Jason Brown

    My wife Cathrine, our children, Jack and Jamie and I are delighted to be joining Pembroke House at this exciting time in its history. Jack and Jamie will be full boarders and are very much looking forward to making the most of the outstanding opportunities available through a far-reaching curriculum together with excellent sports, arts, music and extra-curricular provision.

    I am embarking on what appears to be a 21 year round-trip, returning to Pembroke having originally held a teaching post from 1995 to 1997. I am delighted to have the good fortune to return to a school which has always held a special place in my heart. Throughout my teaching career I have seen many fine schools, however I firmly believe that Pembroke's unique qualities are unmatched anywhere else in the world. The setting, the atmosphere, the academic and pastoral care are, in my opinion, second to none. I am both excited and honoured to be returning as Headmaster.

    Pembroke House is home to us all and my door will always be open to parents, students and teachers alike.

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House News

  • 20th June 2017

    Year 1 Memories

    Year 1 Memories 2016/2017 Below are some of the photos for year great memories.  

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    • June 2017

      Music exam results

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      • 8th May 2017

        Headmaster’s newsletter

        Trinity Term,  Letter from the Headmaster Week 2 From the Head’s desk, Dear Parents The Trinity term has started and the staff and children are already into the full swing of things. Early morning riding, swimming, cross-country, music, tennis and scholarship classes are all in full flow and our children have returned full of energy and […]

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        • 20th March 2017

          Hockey Up-country

          Inside: Photos of Hockey Up-country vs Nairobi schools

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    • histo
    • Founded in 1927

      Pembroke House follows the British Common Entrance curriculum and is one of the oldest international boarding prep schools in Kenya. Founded in 1927 it has been educating boys and girls for over 85 years. The school has been a charitable trust since 1959, and all income is re-invested into the improvement of education for the children.

    • 1927-46-HAROLD-TURNER-new
    • 1927-1947: Harold Turner as Headmaster

      Pembroke House was named after the Cambridge College attended by its founding Headmaster, Harold Turner, who established the school in 1927. The unfinished farmhouse and over 100 acres were bought from a Capt. Alan Gibson who had intended to farm flax but had run out of money.

    • 1947-1965: Christopher Hazard as Headmaster

      In 1947 Harold Turner retired and sold the school to Christopher Hazard. Improved roads meant that more fixtures were possible and the sports at Pembroke House blossomed. The teams travelled in the Hazards’ 1914 Rolls-Royce tourer! In 1959 Hazard designed a chapel for the school and the boys built it themselves.

    • histo
    • 1959: Formation of the not-for-profit, Kenya Educational Trust

      Pembroke House has been part of the Kenya Educational Trust Limited since 1959. This body, accepted by guarantee without having a share capital, is an independent institution with all income received devoted to the management and improvement of the school.

    • 1970-1983 DAVID OPIE
    • 1970-1983: David Opie as Headmaster

      After a few difficult years for Pembroke, David Opie was employed as the new Headmaster in 1970. He changed the school motto to  ‘Fortuna favet Fortibus’ (Fortune favours the brave), which former pupils claim was appropriate to his teaching style! Meanwhile the number of boys increased to 120. Opie sadly drowned whilst fishing.

    • 1984-1993 RICHARD FOSTER
    • 1984-1993: Richard Foster as Headmaster

      Richard Foster took over at the early age of 28 years and proceeded to become one of the schools most inspirational heads.  Richard ‘Foz’ Foster nurtured all aspects of school life from academia to sports to pastoral care and sheperded the introduction of girls in 1988.

    • histo
    • 1988: Girls introduced

      The introduction of girls was a momentous move for the school.  Pupil numbers had been declining, but with the introduction of girls they steadily climbed again.  Any concerns that girls would make the school ‘wet’ were soon dispelled by their no-nonsense approach.

    • 1993-1997-BILL-BUCK-new
    • 1993-1997: Bill Buck as Headmaster

      Bill Buck has started his teaching career in the UK and was one of the first Pembroke House heads to have an entirely English background.  Bill took a more liberal outlook on the development of Pembroke and was helped develop today’s family atmosphere.

    • 1997-2003 AND 2004-2005 ALAN BATEMAN
    • 1997-2004: Alan Bateman as Headmaster

      Alan Bateman was one of Pembroke’s greatest reformers.  Ushering in a new era without corporal punishment, it was Alan that followed Bill Bucks work in developing the real heart of the school, creating an unparalleled family atmosphere.

    • histo
    • 2005-2009: Sam Cook as Headmaster

      Sam Cook placed great emphasis on the academic development of Pembroke House.  Under his stewardship, the Common Entrance results improved year on year, reaching an average A/B grade across all subjects by the end of his reign.

    • dbm
    • 2009-2016: Mrs. Deborah Boyd-Moss as Headmistress

      Mrs. Boyd-Moss was Pembroke House’s first ever Headmistress.  A highly experienced educationalist, and part of the East African community from birth, she breathed new life into the school.  Academic, Arts and sports as well as pupil numbers all thrived under her leadership.

    • histo
    • 1927: Pembroke Opens Doors

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