in classes and school life. They will also be given an informal assessment. Following this they will be assigned a waiting list priority level within two weeks:

A List:  95% likelihood of securing a place

B List: 50%+ likelihood of securing a place

C List: Unlikely that a place will be available

31st March Final Decision Date

The school will confirm places by 31st March allowing all parents to provide a term’s notice for current schools where required.

Confirmation of place within 2 weeks

A place cannot be guaranteed without payment of the joining fee (KSh 100,000 of which 50% is refunded on departure).  This joining fee must be paid within two weeks of any offer otherwise we will assume that you are no longer interested, and the place will be made available to the next applicant on the waiting list.


We reserve the right to be flexible in our decision making in certain circumstances.